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Sony M-100MC - Microcassette dictaphone - silver

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2001 19:25
      Very helpful



      The Sony Mic'n Micro, M-100MC micro-cassette recorder is about 13cm long and 7cm at its widest point. Brushed silver finish, with a small two-legged stand for easier positioning on tables. It has three settings, lecture - for wide open spaces and echo-ey places, meetings - perfect for group discussion or round table talks and dictation - for making your own notes. It takes small micro-cassettes which can be economically used by adjusting the tape speed setting on the back from 1.2cm to 2.4cm - thus 'elongating' the amount of recording time you have available. Saves having to bring loads of tapes around! The micro-phone is very powerful. I have set up the recorder on a low coffee table between five people and it has picked up pretty much everything said...including those comments muttered under the breath!There is a wind screen (looks like a little muffler for the micro-phone) which I haven't yet tried out, but it adds a couple of cm's to the length (and to be honest looks a little silly!). There is a cue marker button for when you are either listening to your tape or during the recording process if you are holding the recorder. This enables you to 'mark' a particular section of tape for interest. It leaves a little beep over the voice to attract you to that section. Problem is you can't undo this. So be careful when you use this facility otherwise you end up with beeps all over the place! There is a fast playback facility - especially useful and a voice activated recording button. Good if you want to conserve tape. It takes two AA batteries which do last quite a long time, and the battery indicator give you three options of battery strength. Full, indicated by two dots, battery low - by one dot and battery dead! - A battery with a slash through it. There is an option to use headphones and I have used this for transcription purposes straight into the computer with voice activated s
      ofteware - you listen in one ear and speak to the PC. It does work quite well. Downside - Price wasn't an issue for me as it was a gift, but it is about £50 GB I think - as it's $70 US. The rewind and fast-forward buttons are plastic on a slide system. I used the rewind button once too often and it broke off. It's repaired but weak. This is a shame because the play, stop and record buttons are chunky silver 'press-down' ones and aren't easily broken. But there again, I was doing a lot of rewinding! It fits into your hand well and is quite light and overall I think it looks impressive and does the job very well. I interviewed some top journalists recently and without exception, they all commented on what a nifty bit of kit it was! If you want to see a piccie of it - go to http://www.sonystyle.com/sonystyle/4784/5334/5565/8121/629.default.html


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    • Product Details

      Sony Corporation is proud to introduce its M-100MC Mic 'n micro microcassette recorder. Uni-Directional Microphone minimizes recording of peripheral sounds and is ideal for recording speaker at lectures and presentations. 3 Mic Sensitivity Modes (Lecture/Normal/Dictation) lets you select best pickup sensitivity for recording a wide range of applications, from close-up personal dictation to large meetings. Desktop Mic Stand allows the recorder to be set down on table or desk for hands-free operation. Voice Operated Recording (VOR) automatically activates the recorder only when audible sound is present, conserving tape and eliminating lengthy noiseless passages on recordings.

      Clear Voice Sound System enhances voice quality during recording and playback for greater clarity. Cue Marker Indexing lets you place an electronic "mark" at specific tape segments, and provides rapid access during Cue and Review. 3-Digit Tape Counter provides a Digital display of tape elapsed for rapid access to a particular section of the tape during playback. 3 LED Indicator visibly indicates recording level and condition of battery power, in three segments. Playback Speaker is unobtrusive, and lets you and others hear playback without an earphone. Automatic Shut-Off helps reduce mechanical wear and conserves battery power. Pause Switch temporarily halts recording or playback without leaving that mode, and resumes at the flick of a button. Cue/Review Function provides sound during fast Forward and Rewind modes to help find specific passages. Hand Strap Attached affords very convenient one-hand use of unique design, similar to using a videocassette camera.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Sony M 100MC - microcassette dictaphone
      Product Type: Microcassette dictaphone
      Enclosure Colour: Silver
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 12.6 cm x 4.3 cm x 12.6 cm
      Weight: 160 g
      Sound Output Mode: Mono
      Sound Effects: Clear Voice
      Cassette System: Microcassette dictaphone - mechanical
      Speaker(s): 1 x speaker - built-in - 0.1 Watt
      Microphone: Microphone - built-in - electret condenser - uni-directional
      Battery: 2 x battery - AA type
      Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty