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    4 Reviews
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      13.01.2012 14:35
      Very helpful



      A good product if used sensibly, and you don't expect miracles.

      After Christmas I decided it was time to get to grips with my burgeoning waistline again, and having mainly given up the skipping I was finding the wobbly bits getting wobblier also with a wedding in March looming I feel time is of the essence. I'm the sort of person that has to expend an awful lot of energy to lose weight, even when on a 'diet plan' such as Weight watchers I can put on weight (without cheating, I would never pay the extortionate prices these places charge then cheat) unless I exercise myself half to death. So this time I thought I would hit myself with all the extra help I could get amongst one or two other products I purchased a packet of 60 Lipobind tablets from Amazon for £8 which is considerably cheaper than in some high street outlets or the Lipobind web site where they cost about £24 for the same quantity..

      Lipobind works in three ways; the soluble fibres swell in the stomach and suck up ingested fats so that they are now too big to be absorbed by the intestine, the swelling action also helps you to feel full and less likely to want to eat more. This swelling action also slows the transit of food through the digestive system which stops blood sugar spikes and cravings to eat certain foods. The company say that their formula with fibre refined from cacti extract is clinically proven in its ability to prevent up to 27.4% of the fat from food eaten.

      The Lipobind tablets are in the form of a large pill about three quarters of an inch long and a pale beigy colour. They don't have much of a taste and feel a little dry and powdery/chalky if they should break up in your mouth for any reason..... Say for example if your mental Jack Russell has got hold of the packet and chewed it up. They are quite difficult to get down because as well as their size they are quite dry in texture and have no smooth coating. If you have difficulty taking tablets (I don't and I still find these a bit off putting) then Lipobind is also available in sachets one sachet being equivalent to two tablets. The blurb says you can eat these *after* a meal without water! I'm not sure how that's accomplished as I don't have the sachets, I'm sure all will become clear if you purchase.

      The directions say to take one to three of these tablets with water immediately after eating a meal, adjusting the dose depending on the size and fattiness of the meal they also recommends not taking more than 9 tablets in a day..

      I chose these over Alli (which also acts on ingested fats in a medical way preventing absorption by acting on enzymes specifically lipase) mainly because it is so expensive. Also as I suffer from IBS so I didn't want to risk anything which has the potential side effects of cramping and 'looseness' even faecal incontinence, which Alli and its prescription counterpart Xenical (Orlistat) can have.

      I've only been taking Lipobind for nearly two weeks, being careful to adjust the dosage depending on fat content and size of meal. You can get through quite a few tablets in a day and if you take the full 9 a day the pack would only last about a week, making it even more expensive than Alli if you pay the full high street price. This is some incentive to eat low fat foods which don't require you to take a tablet or many tablets in the first place. The tablets can of course also be taken after a snack, and I have used it in this context when my mother .... Umm.. insisted.. that I have a cream cake when I visited her a few days ago.

      Because a lot of essential vitamins are fat soluble (A,D,K and E) if you are on a low fat diet or taking something like Lipobind or Alli for a prolonged period it might be a good idea to take a vitamin supplement. It might be a good idea to check with your G.P. or practice nurse on a safe vitamin dosage to take, unless of course you already are aware of a safe dosage or will only risk taking a daily wide spectrum product. Because vitamin A is fat soluble excess is excreted more slowly than water soluble vitamins so if supplements (natural sources do not usually cause toxicity) are taken in large quantities they can be toxic.

      After the first 3 days of use I was surprised to feel as if my excess weight was coming off a little more quickly than it had been, and my clothes were feeling a little more comfortable already. However on day 4 it began to dawn on me that my digestion had not only slowed it appeared to have stopped. I have to mention that this section is going to talk about loo visits. I have been quite lucky during my life that I have never ever experienced constipation. Other than pain and the opposite of constipation due to IBS which is fairly well controlled everything in that department runs almost like clockwork and is quite healthy. While taking these I became very constipated to the point where I starting to get worried about it. I was getting headaches and starting to feel quite ill. Absolutely nothing was shifting.

      After quite a bit of stress and desperate measures involving glycerine based laxatives and of course stopping the Lipobind for a couple of days things finally righted themselves on day 6.

      I am still taking Lipobind but am ensuring that I drink an awful lot more water than I was. I have always considered that my fluid consumption was very good but not enough when taking this tablet apparently. The instructions do tell you to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but they are clear to say that we should be doing that anyway for a healthy diet, as if it's not something that you *have* to do. I don't drink tea or coffee, actually that's not quite true, I might have a few mugs a month, but I do drink a great deal of water, squashes, fruit juice, and low calorie carbonated soft drinks equating to at least 8 glasses of fluid/water a day and yet I still became constipated. I wonder if perhaps I was over estimating the amount of fat in my meals and taking too many tablets. Since that experience I've been careful to drink extra fluid - and I am drinking the extra as straight water - and touch wood I have had no problems in that department since. So if you are thinking of trying these make sure you drink plenty throughout the day, (not enough to trigger 'water intoxication of course; that would be bad!).

      Other than my almost disaster I would recommend these tablets as they definitely help you feel less cravey and hungry. How much the reduce your daily calorie consumption depends on how much fat your are consuming of course, and the calories reduced are only those in fat and then only just under a third; so dramatic results aren't likely.

      I think these are best used as they are intended as an aid to help kick results of an ongoing diet/healthy eating life style up a notch, not in place of a healthy diet. Used correctly they will be a good aid to weight loss.

      Have I lost more weight using these/conclusion?

      When I weighed on the day of writing, 12 days after starting to take Lipobind I had lost just over 4lb. I haven't increased my exercise regime, or altered my diet as I was already following a restricted calorie plan (near enough 1,200 a day), I was loosing weight before taking Lipobind at the rate of only about a pound a week which is very slow for the calorie range and my starting weight. For me Lipobind has proven itself to work.

      *Not suitable for children, even under 18s are recommended to consult a doctor before using.

      Side effects can include headaches, I have been suffering from headaches, and I had assumed it was down to the tummy troubles, but now I'm not so sure. However I am a headachy person anyway, anything can set them off, even sleeping on a dodgy pillow.


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        01.07.2011 18:16
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Not worth trying.

        I began taking Lipobind around 5 months ago, however I still can't prove whether these work or not. I lost 10 lbs whilst taking Lipobind, however I was also taking acia berry and phaseolamin (phase 2 from Holland and Barrett's). I am also exercising at least 4 times a week and on a lowered calorie diet.
        In theory, diet and exercise alone is enough to lose weight, and at the rate I was going, my weight loss was reflected by my effort and I can't be sure whether or not Lipobind actually helped my weight loss or not.
        I only take Lipobind when eating a meal which is high in fat, although the instructions advise to take Lipobind with EVERY meal and alter the dosage depending on how high the fat content is in your meal. But to be fair, with the price of these tablets, I can't see many people who would be able to afford to take Lipobind that readily!

        Lipobind; what is it supposed to do?

        Lipobind contains an active ingredient called Litramine, this has supposedly been proven to bind up to 27.4% of fat in the food you are consuming.
        By binding the fat, it is supposed to make it too large for your body to absorb which means it doesn't enter your cells; therefore it cannot be stored and turned into body fat.
        Lipobind is also meant to help reduce cravings for food to help lose and maintain a weight loss.

        Price, quantity and dosage:

        Lipobind in my opinion is far too overpriced. It is currently sold in Holland and Barrett's and Boots for around £25. When comparing this to the amount of tablets are in a box, it makes Lipobind not even considerable for many people.
        There are 60 tablets in a box, which would be two months worth if only one tablet per day was needed.
        Lipobind suggest to take the following dosage after meals with liquid:
        To lose weight.
        Take 3 tablets with very high fat meals
        Take 2 tablets with medium fat meals
        Take 1 tablet with low fat meals

        To prevent future weight gain after reaching your target weight and to maintain general well-being.
        Take 3 tablets with very high meals
        Take 2 tablets with medium meals
        It is not recommended to take over 9 tablets a day.

        I have noticed the Boots website advises to take up to 4 tablets after a high fat meal, which contrasts to the information given on the Lipobind leaflet. This should be altered as it could cause problems! I took 5 in a short period of time once after having a large dinner and then a pudding and was given pains in my stomach, so if Boots have advertised the wrong information I personally think it is terrible.
        If I were to consume 3 tablets a day- whether this be after a high fat meal, or after a lunch and medium fat meal- this would mean my 60 tablets would last me just 20 days. That is less than 3 weeks!
        Two months of Lipobind would then cost £50, which to me is far too high!
        I have always purchased my Lipobind from online, either at eBay or Amazon for about £10 a box, which is a big saving however still costly if you use Lipobind for a long period of time.


        Each tablet is concealed behind foil and are easy to pop out when needed. However I pop a good few out and keep them in my vitamin tablet container which I got from Holland and Barrett's for about £1.70 (Bargain!).
        The tablets aren't very small which could put a lot of people off. They aren't sugar coated or smooth either, which can make them hard to swallow. Although I've never had any problems and can easily swallow three at a time, they can prove to be troublesome to many people wanting to try these.
        In this case, you may want to try the sachets by Lipobind. These come in packs of 30 sachets and are berry flavour; the only flavour available as far as I know.
        However these are also high priced, at £30.59 from Boots currently.
        The tablets don't hold a nasty smell and don't leave any horrid powder or bits behind in your mouth or on your tongue. They are a soft of beige in colour although the 'new' Lipobind which includes two new vitamins, are slightly greener in colour.

        Side effects:

        I have noticed after taking Lipobind, I occasionally get sharp pains in my stomach. The pains aren't enough to cause me any worries though and as they are happening less and less each time, I ignored it.
        Taking Lipobind doesn't make me want to make more frequent trips to the toilet as I thought they might, which is another reason why I doubt if these actually work or not.
        Please read the leaflet information before taking Lipobind and do not use if you have any problems such as kidney stones, or you are breast feeding, pregnant or diabetic.


        It doesn't take a genius to understand that you can't just take these tablets and expect a miracle. You can't take Lipobind and hope to lose weight; after all they are far too expensive to just 'hope' anyway.
        When trying to lose weight and using a support like Lipobind, you need a healthy diet, lowered calories are recommended although everybody's body works differently. Exercise is also essential however what you eat is more important.
        I found when I exercised but kept my diet the same, my weight loss was little to none. However when altering my diet and keeping my exercise, I was losing a healthy 2 lbs per week easily!
        I won't continue to buy these; the price is just too high; even at £10 a box I'm not convinced by these.
        As I cannot prove if these work or not, I don't think its worth to keep taking these and I wouldn't recommend them.
        Overall... exercise and a healthy life style wins every time! For now I will finish off my box of Lipobind after high fat meals just to make me feel better!

        Thanks for reading, I also post on Ciao.


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          15.05.2011 17:17
          Very helpful



          Recommended for serious dieters who can afford it.

          Setting the Scene:
          When I initially started my diet, I had good results for the first two months or so (I lost 2 stone) and then I found that I reached a plateau and the weight wasn't budging anymore. I was dieting sensibly and with medical supervision - but I have to say that I was starting to get a little frustrated that no more weight seemed to be coming off. I spoke to my doctor about the possibility of being prescribed Alli (a drug with stops you absorbing fat) but I didn't like the list of potential and likely side effects and so I decided to try one of the more gentle and natural products available that claim to cut down on fat absorption.

          The Cost:
          The first time I bought Lipobind, I got it from Boots (online) for £20.49 for 60 tablets, and then the second time I bought it I bought it from Amazon for £17.99 for the same number of tablets. As you can see they are expensive - with the cheapest option netting at 30p per tablet - and as a meal can need up to 3 tablets, it can work out as a very expensive option. I've found, on average, that I've been going through 6 tablets a day - which is £1.80 a day, and it doesn't take a genius to work out that at that rate i go through 1 box every 10 days (which is a massive £53.97 a month!). Although this does work out to cost a lot, I would be willing to pay this if spending £50 a month netted results. I spend that amount for my gym membership per month and I have to confess to not going regularly enough to make it worth while - and so if I could get the same results by spending this on diet pills then I would be more than willing.

          The Instructions:
          I think it is worth mentioning that I was very sceptical about diet pills - always have been - but with the recent success of Alli, I thought it was worth a try - and the science of it made sense to me. We know there are natural products which can bind to fat and this is what these tablets claim to do. These tablets contain Litramine which is a fibre complex which is a proven fat binder and has been approved as safe and effective for use by the Medical Device Directive. By binding to the fat in the food you eat, the Litramine stops up to 27% of fat from being absorbed by the dietary system - and hence you take in less calories which is necessary in order to loose weight (and boy do I need to loose weight!). It does advise that you do not take these tablets if your BMI is less than 18.5 (definitely not me!) and if you have any existing medical condition you should consult your doctor before commencing them. It also recommends that you take a 5 day break from taking these tablets every 30 days - which I have adhered to.

          There are instructions that come with the box that tell you to take 1 tablet with low fat meals (0 - 3g per 100g), 2 tablets with medium fat meals (4 - 19g per 100g) and 3 tablets with high fat meals (more than 20g per 100g). It is recommended that not more than 9 tablets per day are taken. As I said, I generally averaged about 6 tablets because I was trying to cut down on my fat intake as well.

          Taking the tablets:
          The tablets come in foil backed pill packets - and as I said, there are 60 per box. These tablets are quite large and I think if you're a person that struggles taking tablets then I think these may especially be a challenge as you have to take so many so often. They also don't taste particularly great, but as long as you swallow them down with plenty of water its not to bad. Although following this programme does mean that you need to take a lot of tablets, I like the fact that the number of tablets needed is dependent on the food that I eat. If I have a very low fat meal then I have to only take one - which encourages me to only have a low fat meal!

          Do they work?:
          Its difficult to say that they definitely work because all I can go on is the fact that I lost weight when taking these tablets, but that I was also on a calorie controlled diet where I was cutting down on my fat intake. However, as I said, I had reached a plateau where the weight wasn't coming off any more for me and once I started taking Lipobind the weight starting coming off again. Coincidence? Perhaps. But my reckoning was that they certainly were not going to hinder the weight loss and they did make me more aware of the amount of fat I was consuming per meal. The fact that I had to check the fat quantities of ingredients to see how many Lipobind I needed to take helped to educate me as well. In the first month I lost a further 15 pounds, and then in the second month I lost a further 9 pounds - which I was very happy with. I don't think this weight loss was down entirely to the Lipobind, but I do believe that it helped and supported the work I was doing.

          Lipobind is also reported to reduce food cravings and this I can categorically say was my experience. Lipobind contains a polysacchiride that swells in water and traps food and this slows down digestion which means that blood sugar levels are more stable (rapid decreases in blood sugar are known to produce cravings). In addition to this, the fibres also form a gel which slows down the rate at which food leaves the stomach and increases the volume and bulk of food in the small intestine which makes you feel fuller for longer. I was concerned that this may make me feel heavy and bloated, but actually this wasn't the case at all and I just felt satiated without being uncomfortable or bloated. I would estimate that it took me about 50% longer to feel hungry again - and so this also helped me to cut down on the amount of food I ate over the course of the day.....infact I didn't feel the need to snack at all.

          Is there a negative?
          The main negative is undoubtedly the cost - which is unquestionably high. You can't get these on prescription and so you either have to be willing to pay out or you won't be able to get them. And so yes, it did hurt my pocket! However, I didn't really have side effects to speak of. I did notice that I needed to go to the toilet more often (three times a day as opposed to once a day), but I didn't suffer with diarrhoea or stomach cramps or trapped wind - or anything else that I was worried I may suffer from.

          I was also worried that I might start putting on weight once I stopped taking Lipobind - and this hasn't been the case at all. I have not taken it for four weeks as I am allowing my body to adjust to the weight I have already lost before starting up again. So far, four weeks after I stopped taking the Lipobind, I haven't put any weight back on again.....yippee!!

          My Conclusion:
          Lipobind is certainly not a miracle drug where you can eat whatever the hell you want and loose weight.....I don't think that that's the intention of these tablets at all. However, I do believe they are a tool for the serious dieter and the results I've had have been good. As I've said in my review, it's quite hard to assess the effectiveness of the lipo-binding properties of the drug because I was restricting my fat intake already, but I can absolutely say that it helped me to become more educated about the fat content in different foods, as well as helping me to feel fuller for longer. I know that it's expensive and not everyone is going to be able to afford it, and I think that if this is going to spread you financially then it probably isn't worth taking them but instead just try limiting your fat intake yourself. However, if buying Lipobind isn't going to seriously compromise you then I would recommend that you go for it because it certainly isn't going to hurt.


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            23.02.2010 23:05
            Very helpful



            Helpful for small weightloss.

            Lipobind is a fat binder that you can buy on the highstreet or online and is apparently clinically proven to help bind the fat from your diet, or at least some of it. I had not thought of using any kind of pills to diet before, as I had heard bad things about them.

            I wanted to lose some weight a while ago, and a friend recommened that I try these. She had lost quite a bit of weight using these, so I though I might as well give them a go. I bought a box of 60 in a health food store, which is where I found them the cheapest as some places were selling them for up to £25 a box!!!!!

            The insert in the box said to take 2-3 tablets with each main meal, with a glass of water, so this is what I did. Mind you the tablets are pretty hench things and can be a tad difficult to swallow, especially if you struggle to swallow general sized tablets. They have a strange taste to them, almost like a herbal tea type taste, but luckily this does not last more then a few seconds after you have swallowed the tablet. They have a sort of rugby ball shape to them, so they truly are not the easiest things to swallow.

            Upon reading the insert further I found that for my ideal weight loss, I needed to take these tablets continously for 6 months! This could get expensive!! Luckily I found a store selling a few boxes on a special deal, so I got enough stock to last me about 4 months, and carried on taking them in the hope of seeing results. I did start to wonder what would happen when I stopped taking the Lipobind tablets?

            After about 2 weeks, I saw that I was losing a couple of extra pounds a week than my usual diet and excersize programme had been shifting, so I was quite pleased with this and carried on taking the tablets. After about maybe 3 months, I noticed not a lot more weight seemed to drop, and then it seemed that the tablets just didn't want to work any more. So I stopped taking them for a while, and still had a months supply left. Luckily I did not gain any excess weight as a result of coming off of the Lipobind, which is something I was quite worried about.

            After a month or so I started taking them again to see if they would help again, and they did for 2 or 3 weeks, but then stopped again! It would seem they only work for a while until your body gets used to what you are taking! Maybe this was just the way my body reacted to them, but it seems that these pills, even though they claim to be long term help, they are actually very short term help indeed.

            These tablets do appear to help weight loss as part of a decent diet and excersize programme, but not for a long term thing, so if you only have a small amount of weight to lose, these may be the help that you need, but for a longer term aid in your fight, a different product may be suitable for you. Personally, I did not find them enough of a help to take them again, and seeing as they are quite expensive I am a little bit disappointed with them.

            You can buy Lipobind in most Boots stores, on Boots.com and in health food stores like Holland and Barratt. I have found the prices to range between £16 - £25 a box. This a bit too much I think, and I do not really recommend them to anyone. Because of the short term help and the high price, as well as large tablet size, I am only giving this product a 3 out of 5 stars.

            *this review is also on Ciao under the user name of Hailee*


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          • Product Details

            LIPObindTM is a natural supplement made from dried cactus extract that helps reduce the amount of fat our body absorbs from the food we eat / In clinical trials is has been shown to remove up to 27% of undigested fats and up to 150 calories from a standard meal / LIPObindTM binds fat as soon as it comes into contact with dietary fats in the stomach, creating a large fat-fibre complex / This fat-fibre complex with the undigested fat is prevented from being absorbed in the small intestine and is eliminated naturally through the stool.

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