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Dropweight Milkshake

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DropWeight / weight loss aid.

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    2 Reviews
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      08.06.2012 17:14



      I brought from Dropweight and they said it would be delivered within 7 days, it took OVER 3 weeks to come with the wrong items. After lots of emails to them the odd one got responed to with the promise it would be resolved and never was.THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH.I LOST 3 POUNDS IN A MONTH ON THEIR PLAN but used myprotein.com after and have lost 7 POUNDS IN 2 WEEkS. myprotein.com tastes nicer and keeps me fuller and is CHEAPER!!!


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      29.09.2010 14:28
      Very helpful



      A weight loss shake that didnt work!

      From my recent review you can probably guess that I am following the Weight Watchers Points System. However I've been doing this for a few months now and have had a great loss of almost two and half stone. But now I seem to have come to a stand still and the weight just doesn't seem to want to move!

      So I started looking round the shops for ideas and when I was in my local Asda store I came across a slimming shake aka Drop Weight. It's more or less just like Slim Fast but fewer calories.

      I wanted to do this like a mini diary to let you know how I felt each day as I was doing this diet Monday to Friday and hoping it will work! (Sorry it's a bit on the long side)

      Drop Weight Chocolate Milkshake 500g:

      'Chocolate flavoured, ready to mix, meal replacement power for weight control with sweeteners'

      Drop Weight is a five a day meal plan which can help you lose weight, the range offers shakes, soups and snack bars so a lot like Slim Fast. They recommend you start with a shake or one of there bars, a mid-morning snack like a piece of fruit, for lunch one of their shakes or soups, and an afternoon snack like dried fruit and nuts then an evening low calorie meal of your choice.

      I saw the soups and snack bar that they had to offer but then it was getting more expensive to buy their other items together, so I just stuck to the shakes as after all I didn't know if it was going to work or not yet.

      How to prepare:

      Add 50g which is two level scoops (the scoop is already in the tub) to 150ml of water and shake well until all have mixed together. What I did was make it in a jug then pour into a water bottle then shake.

      Price, Availability and Packaging:

      I have so far only ever seen this in Asda costing £3.98 for the 500g which will give you ten shakes; you can also buy packages from their web site www.dropweight.com.

      A thing that disappointed me from the start was when opening the container it was only half full the packaging could have been made to size which would have been more cost effective to the company also to the environment. It doesn't say nor are there any signs to say this can be recycled.

      Allergy Advice:

      Contains - Soya, Milk
      May Contain - Gluten, Eggs, Peanuts and Nuts.

      My Week:

      Monday 20th September 2010

      Well this is my first day of trying this shake, there's not much to it a few slurps and it has gone! It didn't taste to good either. I have tried the Slim Fast version many years back and that had a creamy more milkshake like taste. This Drop Weight shake well as it made of water and not milk it was kind of like sweet water with tiny hints of chocolate. I had my first shake at just turned 7am then off I went to walk my dog, I didn't feel hungry like I thought I was going to but I had the rest of the day to go yet!

      Around 11am I started to feel quite hungry so I had myself a banana as from the instructions it does recommend you have a light snack in-between shakes. 1pm I had my second shake of the day and to pass the time I went swimming because I knew if I was in the house where lots of goodies are in the cupboards I would be tempted for more snacking!

      After swimming I got back home around 3:30ish were I had several strawberries, this plan recommends a light meal for dinner so I picked chicken style quorn with a side salad topped with a light garlic and mayonnaise dressing which I eat around 6pm. So far the day had gone well but not long after I had my meal I needed to go to the toilet and fast! (Sorry to gross you out) After I had been to the toilet my stomach settled down but about one hour later I needed to go again, then again!

      Normally I would walk my dog Josh again late afternoon but as my stomach was playing up a little my partner kindly took Josh for his walk otherwise I would have a moaning Labrador on my hands!

      What I also found is that I wanted to drink more, I do normally drink a lot of water/green tea/fruit teas during the course of the day but I got through a lot more than I normally do.

      Around 9pm I found myself really sleepy, by now my stomach had now settled so I had an options hot chocolate and went to bed. Roll on tomorrow for round two!

      Tuesday 21st September 2010

      Very oddly I had a good night's sleep normal I'm awake most of the night I got up around 7:30am and made my first shake for the day after my shake I took Josh out for his morning walk. When I got back around 9:30am I was already feel hungry and didn't want to have my snack that early I knew I need to get some stamps so I had a walk to my local post office with was only fifteen minutes away to pass a little more time. I had a slow walk there and back; when I was home I couldn't wait for my snack! I had an orange and a few red grapes but I did feel rather lacking in energy.

      1:30pm I had my second shake of the day followed after by a coffee which I don't normally drink but I needed something to give me a boost as I was feeling rather sleepy. It did perk me up for a little while too as I'm not used to having coffee. One thing with me if I know there is chocolate in the house I want to eat it all there and then! And as you can guess there was a dark chocolate bar from Thornton's just sitting in my fridge and all I was doing was thinking of eating it!

      So I needed to keep myself busy so I shake n Vac'd the whole house I moved the furniture to hover under everything, then I did all the left over ironing, then changed the sheets on the beds and even did the weeding in the garden but the time to me was going rather slow and food was still on my mind!

      For my in between snack I had one orange and two squares (small) of dark chocolate and I really enjoyed it plus seemed to boost my energy levels a little.

      5:30pm I started cooking my tea already which was a small jacket potato and salad with a Weight Watchers Cesar salad dressing. Soon as it was cooked my plate was empty in minutes, but I did feel rather full afterwards and for the rest of the night didn't feel like I wanted anything else.

      I did my normal routine of taking Josh for late walk but after about twenty minutes all I wanted to do was go back home and lye in bed. But I carried on and managed the hours walk at this time it was around 7pm sitting on my chair with a cup of green tea I could feel myself almost nodding off. Least it was just a sleepy feeling I was getting today rather than running to the loo!

      I waited it out till 10pm then I tucked up in bed and soon as my head hit the pillow I was out!

      Wednesday 22nd September 2010

      Well what can I say but gas, gas and more gas! During the night you could hear my stomach rumbling then a constant night of wind breaking! Not the most pleasant of topics but I want to write down my experience of using this product. Then early morning time I had cramping pains in my stomach then I had to run to the toilet again.

      For breakfast I had the shake again but didn't have a mid morning snack as I felt a little sickly, so after I walked Josh I got into work where I had a nasty headache develop so I rubbed some 4head on my head and carried on with day in the classroom where again I could hear my stomach rumbling.

      12 o' clock and walking back from work I felt rather hungry so while walking back I popped into Tesco's picked up another bottle of water as I already drank mine and a few packets of raisins to snack on while getting home for my shake. I really didn't want my shake but I powered on, I still felt like I had no energy and that afternoon I went and lay down for a nap.

      When I woke it was round 4pm still feeling a bit sickly I made myself a peppermint tea to settle my stomach but didn't fancy anything to eat but I know I have to eat so I did myself a small potion of cous cous and some roasted vegetables.

      After that I walked Josh, then came back had 30 minutes on my total core trainer, had a bath and went to bed a short and sweet night.

      Thursday 23rd September 2010

      Well I wasn't up during the night last night but I still had the stomach rumbles, and still had a little bit of a headache which I know it wasn't because I wasn't drinking enough as I do drink around 8 bottles of water a day then I have different teas I guessing its more of the lack of food.

      I did my shake, walked josh came back did just under 30 minutes on my total core trainer had a shower. I felt like I could just go back to bed I was really tried, but I needed some shopping and I knew my mom was going today so I went with her shopping for the afternoon. Normally I'm quite lively but even my mom commented and said I looked shattered.

      While I was round Asda I picked up one of their snack packs of apple and grapes for my snack which gave me a small burst of energy for the rest of shopping! (My mom loves to shop)

      My afternoon was pretty dull after my shake I had a bit of a stomach ache again, which I ignored and completed my housework. I took josh early for his afternoon walk around 3pm as I knew I wanted an early night again. 5pm I had Weight Watchers ready meal which was 303 calories, round 7pm I had a long soak in the bath, pampered myself a little with a face mask, then tucked up with a green tea and my book.

      It was early morning again and the cramping pain came back to my stomach and I was thinking oh geez not again, but it settled within a few minutes and I went back to sleep.

      Friday 25th September 2010 - My last day!

      I was very happy went I woke it was my last day of this Dropweight diet, I did the normal of drinking my shake walking Josh I wanted to try and exercise that bit more today so I went swimming even walked to the swimming baths and back. When I came back I did 30 minutes on my total core trainer, followed by another 30 minutes.

      I had some blackberries for my mid-morning snack, the normal shake on the afternoon. After my shake my stomach started to feel sickly again but that was my last shake so I just tried to ignore it and carry on as I got mine and my partners clothes washed and ironed ready for our weekend away to London :o)

      For my main meal I really didn't know what to have, my partner said lets order a pizza you've been good all week you can have a treat but no I behaved and had myself roasted sweet potato and steamed vegetables.

      After my tea I walked Josh for just over one hour, and then chilled out with a green tea.

      I was really proud of myself that I stuck to this diet all week and couldn't wait to weigh myself in the morning to see how I had done.

      The Weigh in:

      Well I hopped onto the scales really pleased with myself as I really thought I lost at least 2lbs and when I looked down I was still the same! Uttering some not so nice words I got off the scales and back on again (like it was going to make any difference) but arh still the darn same! A wasted week for me!


      I wish I had read their web site before I started this plan here is a quote from their site - 'Fruit is high in natural sugar (carbohydrate) which is not part of the rapid weight loss diet plan. If you include fruit in your diet you will be adding to your overall calorie intake and your weight loss will be slower'. But on the Dropweight container it tells you to have a mid morning snack of fruit, and an afternoon snack of dried fruit? Confusing!

      I had stuck to what the container told me to do and I have stayed the same weight, which has really disappointed me. I worked hard at this diet, no cheating extra exercise when I could when my knees felt ok to so. So a miserable week for me of headaches, excess gas, running to the toilet and no results to show for sticking to it.

      I really want to get to my three stone weight loss mark and don't have much more to go, but sadly I will not be trying this again and I will not recommend this either.

      I started this the same time as my sister in-law which she has stuck to it too and even she has stayed them same. So maybe this is best for maintaining your weight instead of losing a few pounds!

      No stars from me!

      Thanks for reading :o)

      Additional Information:

      More about this product and its ingredients can be found here - www.dropweight.com

      They state 'it's important that an adequate daily fluid intake should be maintained'



      Tel: 0845 467 8811


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