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    1 Review
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      17.05.2002 00:28
      Very helpful



      Yarm is the town that I have lived in for sixteen years. It is situated in the heart of the North East and is close to Middlesbrough and near Darlington. Yarm has 2 supermarkets, 3 primary schools, a secondary school and a private school. It also has a heap of pubs and some very very strangely backward people. But first the boring history, Yarm has been around since the 12th century and is apparently in the Domesday Book. Originally the main port on the River Tees that dealt with allsorts before being replaced by Stockton. One of the main landmarks of Yarm is the Viaduct, a part of the first public railroad. It contains over 7 million bricks and dates back to 1852. Trains pass over it all day everyday at high speeds, which annoys residents thoroughly. Another 'attraction' of Yarm is the fair, dating back to 1214 and originally dealing with horses and the like, it has now turned into a fun fair with big rides and tons of people that takes over the High Street for a week every October. Yarm being nearly surrounded by a loop in the River Tees is also susceptible to floods. There have been a few big ones (mainly in the 18th and 19th century) but due to flood barriers being built we have been fairly lucky in the past few years. Although the threat is always there. Yarm has many shops if you have a quid or two. The clothes shops cater for both sexes but really only have clothes for skinny people who like top of the range brands. there are numerous shops including antique shops, electrical shops, DIY shops, travel agents, phone shops and various butchers and even a Spar!!. We also have a Blockbuster video and countless restaurants. There are a lot of pubs and one huge nightclub here is a list and a brief description of each: PUBS The Green Tree A small pub that is rarely half filled, cheap drinks with regular promotions, the locals however are not fond of strangers. The Cross Keys Reva
      mped every year but still a bit of a s***hole! Again it is cheap and has regular entertainment but is only good for a pint or two, not an all-nighter. The Cross Keys is home to its own upstairs nightclub, lovingly nicknamed the 'claggy mat' due to its size and the fact that its not very clean. a place that every visitor to Yarm should encounter just so that they can tell their friends. Hide Bar The newest addition to the Yarm skyline. A very trendy 'sex in the city' style bar that has cool music sells pizzas that are out of this world and also has an upstairs restaurant. This is the new 'in' place and has a lot of trendy people. It is a real cool vibe this place, but remember to have a full wallet. Very COOL! The Black Bull The pub that i currently work in. Was the trendiest place till Hide opened but is still the busiest pub in Yarm and one of the busiest Bass pubs in the North of England!. The biggest pub in Yarm, housing three bars and counting and a big beer garden, the Black Bull is one of the most famous pubs in the North East. The staff are friendly (yeah right) and the prices are suitably extortionate, sfter over two years i am finally leaving to embark on full time employment (sniff) The Union Arms A strange pub that mixes kids with scumbags. The drinks are cheap during the week but you will have to fight through underage drinkers and gypsies. Currently under redevelopment, hopefully the clientele will change. The George And Dragon Another kiddies? pub and one of the first pubs i used to regularly drink in. Solely because they would serve us and also because all the school kids go here. It has been renovated and now looks pretty cool but still has the wanky student kids. The Ketton Ox Used to be an old persons pub until about 5 years ago. Now it has a good mix, the food is pretty good and the drinks are cheap. One of my fave pubs in Yar
      m although not one of the coolest, good for a drink during the day and the beginning of the night. Club M, Tall Trees The daddy of clubs, boasting many rooms and bars and a cool nightclub section. There is a great ballroom style floor that is a great alternative to 'bangin hardcore' a great club to visit. Every Friday it is 15 quid in and unlimited drinks. Hit the tequila and let the night pass you by. A brilliant night out. So that?s the main nightlife in Yarm along with restaurants takeaways and curry houses a brilliant night out, especially Tuesdays? (grab a granny, singles night) and at the weekend. There are loads of visitors all the time but what makes Yarm is the locals. A strange blend of local farmers and the 'BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE' a range of snobby B******S who believe they are the greatest thing in the world. They all come out at night and spout their bullcrap and generally look down at people. If you can put up with these people then Yarm is a great place. There are around 3 main housing estates plus the High Street, which has loads of flats and town houses. One of which i live in, just behind the green tree and spitting distance of the Black Bull. It truly is a nice place to live as long as the snobs don't get you down. A rougher element seems to invade Yarm at the weekend but this does little to spoil a great place. Just don?t take it too personally if you feel looked down upon. Visit Yarm,......................IT'S NICE CHEERS [PAUL] YARM HISTORY FROM VIRTUALYARM.COM


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