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Silver Slimming Tablets

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2 Reviews
  • They do work if taken properly
  • Good for dieting
  • people stop eating
  • not for everyone
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    2 Reviews
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      31.07.2014 23:59


      • "They do work if taken properly"
      • "Good for dieting"


      • "people stop eating"
      • "can aid malnutrition "
      • "not for everyone"

      Good in moderation, take with caution.

      I have very mixed opinions on these kind of pills, simply due to what they can do. i have seen many young women take these like sweets because they think that the more of these they take the more weight they will lose, this simply is not the case.

      The idea of these tablets, is to speed up the metabolism, which helps people to lose weight combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Unfortunately many people abuse this kind of tablet and try to use it as a replacement for a meal, which is not the way to do it.

      These particular tablets, my partner has taken a few times, and i know that these ones do work. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, these are very beneficial to aid losing weight.

      Too many of these kinds of tablet are sugar pills, designed to make people think they are helping, and acting as a placebo, it should not be allowed at all.

      In my opinion, people should set a target. They should not go at losing weight blindly, and just hope to get super thin overnight. It takes time, hard work and dedication. it does not mean buy tablets like these and stop eating, because that will only make your task harder, as well as leaving you feeling drained, tired all the time and basically unhealthy.

      As a word of warning, before you start to take any diet pill, i suggest you speak to your doctor first, at least then you will be fully aware of the implications of taking them. they do work if taken properly, by speeding up your metabolism! My partner lost 8 pounds in three weeks, which is what she wanted to lose!


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      17.06.2014 20:33
      Not Helpful


      • "lost so much weight"



      all I can say is wow. these supplements are actually amazing and I can out and out say they have lost me o much weight. they are cheap to buy and I couldn't do without them. I have lot over 5 stone this year just because of these tablets and I am so happy that I started taking them. its shocking how amazing these actually are and I cant tell you how much they have helped my life. I don't feel scared to go swimming anymore or going out with my body on show and now I feel comfortable to do all of those things no matter what occasion. these have really opened up my life to new horizons and possibilities. my girlfriend finds me more attractive and yes I said girlfriend because these can be used by boys as well. I feel honoured to tell you how much these have helped me in my life and I actually cant say how much they have made my life better. I am slightly over exaggerating as they take a long time to work but they are so worth it I promise you. these supplements are a a a amazing and I couldn't live without them. I have never felt so confident and these have made my life heaven. I can promise you that you will not regret this because they are fantastic. my name is jack butler and I have just written this for you. please could you give this review an outstanding as it gets me more points and more time to write more reviews. thank you.


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  • Product Details

    Silver Slimming Tablets Silver slimming tablets work by burning fat through thermogenesis supressing appetite and increasing the metobolic rate.