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Kilo Off Weight Loss Supplement

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Brand: Kilo Off / Type: Weight Loss Supplement

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    2 Reviews
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      02.02.2014 15:08
      Very helpful



      Helps kick start a diet

      In the new year I wanted to detox and lose the few pounds that had crept on over the festive period. I spotted these on the aisle in Waitrose and since they were on an offer (3 for 2) I thought I'd give them ago. The price at Waitrose is £8.47.

      What is it?
      Kilo Off is a dietary supplement which comes in soluble form. Each box contains 10 sachets of the supplement. To use, you mix the sachet in a big glass of water. Leave for 10 seconds and then drink.

      Acidifier: citric acid acidity corrector sodium bicarbonate citrus and apple pectins sweetner sorbitol guar gum Flavour: citrus fruits, maltodextrine cider vinegar pineapple extract vitmains: C, E extracts of: green coffee, cynorhodon, cherry stem, guarana, mate, orange peel, grape marc, meadowsweet, green tea, papaya sweetner: saccarin vitamins: B3, B5, B6, B2, B1, B12, B9, B8 mineral: chromium chloride emulsifier: soya lecithin.

      It promises to:
      Burn fat: with extracts of green tea, guarana, mate and green coffee.
      Drain water and toxins: with extracts of grape marc, cherry stalk, meadowsweet and orange peel.
      Maintain a flat stomach: with extracts of pineapple and papaya.
      Reduce hunger pangs: with citrus and apple pectins and guar gum.

      In the pack there is a little 40 page booklet. It has a personality quiz to find out the key to your weight gain - are you active, do you have a huge appetite for life (and food), are you an an emotional eater (that's me!) or a perfectionist? Actually it's quite a good little booklet; it's well put together with lots of diet and exercise tips.

      You take one sachet a day in the morning or during your 'Kilo Off moment' which is determined by your personality type. For me this means taking the drink when I feel stress levels beginning to rise.

      You should not have more than one drink per day and only use for 20 days. If you want to take another course, you are advised to take a 15 day rest between each treatment.

      Does it work?
      To be honest, I'm not sure. I only used if for ten days and I did shed a couple of pounds but I also cut my calories and upped my exercise. The company claim that 96% of women lost weight using Kilo Off during a trial as part of a varied and balanced diet. I can't say that I noticed a flatter stomach but I think it did help with hunger pangs. When I needed a break at work and would normally have been tempted by a chocolate bar with my coffee, the kilo off drink was a much healthier substitute. So it certainly didn't do any harm and psychologically it helped me get back into a healthier eating regime.

      I enjoyed the taste - which is a fairly bland fruity flavour. I have seen some reviews which describe the drink as having an unpleasant froth and the booklet does warn that there may be a slight foam. However I always emptied the contents of the sachet into the glass first and then added the water and never had this problem.

      I know others have raved about this product. For me, it helped kick start my diet and at 84p a drink is cheaper than other slimming aid type drinks. The booklet makes it very clear that Kilo Off is only an aid - we all know that to lose weight you need to eat less and move more.

      Kilo Off is not a solution in itself but if you're looking for something to help get you get going on a diet it's worth considering.


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        17.06.2012 21:53
        Very helpful



        Takes Kilos off and makes you feel better

        I am an expert on weight loss as I probably watch every weight loss programme on TV, usually while chomping on crisps, chocolate or ice cream. I also have a wide selection of diet books and magazines, but sadly the will to put any of the extensive knowledge into practise is missing. I am also pretty good at putting weight on and have piled on the pounds recently.

        So emergency measures are called for, I don't feel comfortable in my skin and my clothes are feeling really tight, so I thought a small weight loss would not only mean my clothes might fit better , but also set me off on the road to a more comfortable weight.

        Kilo Off promises to do that, plus flatten your stomach and give you more energy, so I thought I would give it a go.

        I ordered mine online from HQ Hair as I had a voucher and it cost me £11.99 for 10 sachets, one sachet per day. When I read the blurb I discovered they recommend using this for 20 days, so while doing an online food shop me found this for £8.97 at Sainsburys.

        There are 10 foil wrapped sachets in a box, plus a booklet that will let you determine what sort of eater you are. Being an expert I already know! Each sachet contains enough Kilo Off for one day 3.3g to be exact.

        The Product
        Kilo Off is a dietary supplement which contains plant extracts and vitamins.
        Using one sachet a day simply add water to the sachet in a large glass, wait 10 seconds and then drink the lot.

        The claims are that it will help burn fat, drain water, maintain a flat stomach and reduce hunger pains.
        In test 96% of women lost weight and 73% were less tempted to eat between meals.

        Well I am not a fan of healthy tasting drinks and to be honest this looks revolting, as after 10 seconds sludge appears on top of a cloudy looking liquid. I stir it now so this gets rid of the foamy looking topping which looks awful.

        It does not taste as bad as it looks though; it is sort of like drinking Andrews liver salts or Beecham's powders with a lemon flavour.

        I have been drinking this for 20 days and am really getting used to the taste and quite like it now.

        The results
        Well I am pleased to say that I have had very positive results and this was money well spent

        Firstly the unexpected result was how much more energy this gave me. I did not have my usual 2pm slump where I get really sleepy and seek out something sugary to boost my energy levels. As I felt less tired I was able to tackle my very long To Do list without getting too tired.
        Apparently this contains your daily allowance of vitamins B1 - 5 B6, B8, B9 B12, C and E so a good way to take these/

        Weight Loss
        I did not change my diet at all and managed to lose 3lb in the first couple of days and in total around 7lb in 20 days. This included a slight blip where I stuffed my face with chocolate, cornettos, pick and mix and Doritos. This must be the green tea, guarana mate and green coffee ingredients working.

        Flatter Stomach
        I carry all my weight around my middle and have to size up with everything to accommodate that. So nothing fits properly and if I do lose weight it is normally everywhere but there. Amazingly my shirts, tops and trousers that were straining around my waist, now feel comfortable and first thing they feel loose. Apparently this is the efffect of the papaya, pineapple, orange peel and plant extracts help aid digestion and water retention.

        I eat really badly. Nothing all day most days and then everything after 7pm. So until I start eating I very rarely feel hungry during the day until early afternoon. I don't like cooking and am too tired sometimes to be bothered so what I do eat is not great. However prior to Kilo Off I read a review for Belvita breakfast biscuits and have started to have them and try and have something healthy for lunch but my downfall is crisps and chocolate and I can't just have one packet or one bar of chocolate.

        Taking Kilo Off, I have very rarely felt hungry and my appetite for crisps and chocolate has diminished. So other than my blip, I have eaten no chocolate and very few crisps. It has also affected my shopping habits and I have left supermarkets without purchasing crisps, chocolate or sweets, which is very rare for me.

        Kilo Off claims that: citrus and apple pectin's, guar gum, help calm the hunger and cravings for snacks.

        Side Effects
        None whatsoever for me. The only issue is that they recommend 20 days on and 15 days off, but don't really explain why.

        Would I recommend?
        A massive thumbs up from me. I feel healthier, have lost weight and have a flatter stomach, so my clothes feel better and I feel much more comfortable. All achieved with very little effort. I eat fewer snacks and don't miss them and have much more energy.
        It will be interesting to see how much weight I can lose, but half a stone in 20 days is brilliant for me, especially as my weight no longer begins with 12! This has now given me the incentive to put into practice all the knowledge I have and start to exercise as I have the energy to do this.

        This has kicked started weight loss for me which has given me a boost. Plus overall I feel that I have spent the same as I have cut down on snacks as I simply don't buy as many . I have snacked very rarely and in fact a six pack of crisps I bought last week actually has a few packets left, which would normally have disappeared in a day or two.

        I am on the fifteen day break and plan to continue taking this as it certainly is working for me. I still feel better and am now making sure I take the vitamins that were lurking in the back of the cupboard. I have not gained the weight back as I am trying to eat sensibly and avoid excessive snacking.

        I need to lose many more Kilos and this is a great start, so I would recommend on this basis .
        Brilliant just before a holiday or wedding if you want to shift a few pounds quickly without having to starve yourself or follow an extreme diet plan.

        I have seen reviews where it hasn't worked for some people, but it delivered for me

        Sainsburys sell this for £8.97 , it is £3 more on line . You will need 2 boxes as this is a 20 day plan , so less than a £1 a day.


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