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Olympus VN 7600

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7 Reviews

Manufacturer: Olympus / Type: Dictaphone

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    7 Reviews
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      21.02.2014 16:51



      Great points for this product, no bad points.

      I bought this dictaphone abput 6 months ago and it has been great.

      To stop and start recording is very easy, there are 2 huge buttons on the front, one for record and one for stop.
      It has 1gb worth of memory, which is plenty enough and I haven't had to delete anything yet.

      There is a HQ setting which is fantastic for when you need to record your own voice but there is a lot of background noise, it cancels out the background noise very well.

      The battery life is great and it has never ran out during the day when im using it.

      I bought this dictaphone for around £20 from amazon which I think is a brilliant price for this product.

      Its very sleek and smart looking and it just the right size to fit comfortably in your hand and also be kept in your pocket when youre not using it


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      04.11.2013 15:17
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great dictaphone for a variety of uses

      **What is it?**

      The Olympus VN 7600 is a digital voice recorder (formerly known as a dictophone!) used for recording meetings, lectures, voice notes, editorial and so on. The VN7600 is what I'd class as a budget model being at the cheaper end of the spectrum as it is, so it does appeal to many and is pretty popular.

      **Why did I buy?**

      I bought the Olympus VN 7600 to record office meetings so I could type the notes back in my own time and communicate them accurately, leaving me to fully participate in meetings and not have to worry about taking written notes.

      I didn't want to spend a fortune but I didn't want to have to fiddle around with tapes or cards, so a digital voice recorder suited me down to the ground.

      **Price and Availability**

      The Olympus VN 7600 is widely available both on the high street in retailers like Currys PC World, John Lewis, Staples and Argos, as well as independent retailers, and online at places such as Pixmania, Amazon and eBay.

      The price varies between £20 on offer and £30, I paid £27.99 for mine from Currys (on the high street as to avoid paying a delivery charge) and I was happy with that.

      **What's in the Box**

      You get:

      The Olympus VN 7600 unit (Dimensions - w 3.5cm, l 10cm), available in white or silver
      Some cheap looking black earphones
      A soft drawstring case
      An instructional leaflet
      A warranty card
      3 x AAA batteries (rather cheap ones!)


      I'd say that this model looks pretty modern; there's no colour screen but other than that the styling in white plastic is pretty modern looking and it looks professional enough to use in the corporate environment without it looking cheap or old fashioned.


      The Olympus VN 7600 has 1GB of internal (built in) storage space, which might not sound a lot when you see 16gb phones and so on but it does equate to 550 hours of voice recording which is more than enough for my needs. I always use the Low Quality (LQ) setting - the HQ setting will give only 30 hours of recording, but for me the LQ is perfectly acceptable and I'll stick with that.

      The battery isn't rechargable (though you can use rechargeables in it) but you do get 80 hours of recording time on new batteries which is very good, I just always carry a spare set with me (though there is a battery life indicator on the screen also).

      A great feature of the Olympus VN 7600 is that there is 3 x 3.5mm jack ports which means you can use it with a set of headphones, a microphone and even have a feed from another source, so it really is very very versatile.

      The built-in mic picks up voices well and the built in speaker though small is more than fine for use when transcribing and listening back to the spoken word with the built in noise cancellation feature.

      **In Use**

      I find the Olympus VN 7600 incredibly useful, in fact I doubt I could be without it now. It has a nifty feature of being voice activated, so you can set it down and it will record without you needing to sit over it and press buttons; great for client meetings where you need to look focused on the customer!

      The screen is easy to read (like a large calculator screen) and overall the Olympus VN 7600 is just very very easy to use - it's pretty user friendly anyway, and the instructions are easy to follow, too.

      The long battery life and excellent sound quality mean that really you'd never guess this was a sub £30 dictaphone, and six months down the line it's as good as new (and it's travelled a long way!)


      There are very few downsides with the Olympus VN 7600 and the ones it does have, I can accept for the price I paid. Firstly the screen is not backlit so it can be a tad tough to read in poor light - not usually a problem for me in the highly lit meeting rooms I use it in, but something to consider for those who may use it in low light - be it bat watchers or photographers!

      Secondly I would have liked to see a rechargeable battery built in and if I'd paid more for it certainly so but as I've said, I paid under £30 for it and I only replace the batteries once every two months so it's not too bad and I am sure if it's a critical feature for you you can pay £10 - £20 more for this with a newer or slightly more advanced model.


      Overall I am extremely happy with my Olympus VN 7600 dictaphone (sorry - digital voice recorder!) and for the money I'd be happy to recommend it to anyone be it for use by professionals, students or home use (it would be great to dictate chapters of a book into, or research for a project and so on).

      It looks nice, it's a decent size so you can slip it into your laptop bag, pocket or handbag and it works like a dream. It's so very user friendly, from the large 1.4 inch display to the high quality both in recording and playback.

      I've used a few dictaphones over the years and for quality this is hands down the best one I've tried. I will give the Olympus VN 7600 4 stars out of 5 and recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive and easy to use way of recording speech for later listening.


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        31.10.2013 01:59



        budget product that serves its purpose

        Just bought one of these from Olympus in an attempt to begin organising the things and people in my life. Pocket recorders also known as dictaphone's are becoming increasingly popular in today's society.. with so much going on, so much to remember and so little time its just not effective to be carrying the pen and jotter around anymore.. Jeeehz this is the 21st century. If we cant press a button and make something happen on the screen then its oldskool dude!

        The olympus VN 7600 was purchased for just over £20 in a reduced sale so although wouldn't be my first preference on spending my cash was a useful one at that.
        The unit is straight forward to use and comes with instructions to get you going, simply record, playback, delete etc all from the unit via the buttons, can play out loud via speaker or alternatively via earphones.

        The unit has an integrated 1GB of storage space which will allow an excess of over 500 hours of sound to be recorded, it can also begin recording on sound activation to prevent wasting space with 'white noise'.

        There are much more advanced units available on the market however if you just need something fairly cheap to get you on your route to organisation then this could be for you, not sure if Argos stock it however should be in some high-street stores still.


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        28.09.2012 13:48
        Very helpful



        Bottom line, I really like this recorder and if I lost it I'd immediately replace it with the same m

        I've been very happy with my Olympus VN-7600 PC so far, and this is after 3 or 4 months of use. I use it almost entirely for notes and reminders to myself, so my files are generally short messages where I'm speaking into the recorder. I haven't used it for lectures or other more distant sources, but based on the background sounds my unit has picked up the sensitivity seems like it would be fine for those purposes.

        The best thing about this model is the layout of the control buttons, which is identical for two previous models with lower internal memory (the VN6200PC and VN5200PC). With the exception of the "hold" switch on the left side of the recorder, all of the buttons are on the front. The primary 3 buttons, "record", "stop", and "play" are nice and large and very easy to operate by feel with my thumb while holding the recorder in one hand. This is especially nice for driving, even after dark. If a great thought occurs to me (like "remember to feed the cat before leaving tomorrow morning") while I'm driving at night I can easily operate the recorder strictly by feel. My father, who has some dexterity problems with his fingers, tells me he also finds the controls quite easy to use on his VN5200PC, and he has had problems with some other makes and models of pocket recorders.

        Transferring files back and forth between the recorder and computer isn't something I do often, but I've performed the operation enough times to be able to say it's very easy. In Windows Explorer the recorder simply shows up as another external drive/storage device when you connect it via the supplied USB cable. The cable is only about 6 inches long, which might be a problem for some computer USB port locations, but for my computer that cable length is convenient and keeps things uncluttered in front of the computer.

        Since I use my recorder for lots of short messages I don't really have a feel for battery life, as far as how many hours one gets from the 2 AA batteries, but I haven't yet replaced the original batteries and the power indicator on the display still shows 2 of 3 bars. It's a non-issue for me.

        Two things I'd like to be a little different-- there is just a bit of a delay when starting to record after the button is pushed. For lectures and longer recordings it wouldn't be a problem at all, but my use for lots of short recordings which are often made without looking at the recorder (so I don't notice when the light has gone on) has caused me to miss the first word or two a couple times. I've trained myself not to start blabbing right away at the same time I'm pressing the record button.

        The second inconvenience is that it takes 3 separate button pushes to erase each message on the recorder, but I suppose if it only took 1 or 2 pushes I'd be complaining that it was too easy to accidentally erase a message. Also, people whose use consists of fewer but longer recordings than I generate would find the process less intrusive. In any event, it doesn't by any means offset all the good features of the recorder.


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          13.09.2012 10:24
          Very helpful



          Handy for inni lectures, making rough notes and covert recordings.

          I always found the need for a digital recorder for one of my hobbies. I really didn't want to be spending hundreds of pounds on one either. So I found this little gem on Amazon earlier this year and I'd read some good reviews about it. All I required it for was to capture ambient noises and take down various memos.

          One thing that really appealed to be was the fact that it has got 1 GB of internal memory so there is no fussing about with tiny little SD cards which I always misplace or loose over the years. This little beauty is voice activated too, which means that when a noise is detected it wakes up, and starts to record without you having to do a single thing.

          It's size is 10 x 3.7 x 1.9cm and weighs just 66g. The colour is white and dark grey and it's made of plastic. The sound output is only mono, but then I'd expect that at this price. The speaker is built in and of course has a 3.5mm inout for headphones. You'll need to buy two AA sized batteries in order to operate it. The batteries seem to last forever but if you aren't using the recorder for a while, I'll advise everyone to remove the batteries incase a battery leak every occurs as this happened to me once and I had to throw away an expensive digital recorder. The screen is 1.4 inches that is ideal and it can be read very easily.

          A great little recorder that I'd recommend to anyone, wanting to use it for purely taking notes or making rough recordings. The sound quality is pretty decent but don't expect anything too grand. But great value for money.

          Purchased from Pixmania for £25 in VAT and delivery.


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          25.08.2012 12:52



          If you want to record and playback this simple dictaphone will do the job

          ~Technical Info~

          1GB Memory
          Size - 10 x 3.7 x 1.9cm
          Weight - 66g
          Battery - 2 x AAA
          Battery Life - Up to 86 hours
          800 Files
          1.4inch Screen


          When I was at University, a while ago now, I was your typical student. Probably didn't concentrate enough and never took enough notes. Entering my second year I realised I needed some extra help. A friend suggested a Dictaphone and it was one of the most helpful bits of advice I received. However studious you are there will be times when you don't hear everything your lecturer says or you get distracted by something else. With a Dictaphone you can play the lecture back to your hearts content until you have every bit of information that you need. Once you have done this you can easily delete it and make room for your next lecture.

          I went for this Dictaphone because it is very reasonably priced which is always important for a student but also because it was simple to use. With a big red record button to start and stop you can't go wrong. There are three different recording qualities but I always just leave it on the high quality setting. This eliminates a lot of background noise but does reduce the battery life. The screen is a decent size, big enough so you can see your files and the features associated with it such as deleting files or viewing the timer.

          The design is nothing special to look at but it is well built and a decent size to just slip into your pocket. For anyone who wants to record lectures or business meetings or just making notes at home this is a very simple to use Dictaphone with additional features that won't break the bank.


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          01.08.2012 19:40
          Very helpful



          I like it for the price.

          I haven't had a Dictaphone for years but after having Lottie I forget everything and trying to go to lectures is hard. So I got this VN 7600 Dictaphone from Olympus and have had it for about 4 weeks now and have been very pleased with its capability. Here are the features.

          It has one gigabyte of memory which is great because it also has three settings which you can change easily from the menu when you click the button on the front of the machine. The lowest setting is the LP setting which apparently records over 500 hours which should be enough for anybody who needs a Dictaphone. The highest setting is a HQ which I have got just over 30 hours of recording material on.

          The quality from the 3 different recording styles seems not much at first but it really is. I use the HQ setting in lectures as the background noise is less and it picks up the voices much more clearer. However then I usually use LP setting if its just me in the house as there is a lot less noise (when Lottie is asleep anyway!)

          It is so easy to use as there is a massive red button on the front to record and you simply touch it as it is quite responsive and then there is a massive stop button to stop. It is such an easy machine to use which is why I like it.

          The quality is really good and I have not missed anything when I have played it back. Even when my lecturer seemed to mutter once it was caught so I have been extremely happy with the quality every time. Also a good thing is that the battery life lasts a long time. I haven't measured it but apparently it can last around 80 hours. All I know and care about is that I don't have to recharge it every minute.

          I haven't mentioned the appearance yet but it is nice. Extremely slimline and it measures in at just over 10cm long and just over3.5cm wide. It is lovely. A sleek silver and looks quite smart Just big enough to put in your pocket.

          A cool feature is that you can activate it with your voice. This is my only concern because it does not always work for me and Im not sure if its my accent, lol. My husband seems to have no issue with it. You can sort the voice activation via the display menu which is big so easy to use. It tells you what mode you are on, how long you have recorded and how much room you have left to record. It is extremely easy to use.

          Now I havent even mentioned the best thing about this which is the price. I am not great with technology so I didn't want to pay loads for it but I paid £30 for it but Im sure you can get it cheaper around £25 which is a great price.I forgot to mention there is also a microphone sensitivity switch so you can really drill down into how you want it to sound once you have recorded. Very easy to use.



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