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3 Reviews

Sony ICD-B600 - Digital voice recorder - flash 512 MB

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    3 Reviews
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      25.09.2013 02:35



      An affordable time and labour saving device that's a dream to use.

      One of my more unusual pieces of photography equipment is my Sony ICDB600 Digital Voice Recorder. I say this because it is all that I use it for. Instead of writing down notes I am able to digitally record them. I have been surprised at just how many notes I now end up with.
      It has 512 MB of built in memory and three recording modes giving up to 3oo+hrs of recording at LP and 60+hrs at HQ. I tend to stick with the HQ setting. There is a large LCD, easy to read, information screen which enables you to keep tabs on such things as, number of messages recorded, recording length, date, time, and battery life. I have found the battery (two AAA) life to be really good, just remember to turn it off.
      The sound quality is really good, not picking up too much background noise when recording. However if you use it for music you will be disappointed, but after all it is a Dictaphone.
      The instructions with it are quite straightforward and it is soon mastered. One thing I think is truly remarkable is that the VOR stops recording during silent pauses yet restarts recording without missing a single syllable due to the built in digital buffer.
      All in all this is a great piece of kit for photographers, students, in fact anyone who has in the past had to take written notes. I even use it to record visiting speakers at my photographic club. The memory is not what it used to be.
      Its compact , fits in your pocket, its light, easily manageable and it makes life easier.
      Well worth its money and I believe puts some more expensive recorders that I've seen people with to shame.


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      15.08.2010 20:06
      Very helpful



      Brilliant product which is very useful

      When at University it was important to make sure you get all the important notes down from your lectures. Even though you can sit for 2-3hours just listening and writing this becomes a frustrating process. By purchasing a voice recorder it gives you the chance to record what is being said then translate that into what you feel was the most useful information for you.


      The price for this was £39.99 when I purchased it which I classed as very cheap seen as though it will save me from writing and writing information I would only break down into more useful information later on. You can now get this for around £24.99 and that price is brilliant. When you take into account that it will last you a full course it is worth purchasing.


      With this voice recorder coming from Sony it was always going to be a good one. The voice is extremelly clear when you play it back which is a bit worrying to know at 11pm at night I can hear my lecturer waffling away.

      Memory and Usability

      With this recorder having 512mb it is good for around 250hours. Which is easily enough considering you can just delete your tapings after you have used them. Even though this can vary depending on the quality of voice you choose this will still give you 50hours minimum which is brilliant


      Overall I would say this is a brilliant thing to make sure that you can stay on top of important things being said during your lecturers. It will simplify things for you and make sure the information you do right down is the information you need and then you can get rid of the useless bits you don't really need. I wouldn't have any downfalls regarding this as it has done everything I have ever needed it to do. Recommended for anyone.


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      13.08.2010 19:56
      Very helpful




      My boyfriend is soon to begin his PGCE course at university, training to become a Physics teacher . Whilst he undoubtedly has the intelligence and knowledge to succeed in this, he knows from previously completing a Physics degree that his dyslexia presents a few problems, particularly when it comes to taking notes.

      For this reason, he's digging out his dictaphone in preperation, so that he can record lectures and then complete his notetaking at a speed that suits him . Me being me, I couldn't resist having a little play with it myself - in fact, for the last few weeks, I've been keeping it by me while reading, so I can make notes as I go along on things I might want to later include in reviews- in fact, I did that for this review too!

      The device itself is quite attractive, with a nice silver finish, and a small LCD screen on the front , which displays the date and time, and warns if space is running low. It has just a few nicely sized buttons, each clearly marked with it's purpose. In all, the design is incredibly simple, and very easy to understand and use, and with the option to set the device to voice activation, it gets even easier .

      The device itself is quite small - 3 cm x 1.6 cm x 10.4 cm, which is about the same size as my mobile phone, and allows it to easily fit into a pocket of a coat, and means that it takes up very little space on a desk - ideal if, like in my home, your desk is already littered with various items and has little space available.

      This is one of the more modern styles, working digitally without tapes . This is great, as there is no need to buy cassettes to feed into this for use, and it also eliminates the need for erasing tapes to be re-used . It has a built in microphone on the front, and this picks up sound very easily , with even speech from a distance being clearly recorded onto the device . Certainly in a lecture theatre situation, you'd probably want to be sitting near the front to make sure you picked up everything clearly, but used in smaller rooms it can pick up sound from anywhere in the room very clearly .

      This has built-in 512 MB flash memory, capable of recording up to 300 hours (depending on which mode you use) . This is certainly an ample amount of space, and means no worrying about it running out during an important meeting or lecture . Such a large amount of recording space also means that lectures can be saved for quite some time before space runs out, great if you can't take notes immediately for any reason.

      There are three recording modes, in varying degrees of quality. Recording in higher quality will naturally result in less time recorded - however, even in the HQ mode you still get over 60 hours of recording before space runs out .

      There are also four folders available on the device, enabling easy ordering of recordings - so , for example, if you recorded a variety of things, such as lectures, drunken karaoke performances, or just random chats with friends, it is easy to seperate things in an orderly way, enabling you to quickly locate the file you need in the future. All recordings are also date and time stamped, which is rather useful.

      The speaker on the device plays sound back well. Whilst not the best speaker around, it does the job tolerably well, with speech coming out nice and clear .

      The one downside for this product in my opinion is that you cannot connect this to a computer to back up sound files. Whilst the device has an ample amount of recording time, there might be times when I wanted to record something and then transfer it onto my PC to share with others (perhaps one of those drunken karaoke sessions) and sadly, that just isn't a function of this machine .

      Overall though, I think it is great . It takes 2 AA batteries, and does warn when battery is low . It's simple to use, small and compact, and allows for hours and hours of recording, with recordings being easy to find and playback at a later date . I believe my boyfriend paid around £30 for this some time ago, but currently it is available for 17.99 on amazon, which I think is a good price .

      4 stars - one off for not being able to transfer files to my PC .


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  • Product Details

    Record it all with simplicity. With up to 300 hours of recording time on the built-in 512 MB flash memory, the ICD-B600 digital voice recorder makes it easy to capture class lectures, business meetings or even your own memos. The single function buttons on the front make simple operations easily accessible and the selectable microphone sensitivity lets you adjust the recording levels to your specific needs. Four message folders are including for organizing your messages and the voice-activated operation makes getting started fast and convenient.

    Technical Data

    Product Description: Sony ICD-B600 - voice recorder
    Product Type: Voice recorder flash based
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 3 cm x 1.6 cm x 10.4 cm
    Weight: 68 g
    Sound Output Mode: Mono
    Output Power: 250 mW
    Digital Recording Time: 18095 min - LP (Long Play), 3670 min - HQ (High Quality), 9790 min - SP (Standard Play)
    Built-in Display: LCD
    Built-in clock: Yes
    Flash Memory: 512 MB
    Speaker(s): 1 x speaker - built-in - 250 mW
    Headphones: Speaker
    Microphone: Microphone - built-in
    Battery: 2 x battery - AAA type