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Amethyst iPanda iPod Speaker Dock

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5 Reviews

Manufacturer: Amethyst / Type: iPod Speaker dock / Remote control / 4 speakers / 15W Sub

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    5 Reviews
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      11.11.2012 12:17
      Very helpful
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      Quirky design, good quality sound.

      My wife was badgering me for a docking station for her iPod touch, with some searching I came across the iPig and next to it was the iPanda! I'll have to explain that my wife is a little quirky, like unusual things and anything different. I therefore figured this was probably the best kind of docking station I could get her. I was a difficult choice between the pig and panda but I went with the panda in the end as the black and white, with the detail on the eyes was more attractive to me. Needless to say my wife loved it as soon as she saw it.

      In the box there is panda itself, the AC adapter power lead, an audio connection cable, which is simply a jack to jack cable (headphone to headphone), a remote control that takes a watch style battery (included), a set of differently sized cradles for any iPod imaginable, a little plastic 'lever' that helps get the cradles out of the panda for changing and of course the manual.

      Setup was a doddle, I should know the wife had me set it up, plug in the AC adapter into the back of the panda and into the wall then select the correct cradle from the ones that are available, instructions for this are in the manual, and place into the iPanda. When the iPanda is turned on the mouth lights up so very easy to know if it's on or even on standby. After putting the iPod into the dock, you can use the iPod itself to press play or you can use the remote provided to control the iPod.

      The sound quality is really good unless the iPanda is turned up all the way, there is a subwoofer included in the 5 speakers on board so this will obviously make for good low end. I think the problem the wife and I had was we like to push things from the beginning so we put some drum and bass on the iPod and turned all the way up. There was a little bit of crackling and distortion when turned all the way up. I don't think anyone will need to have this turned up all the way though as this is very loud and not what the system is intended for I think. For day to day use the sound quality is very good, there are manual bass and treble adjusters on the back so you can adjust to the type of music if you want. One of the niftiest things about the system is the volume controls on the panda itself. The ears are used to control the volume and as far as I can tell it's a touch sensitive system meaning no pressure is required at all.

      We've had the iPanda for almost a year now, and though it doesn't get used as much as it used to, the quality is still there. Seemingly it was more of a novelty when we first got it, but as a speaker/dock system its top notch and does exactly what it says on the tin.


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        18.10.2011 16:45
        Very helpful




        When I am at home I generally spend most of my time in my room, taking a look round I decided to re vamp my room, getting rid of the boring old and in with the exciting new items, Instead of the traditional normal cd player I wanted something better, I don't own any cd's anymore because I never listened to them, I always plugged my Ipod in, so I decided it was best to just buy an Ipod docking station. I had only seen black boring ones but it was better than I had, going into HMV with plain expectations I saw a wild selection of docking stations including this little cutie.

        I saw drawn straight to this, it's so cute and would deffinately go well in my new room! taking a step back however, thinking about sound quality because after all that's what matters, thinking like this, this looks like the music would be of a cheap Echo type of sound, Plugging my own Ipod in in the shop, I specifically selected disturbed- down the with sickness, because when the bass and drums kicks in, it's great, and when played through this the bass and drums sounded amazing! I was extremely impressed and surprised at the same time, It also went louder than my cd player, the musics played at all volume levels was crisp and clear without any distortion at all which is great for me as I love my music loud.

        This plugs into the mains, so you do not have to worry about it taking batteries or what not, also this is available in different colours, as far as I'm aware it is available in black and white and pink and black, This is available from HMV for £49.99 which is the best £49.99 I have ever spent! This comes with a little remote control to turn the bass up or down and a few other settings.

        This is very light weight which is handy for moving around with ease or cleaning, it also has a blue LED light in it's mouth that lights up when you use the remote control. Also this Ipanda features * Humanized Touch control allows controlling the speakers output by gently touching the ears

        - Compatible with all iPod, including latest Nano, iPhone 3g, iPod Touch 2nd Gen and newest Classic models
        - Compact Remote Control to browse your iPod features, menus etc.
        - Space saver, 4 speakers & 15W Sub, Bass Reflex, Sound Stabilization technology for best sound quality.


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          28.08.2010 18:02
          Very helpful



          a great product.

          That I panda!
          I needed something to listen to my music when I am at home as It has all my favourite music on it so I saw the I panda looking at me in HMV and I had to pick this one up.

          What is it ?
          So this is a I pod speaker that has 4 speakers in it so it has a very good quality sound. This is designed like a panda which is really cool! It comes in other designs such as a pig shape and a football ( in all different colours) but this one had to be my Favourite.

          I bought this from HMV and it cost £49 I think that's a very good price for this!

          How it works.
          There is a slide in the top of the panda that you insert your Ipod. This is compatable with most Ipods aparty from shuffles. It comes with little plastic inserts so you can change them over depending on the model of Ipod you have (even comes with a little scoop to take them out )This has a on/off switch at the back and it plugs into the mains.I am amazed out the sound that comes off this little device.

          The ears are for the volumes and they are worked by Touch (left turns up and right turns it down)
          It charges your Ipod as you listen which I think it pretty handy!
          comes with a little slimline remote.

          I love this I highly Recommend if your looking for a docking station as it has a cool design.


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            23.08.2010 20:47
            Very helpful




            I love pandas! If you have read some of my previous reviews you will know that Panda is my husband's nickname for me and over the last few years I have managed to get a nice little collection of Panda related items.

            I wanted an iPod dock for the bedroom. Just one so that I could whack my iPod on when I was cleaning upstairs or getting dressed. Imagine my surprise one evening when my husband walked in with this lovely Amethyst iPand iPod speaker dock! I actually squealed with delight like a child!

            To look at the iPanda looks well like a Panda! It has little black ears, black feet which help it to stand and big cute eyes. This is one seriously cute piece of equipment but be warned that its cuteness is deceptive when you hear what this little thing can do.

            The iPanda has 4 speakers in it which I was surprised to hear had really good sound when I popped my iPod in to it. It is had really clear sound, high volume and is has a fair bit of base too. The reason for the base is that there is an inbuilt 15w sub woofer!

            Now, you see those little ears? They aren't just ears. They are actually touch sensitive volume control! I love them - I think it is great that the product doesn't just have a volume button. I think it adds to the quirkiness and difference of this item.

            As if this iPanda didn't have enough going for it, I was even more surprised to find a little remote control for it too which is pocket sized and easy to use. I can be across the room in our bedroom and even pointing at it from a distance it still works.

            Most iPods will fit the iPanda as there are interchangeable connectors for most of the different iPods which have been available so that you can use yours with it. The only iPod is doesn't work with is the Shuffle. You can also see the screen of your iPod when it is in the iPanda making it easy to see your track selection.

            The iPanda runs off of the mains and has a little on/off switch on the back. Do turn it off by this switch as sometimes I have put something heavy on top of the remote and turned it on full blast late at night!

            One last thing - it doubles up as a charge for your iPod too so the whole time this is switched on with your iPod in it, it will be charging too - just brilliant in my opinion!

            My husband purchased it for me from HMV for £49.99 which I think is way too cheap for this product though I am not complaining! My husband also said there were many other styles including a ghost, pig and dog.

            Highly recommended!


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              07.12.2009 18:37
              Very helpful



              A fantastic iPod speaker dock.

              My daughter recently bought one of these iPanda iPod speaker docks for her iPod nano as not only was she wanting a docking station, but she also loves Panda's!
              On listening, I was so impressed with the sound from this cute little panda that I have bought one for myself!

              On first impressions the Amethyst iPanda iPod Speaker Dock looks cute enough, but I don't think anyone would expect to hear a fantastic sound coming from it's speakers.
              Indeed, my first impressions were that it is cute and ideal for a child's bedroom, and whilst it certainly is all that, my daughter informed me that I would be amazed at the sound it produces.
              She had been given a demonstration of the iPanda in Dixons and was really impressed as there were other more expensive speakers on display that didn't compare at all.

              Product Features :-

              * Humanized Touch control allows controlling the speakers output by gently touching the ears
              * Compatible with all iPod, including latest Nano, iPhone 3g, iPod Touch 2nd Gen and newest Classic models
              * Compact Remote Control to browse your iPod features, menus etc.
              * Space saver, 4 speakers & 15W Sub, Bass Reflex, Sound Stabilization technology for best sound quality.

              Plugging it into the mains, with the cable provided, she inserted her iPod, selected a track, and I have to say that she was right. I was amazed at the sound.
              It produces a very clear sound with a deep bass reflex system that does not distort at all when you increase the volume.
              The iPanda has 5 speakers with 23 + Watts of output. Geared with a 4" sub, bass reflex system, 2 tweeters, 2-1.5" mid ranges, sound stabilisation system, and a super sound amplification which filled the whole room with sound.

              I was very impressed!

              Full instructions are provided, but the iPanda is really simple to use.
              The panda's eyes are the speakers and the sub woofer is located underneath and can be adjusted at the back, but one of the really good things about this speaker dock is the credit card sized remote control provided.
              Using the remote you can also adjust the bass and treble without having to change the EQ settings on your iPod, which I think is a big advantage. The remote does everything, so once your iPod is inserted you do not have to touch it again.
              You can also adjust the volume etc by touching the panda's ears.

              Adding to the panda's appeal is the mouth which lights up in blue LED when switched on, giving off a comforting glow and also flashes when you use the remote control.
              This speaker dock is also quite sturdy, yet small enough and not too heavy for you to take it away on holiday with you.

              Multiple cradles are also provided to ensure that your iPod or iPhone will fit the speaker dock, and another good feature of the iPanda is that it charges your IPod whilst playing music. I have heard that many speaker docks promise to do this and fail, but I can assure you that the iPanda definitely charges your iPod. It was a feature I was specifically looking for prior to buying a docking station, as well as good sound, so I am happy to report that the iPanda gets full marks from me, for both features.

              If you are not keen on panda's then this iPod speaker dock is also available as a pink, red, yellow, white or black pig or a black or white ghost.
              They all have the same features, the only difference seems to be the price.
              My daughter paid £40 for her iPanda at Dixons a few weeks ago. I bought mine from Amazon with my vouchers and it cost £45 but it is now priced at £59.99, with one online retailer charging £82.99! However, the iPig is currently priced at between £49.99 and £65.00 on Amazon, depending which colour you buy. Likewise, the ighost is £40.99 for the black one and £44.99 for white.

              They do seem very popular, which may be why the price seems to have increased in recent weeks, as many people may be buying these for Christmas presents, so it pays to shop around if you are thinking of purchasing one.

              The iPanda is described as the perfect gift for all occasions and puts a smile on sad faces. I would agree with that, as you can't help but find them cute.
              Overall, I am giving the iPanda 5 stars as it is really good value for money, easy to use, charges your iPod and produces a great sound.

              A fantastic speaker dock for children and adults alike!


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