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FoodScan 113 Food Intolerance Test

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    2 Reviews
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      27.12.2009 17:29
      Very helpful



      If you suffer from anything you suspect could be due to your diet i.e. IBS, migraines etc. GO FOR IT

      This is my first review so you can tell how passionate I am about this product/service.

      The York Food Intolerance Test is definately a considered purchase at £265 but the results I have seen are amazing.

      Firstly, I heard about this test years ago curtesy of daytime TV and was very sceptical. How could just changing your diet affect and even change your life?

      After years of suffering migranes, which were getting increasingly worse, and more often. I plucked up the courage to have the pre-test (usual price £19.99) after all I hadn't got much to lose! This was easy to do, just a simple prick of the thumb and suck the droplet of blood up via a little tube. The results of this test would determine whether or not there were antibodies in my blood which could indicate an Intolerance.

      The results of this said I did indeed have one and after paying for the full test, it was done immediately using the same sample. The cost of the pre-test is knocked off the price when you upgrade to the full test.

      I will not go into full details unlike the previous reviewer but this test analyses your blood sample for specific reactions to 113 different kinds of foods. The test is graded 0 - 4, with 4 being the highest.

      1-4 Avoid. You should eliminate from your diet.
      Below 1. Borderline. You may not benefit from limiting them.
      0 No reaction. You may consume freely.

      My test result came back on the 14th October as being 3. Cashew nuts (my favourite snack) 1. Cows milk and Garlic and below 1. for Chicken, Lentils and Vanilla.

      At first I was shocked as at that price I wanted more to be wrong, but you have to imagine - how many different foods cows milk is in! It has altered everything I eat.

      When you get your results you can arrange to have two lots of one hour telephone consultations with a dietary specialist. One is recommended straight away and the other after approx six months to see how you are getting on. This has been invaluable to me.

      Now for the best bit: Migraines have virtually gone!!! I have had two since diagnosis instead of two a week. One, I think it was a mixture of things, being up late too many times, kids being rowdy etc. The other is self inflicted - I treated myself to chocolate and ran out of soya milk over the Christmas holiday.

      Knowing now the difference it has made, I would have paid double the price!!!

      Further info can be found here:

      tel: 0904410410

      Yorktest Laboratories Ltd
      York Science Park
      YO10 5DQ
      United Kingdom


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        26.01.2009 13:03
        Very helpful



        You don't have to live with the effect of food intolerance.

        FoodScan 113 is a laboratory test on food intolerance.

        Food intolerance is different from food allergy. Food allergy is the adverse reaction of the body on certain food taken causing an almost immediate response. The IgE antibodies target the food allergen setting off an allergic reaction. This reaction surface in the form of rashes, wheezing and it can be life threatening.

        Food intolerance is usually not life threatening but it will give you discomfort and make you unwell. Food intolerance happens when certain food taken are not digested well. The reason for incomplete digestion is due to a lack of certain digestive enzymes required to digest that particular food. Undigested food cannot enter the blood stream and it starts to ferment. These trigger a response from our body immune system with an increased level of IgG antibodies targeting the undigested food. Repeat intake of food that is sensitive to the body stresses our immune systems thereby giving rise many chronic health problems.

        The symptoms of food intolerance can be easily mistaken as it sometimes mimics the symptoms of common problems such as headache, diarrhoea and bloating. The other symptoms of food intolerance are arthritis, eczema, asthma, joints pain, irritable bowel syndrome, sinusitis and rashes.

        One way to diagnose food intolerance is to find the food that irritates the body through a process of elimination that is, removing certain food from the diet, wait to see if the symptoms clear up. However, it is sometimes very difficult to identify the food or combinations of foods that are causing the problem as symptoms can appear up to 48 hours after the food is eaten. The process of blind elimination is also lengthy and would require lots of patience.

        Common types of food intolerance- Gluten intolerance, Wheat intolerance, Lactose intolerance, Yeast intolerance

        My story

        For many years, I have lived with the discomfort and inconvenience of intestinal wind after eating, I get migraine every now and then and I suffer from acid reflux which is an awful experience. I have seen the doctor and was given anti acid tablets, I get temporary relief and then it will start all over again after a meal. I have never been told the underlying reason to my problems, I learned to accept and live with this condition.

        I have heard many 'what food is not good for what condition' theories, I am sure there are truth in this theories however, I also believe that other factors like our genetic makeup, our lifestyle and habits have an impact on our bodily function. I decide to find out if certain foods is making me unwell through the FoodScan 113 test.

        "The FoodScan 113 is a food intolerance test using scientifically proven and precise ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) method; it identifies raised levels of food-specific IgG antibodies. By identifying foods to which an individual may be sensitive, it is therefore used by patients to 'fast track' the elimination and challenge process; it can remove the guess work and therefore significantly speed up the whole process.

        It is important to note that validated tests such as the YorkTest FoodScan are not diagnostic of any condition. They are used instead by those with chronic symptoms, with the added Nutritionist support, as an aid to management of dietary intake." - Yorktest Laboratories

        FoodScan 113 is priced at £265 which is not cheap, it test 113 individual foods that could cause the food intolerance.
        I ordered the test online and received a package by post shortly after.FoodScan113 is a home test kit that consists of a blood collection kit with a finger prick lancet. There is a detailed instruction in the kit on how to take the test, a form to fill my details and a pre paid return envelope.

        It was easy and 10 working days after I sent out my blood sample, I received the results from the laboratory.

        The package consists of a list of my food intolerance which is graded 1, 2, 3, 4 with 4 being highly reactive and 3 categories of action - Avoid, Rotate and No Reaction.

        The package also contain a booklet with information explaining the food intolerance, what type of food intolerance I have, a 12 week food diary and sensible tips.

        Besides identifying the specific food intolerance, FoodScan113 test also provide continuous support in the form of 2 free telephone consultations with a qualified nutritionist from the British Association of Nutritional Therapists and a one year free membership to Allergy UK.

        It was not easy initially to make the changes. I have to forgo the food that I like. So, no more bread, cakes, ice cream, pork, alcohol and more. I have to rotate my chilli intake which is difficult.

        However, the changes pay off. After 3 days of following the regime, I could feel the difference. My body felt lighter, my stomach is not bloated and I have not had any acid reflux. My energy level have increased, I am feeling good.

        It's been 3 years since I did the FoodScan 113 test. I have changed my diet; life is more interesting now as I discover new cuisines, ingredients and recipes. I have lost weight healthily and most importantly, I know how and which food will make me sick. I am in control of my body and my health.

        More information available in the following websites:



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