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Maximuscle Thermobol Tablets

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Brand: Maximuscle / Contents/Size: 90 Tabs / Dosage Form: Tablets / Type: Diet

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2014 12:18
      Very helpful



      Save the money and hit the gym.

      ~What are they?~

      Essentially these pills are designed to increase the body's metabolism in order to increase the amount of calories the body uses. In turn, this should lead to weight loss through a natural process.

      ~What do they contain?~

      Bitter Orange Peel 325mg
      Vitamin B12 200ug
      L-Tyrosine 300mg
      D-Biotin 180ug
      Caffeine 153mg
      Chromium (From Chromium picolinate) 83ug
      Green Tea extract 100mg
      Capsaicin extract from Hot Cayenne pepper 120ug
      Guarana seed 12mg
      Vitamin B5 30mg
      Bioperine (Black pepper extract) 5mg
      Vit-B1 (Thiamin Hcl) 25mg

      ~ How should you take them?~

      The instructions state that you should take 3 capsules daily spread out but on an empty stomach. One capsule should be taken around 30 minutes before exercise.

      ~Do they work?~

      I did a fair amount of research into the product before taking the plunge and the science looked fairly convincing. Other peoples' experiences were not quite so convincing, but being a fan of science, I disregarded the naysayers.

      I was after a 'magic pill' which would work by itself and see my six pack exposed in a matter of weeks. I soon discovered that this would never be the case and these pills would not do the job by themselves. Several other products on the market claim to do just this, and I would argue strongly that none of them do.

      The pills gave me other side-effects other than weight loss which stopped me using them after a few weeks. One thing I did notice was that they noticeably sped up my heart rate to the extent that I felt like it was fluttering a little which was quite disconcerting. Also a point to note is to be careful the time of day you take these, too late in the day or evening may give you problems getting a good night's sleep particularly if you are sensitive to such things as caffiene.

      One area that they do help with is when you are actually taking part in an exercise activity. The energy boost they give you is noticeable however, this could just as easily be achieved by drinking a cup of strong coffee in my opinion.

      ~Would I recommend?~

      Based on my experience, I would not recommend people to buy these capsules unless you are really taking fat-loss to the extreme. By that I mean going through a 'cutting' cycle like a professional body builder or such like wherein these may give you some benefit. For me, I would much rather exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. The £37.99 a month is much better spent on a new pair of running shoes every few months.


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  • Product Details

    If you want a potent thermogenic fat burning formula, Thermobol is king / By including Tea Polyphenols you can expect a 500% increase in thermogenesis and a further 400-500% by combining this with maximum dosages of Synephrine, Octopamine, Cayenne and Caffeine, which we've given you! L-Tyrosine has also been included to double the effectiveness of the ingredients / Liquorice extract has been added to provide support for the adrenal glands, preventing 'the stressed out' feeling you can sometimes get with strong thermogenic formulas / Incorporating all the latest well researched herbs and nutrients, you can be sure that losing excess bodyfat and getting into your best shape ever has never benn easier / Thermobol is the most effective supplement ever created to help you lose bodyfat / Thermobols' well proven formula is now even more effective than ever, thanks to the new Maxsorb absorption system using Bioperine and Forskohlii, to ensure the active ingredients get to work faster / Alone, or in conjunction with other Maximuscle fat burning formulas, expect awesome results and reach your goals faster than ever / Anyone competing under IOC rules should check with their governing body for clearance before using Thermobol / Stacks great with Thermovate for amazing fat burning effects and with Promax for great results / Thermobol and your sport.. / Bodybuilders, Powerlifters and Strongmen: Will get you in your best shape ever! Cyclists, Runners, Sprinters and Athletes: If you need a fat burner, Thermobol will work / Football and Rugby: For increased power and strength / Martial Artists and Boxers: Great for making a weight class, easier than ever.

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