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Weight Watchers Points Pedometer Plus

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Brand: Weight Watchers / Type: Weight Loss

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    6 Reviews
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      18.04.2012 20:46
      Very helpful



      Recommended by me!

      Weight Watchers Pedometer Plus

      As I have been getting a bit out of shape (a bit... yeah lets say that!) I decided to invest in a few things for some weight loss. One of these things was a pedometer. I quite like walking, so I thought this would be a good idea. Enjoy yourself and lose weight?! Yes please!

      Did you know an adult is supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day? That is around 5 miles a day! Pedometers are here to help really. You can simply click it onto your trousers or a pocket and set it to go. Then you walk normally. It will count the amount of steps you take so you know how much you need to improve. Most people walk around 2000 to 4000 steps a day depending on how active you are. And a general goal is to increase your step count by at least 500 steps a day, that was my aim anyway.

      On the pedometer is a little M button. If you press it, it will show you the time, how many steps you have walked if you press again, another press and you can see the distance instead of steps and it can also be turned into a stopwatch. So you could go on a 30 minute walk everyday to try and increase your step count a bit and it will be able to tell you when the 30 minutes is up. This could be done on your phone but I think it is a nice little feature as you don't necessarily need your phone then.
      There is two modes you can use as well. One is the day mode (for normal walking around the house etc.) and the other is active mode which I believe is for things such as cycling or football though I am afraid I have used this mode!

      Once it is turned on for the first time, you have to tell it your height and weight and it calculates your average stride. So if you have a really small stride, you don't miss out! And then you can just walk away!
      It is extremely easy to reset for each new day and can be done by a touch of a button ... literally! Though you don't have to reset it every day, you could do it every two days or maybe every week. It depends how much you walk really.
      How To Wear

      Mine came with a neck chain which could be attached if desired. Though it is convenient, I prefer to clip it onto my jeans pockets, though it can be clipped on belts and even socks if you want. You can also hold it in your hand but it can get a bit of a nuisance and is constantly getting in the way. So I would recommend either putting it round your neck or clipping it somewhere. The clip is strong and the pedometer won't fall off.

      I actually got mine for £4.50 on eBay (a bargain!), but I believe they retail from Weight Watchers shop for around £20 or just under. I think this is too expensive and it really isn't worth buying it from there! I would say if you want one, just keep an eye out on eBay and find a bargain!

      Although it is small and pretty expensive really, it is a tough little thing! Quite a few times it has fallen from where ever it has been clipped on my body, but it has never been damaged in any way. It has been through rain and still works perfectly! I'm sure it would survive a earth quake! Excellent durability!
      Weight Watchers

      As far as I know, the pedometer is actually meant to be for gaining extra points. You get a certain amount of points for everyday and each food is worth an amount of points. So on the pedometer you can see how many extra points you have accumilated. With this you could have a bit of a treat like say a chocolate bar. Or it can just be used as another way of using weight.

      I'm not a member of Weight Watchers so I don't use the "points" system. For people who are though, it is a great idea. But, like me, you do not have to be a Weight Watcher member to use this. After all, it is just a pedometer!
      It Will Get You Hooked

      Once you have started walking daily, you strive to beat your old step count. Rather than sitting around on the laptop, I would frequently be stepping on and off my bottom steps! Every day I would egg myself on and every day I would beat my old score. It is a great way to motivate yourself and keep the weight falling off.

      If you are looking to lose weight or trying to get into shape, this is a great idea and the best on the market by far! It is great quality and has any feature you would need. It keeps you motivated and going. If you find it for a cheap price, buy it definitely!

      Would I recommend Weight Watchers Pedometer Plus? Yes, it really helps!

      Thanks for reading! Please rate and leave a comment :) x
      *Also posted under the same name on Ciao*


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      06.03.2012 00:49
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great for you weight loss journey

      i have been a regular face at my local Weight watchers group every week. Since having my children i have struggled with my weight and trying to keep it off so Weight watchers seemed like the perfect idea.
      As soon as i started Weight watchers i looked on the sales table to see what goodies they had and seen this little gadget however the price was a little steep for me at £17.99 each. To be honest i thought it was a little over priced for something i could pick up for £2 at asda or somewhere similar. What i didnt realise was there is alot more to this little perdometer than meets the eye.

      Firstly lets tell you a little bit about Weight watchers.

      Weight watchers was started by a house wife called Jean Nidetch over 40 years ago in New York. When she was put onto a medical diet by her hospital dietician she decided that the best way to contol her weight loss was to do it with her friends so after inviting them round and asking them if they would like to join her, weight watchers was born.
      Weight watchers came to the uk 35 years ago and now there are 6000 meetings every week.
      Weight watchers helps women lose weight through a point system diet. You can eat what you want aslong as you point the foods by using the weight watchers calculator. Not only do you get your daily and weekly prp points you also get your activity points too, which is where the perdometer comes in handy.

      Right, now to the perdometer.

      The perdometer has changed in the past year that i have been going to Weight watchers. I currently have the white and blue design however in December 2011 they changed it into the more sleeker and modern black design but it pretty much does the same thing.

      It comes in a small box, with instructions inside with the perdometer itself. I also comes with a clip that you attach to the back of the product so you can secure it to your trousers, socks, t-shirt, pretty much anything you want to. You also get a neck tie incase you would rather hang it round your neck than attach it to your clothing.
      Once you open the box and turn it on you simply follow the instructions to input your weight, height, age and step stride in. After they are all in the perdometer it will tell you how many steps you need to walk before you start earning towards your activity points. Now because everyone is different, this perdometer is ment to work for YOU, hense why you have to put in all the information. This is why it is different to any other perdometer on the market because it will tell you exactly how many steps you need to do and after 7 days it will let you look over all your steps and see how many activity points you have earned over the week so you can write them down in your trackers.
      Once you have been weighed on your normal weigh in, the perdometer will reset itself so you can put your new weight in and it will recalculate your amount of steps you need to do again.

      If you are thinking about your weight and want to know just how many steps you need to do in order to help towards your weight loss then i would recommend this to you. It is a little pricey but if you are lucky like i was i had a vouchure in one of my monthly subscription letters so i saved myself £2 there. I also won the raffle on that day too and won £9 so i didnt have to pay the full price for it.
      Its great that i can moniter just how much i am walking per day and i know if i have to get my bum into gear and walk a little more on some days because it is right there on the screen.
      Everytime you earn an activity point the perdometer will beep at you so you know when you earn your points and if your anything like me i get very happy when i hear that beep.

      I give this a 4 out of 5. The only reason i havent given it full stars is because i have noticed that the buttons are easily caught whilst doing your daily duties. The new black design has been better than the blue and white design because the buttons are at the bottom on the black but at the top on the blue ones. I have learnt to attach mine to the outside of my sock, it doesnt tend to be caught as much giving you a much more accurate reading.
      All in all its an excellent little gadget. With Weight watchers i have lost more weight that what i would have done on my own and i truely believe that it is partly down to this little gadget.


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        16.08.2011 14:52
        Very helpful



        Wight Watchers Pedometer

        It is estimated that adults need to walk about 10,000 steps a day to help keep in shape but just how easy or hard is this. If you have ever used a pedometer to calculate your steps per day it might surprise you. Unless you do walk a lot I bet your number is somewhere between 1,000 to 3,000 which really isn't that much. I have had one for years now and am really quite addicted to it. If you are a competitive person like me then knowing that you are only half way there will just spur you on to walk even further so you can reach that magic number of go beyond.

        According to an article I read, the average person's stride length is approximately 2.5 feet long. That means it takes just over 2,000 steps to walk one mile, and 10,000 steps is close to 5 miles. 5 miles is really not that much per day and the health benefits are great.

        Just before I got pregnant with my second baby I was doing the Weight Watchers plan to lose a bit of weight. Unfortunately now I am not doing it but I will be going back as soon as I've had my baby. Weight Watchers have a great pedometer available for you to buy that not only calculates your steps but also helps you with your points too. The pedometer is worn on the waistband of your trousers and is easily clipped on. I have never had a problem with it falling off which is nice as you don't want to walk all that way and then realise you have lost your pedometer. It's not a very big gadget so you can wear it under you shirt so no one will see that you have it on as it is easy to disguise. The buttons are easy to press and respond quickly and once you figure out all the different modes it is easy to work and set to the mode that you want.

        The thing about this Weight Watchers pedometer that differs from regular pedometers is that one of the modes counts down your steps to earning activity ProPoints from everyday walking. This is great as more points equals more food in your daily allowance so anything extra is a bonus if you are walking it off. To know that you are working towards something and a treat at the end for me is a really good incentive and one that keeps me motivated throughout the day. This is known as the All Day Mode.

        The Plus mode tracks ProPoints from more physical activity such as running and cycling. It also tracks your total steps for the whole week and it's quite interesting to then compare week to week and see how you are progressing.

        This pedometer is available from Weighwatchers priced at £18.95. I can't wait to get back to my steps!!


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          06.01.2011 08:13
          Very helpful



          A good but expensive pedometer

          Instead of waiting until the new year to make a resolution to get fit I decided that I was going to make more of an effort to exersise and eat healthier. I bought a bike and started walking places more instead of driving and I soon noticed my fitness levels were starting to get back to the level they used to be.

          I actually inherited this pedometer from my sister who had bought it when she was on one of her weight lose kicks and although I don't need it to lose weight I thought it would be a good item to keep track of how much I was walking a day so I could adjust it if I found it wasn't enough.

          The pedometer is quite small and neat and really easy to store in your pocket or you can clip it on and it is so light I never really notice that I have it on.
          Unfortunately I didn't get any instructions with it but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it and after a few minutes I soon got the hang of what to do.

          It can count your steps which is what I wanted it for and this is great and seems to more accurate than some other pedometeres that I have used. I use the step counting quite often as I like the challenge of seeing if I can beat my previous daily step count and I really believe that it has encouraged me to walk more than I previously did. The firs time I used it I was shocked to see how little I was actually walking a day and it really did give me the kick up the bum I needed.

          As it is from weight watchers it also calculates your activity into propoints which you earn from exersise. Although this doesn't mean anything to me my sister swears it helped her to lose weight as it meant she not only burnt ore calories by walking but it also told her just how many extra points she was entitles to by doing the extra walking.

          When she told me that it cost her nearly £20 I was shocked as it seems very over priced for what it is and I can only assume this is because of the weight watchers branding. In it's defense though it is good quality and very accurate and if it helps people with their goal of losing weight then £20 is a small amount of money to pay.


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            26.07.2010 08:04
            Very helpful



            Not much better than your average cheap pedometer, but far too expensive! Not worth the money!

            I was given the Weight Watchers Points Pedometer Plus from a friend of mine who had bought the pedometer at a Weight Watchers stall for just under £19 when she first joined the scheme. In the end, she went off Weight Watchers, and knowing I like exercise gave me the pedemeter. Personally, I wouldn't pay that much for a pedometer EVER, so I was
            curious as to what amazing skills this particular one would have for the high price.

            Intructions tell you how to enter your height, weight, and perform a test stride so the kidney-shaped machine can calculate how many steps and how far you have walked. The movement of your hips and the impact of your feet on the ground help the machine calculate steps/distance, just like any normal, cheaper pedometer.

            The difference with this pedometer is that it is supposed to "calculates and tracks activity values earned from everyday walking and activity", "...calculates a specific healthy daily steps target and exercise time for each member to earn activity POINTS values" and "Tracks activity POINTS values earned from over seven days".

            Not being a follower of WW Points, this didn't mean much to me, but if you're on the Weight Watchers plan and work of 1 points worth of calories, for example, this will make you feel less guilty about eating an extra points worth of cheese or chocolate!

            I found inputting my details to be simple and straightforward on the shapely black plastic pedometer. The 'M' button in the corner of the pedometer is pressed to display in turn the points you have worked off, distance walked and steps taken, in addition to showing you the weight you inputted into the machine in the beginning on the clear to read digital screen (as you lose weight you should adjust this).

            I have used pedometers before on and off, so I knew I should be expecting to walk around 12000 steps in a day. As usual though, the urge to beat my previous days total kicked in and I found myself taking the stairs more and moving more in general in order to up my step numbers!

            This is a very motivating product for exercising, and it does challenge you to improve your activity levels. For the price though, I think Weight Watchers are once again exploiting people - aside from calculating Weight Watcher points, this pedometer does nothing more than any other good pedometer, which are usually considerably cheaper. I
            have bought ones in the past for under £5, so nearly £19 is a ridiculous price to charge people, many of whom will be unaware of the price of exercise equipment.

            Although a good, durable and handy product, this is one of Weight Watchers money-spinners, and I would instead recommend looking for a non-WW branded pedometer instead!


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              21.06.2010 16:13
              Very helpful



              Weight Watchers Ped plus

              I started Weight Watchers 11 weeks ago now, and on there selling table where they sell all the Weight Watcher goodies etc. I spotted there pedometer plus which looked a handy little tool but at £18.95 I decided not to bother at the time.

              Anyhow to cut along story short for inviting some of my friends to come to WW, I got some money off vouchers for the value of £5.00 off anything on the stall. As my luck would have it I also won the weekly raffle which was for £8.00 to spend on anything I wanted. So I had £13.00 off the £18.95 pedometer I wanted. (If I'm honest if not for the raffle I don't think I would have purchased the pedometer).

              Just in case someone out there has not heard of Weight Watchers I thought I would do a little paragraph on what WW is. WW is a point system diet, where you are allocated so many points per day (points are worked out by your weight and how active you are, normally done by your leader if you are going to meetings). You have your daily point total which if you stick to can lose up to 2lbs per week. Each food contains points so you have to add your points up. If however you're feeling peckish still this is where your activity points can come in handy. Activity points are extra points you have achieved to top up your daily total of points.

              Pedometer Plus:

              I opened the box inside there was a leaflet with easy to follow instructions on how to set up my new pedometer. All you have to do is enter you details height, weight and it works out your stride so it can actuality calculate how many steps you have walked which are turned into activity points.

              Weight Watchers say that this will:

              * The new POINTS Pedometer plus calculates and tracks activity values earned from everyday walking and activity

              * Using member's personal data it calculates a specific healthy daily steps target and exercise time for each member to earn activity POINTS values

              * Tracks activity POINTS values earned from over seven days

              The pedometer plus will increase activity levels and lower the bodies mass index and blood pressure, due to raised awareness of how active you are every day.

              My First Time:

              On the pedometer in the corner you have a round black button marked with the letter M if you press it you will see the time, you can change it to a stop watch, your weight, your stride, how many points you have earned, the distance you have walked and how many steps you have walked. Which really this little tool can do a lot!

              After I purchased my pedometer at an evening meeting, I didn't use it until the morning. Have to say I was rather excited the first time I put it on! I was looking at it every five minutes to see how many more steps I had done. (Even taking the iron upstairs a bit at a time to add more steps!)

              I was finding that I wanted to beat my step total each day, which I found quiet fun. There are two different modes on this pedometer, all day mode which is the one I always use and active mode. Active mode tracks your points you have earned from a structured exercise like running, cycling etc which are things I can't do due to problems with my knees.

              For me all day mode works best as it calculates my healthy daily step target and turns all my steps in to activity points. After a couple of weeks I found I still wanted to beat my steps each day, which is good as it keeps me motivated in achieving my weight loss goal!

              How to wear:

              The neat little pedometer can be popped into your pocket, but it also comes with a neck tie if you wish to wear it round your neck. Plus it also comes with a handy clip which fastens onto the pedometer so you can clip it on to the top of your trousers, belt, top etc.

              Value for money:

              Well personally I do think £18.95 is very expensive for a pedometer even though it just doesn't add up your steps. I do think it should be valued more round the £9.99 mark. I'm very impressed by this product and wouldn't want to be without mine now.


              Apart from the cost, I can not fault this amazing little tool. It keeps me on track, helps me work out my points I've earned during the day without having to use the old card system! Right now WW are selling these for £9.48 which is an excellent buy for people that need some more motivating and more the price I think they should be. How long the sale will last for however I don't know so if you're a WW member grab one while you can! It's easy to set up and simple to use, I don't see anyone having a problem in using this.

              In my eleven weeks I have now lost a total of 25lbs almost at my 2 stone mark which the pedometer has helped me along the way.

              Thanks for reading!


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