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Apple iPod nano Wristband

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    2 Reviews
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      06.02.2012 09:25
      Very helpful



      A great buy!

      Before I start this review I will just point out that the strap that I am reviewing is the one to fit the new square iPod nano not the older rectangular one shown on the picture at the top of this page.

      Towards the end of last year hubby had an email from Apple to say that they had found a fault with the iPod that he had and, if he returned it to them, they would replace it. He returned the iPod expecting a reconditioned one back but no, he got a brand new iPod nano.

      As he now has a Smartphone on which he can store music he gave the iPod to me. As my mobile music was still being provided by my Sony Walkman which is one of the originals that take cassette tapes the iPod nano was a bit of a culture shock to me to say the least!

      Dave also bought me a silicone sleeve to protect my iPod and I have been using it in the pocket of my jeans with the wires of the headphones tucked inside my coat. Although it has been safe and sound I find myself constantly checking that it isn't working its way out of my pocket - I am terrified of dropping it!

      I had a look online to see if there was anything else that I could use to make me feel more relaxed when using my iPod and I found a wrist strap.

      I wasn't sure how good one of these would be so I decided to just buy a cheap one to start with and see how I got on with it. The one that I chose was from EBay at a cost of £2.99 plus 99p postage. That way if I didn't like it I hadn't wasted too much money.

      The strap is black although they are available in lots of different bright colours and, at that price, you could have a few to match your mood or your outfit.

      It is made from silicone and looks like a thick, black watch strap complete with silver coloured buckle and NINE holes so that it can be fitted comfortably to any size wrist.

      The strap has a square frame where the face of the watch would be on a normal watch strap and the iPod fits inside this frame with the silicone wrapped over the edges of it to hold it safely in place. It was easy to fit as the silicone is very pliable. It is worth mentioning that there is no cover to the screen with this strap so that would need to be purchased separately if wanted,

      The frame has a hole in the side so that the headphones can be plugged into the iPod through the wrist strap. The buttons on the other side can be pressed through the silicone with no problems. This does mean that when the strap is being worn the iPod is actually sideways to the viewer but I don't find this to be a problem at all.

      I wear the wrist strap with the wires of the headphones threaded up the sleeve of my jacket at the moment but, in the summer, the wires will be loose.

      I have found big advantages of using this wrist strap over keeping the iPod in my pocket are as follows:

      I can see the display and so change the music or volume at any time with the minimum of fuss.

      The iPod has a clock feature on it so I can wear it as a wrist watch whilst still listening to my music. This is a good thing as, if I am wearing this, I wouldn't have room to also wear my watch.

      The iPod also has a built in pedometer too so I can set that and check the amount of steps that I have taken.

      As with adjusting the music, it is very easy and convenient to change between the various features without having to worry about dropping the iPod.

      I find the wrist strap very comfortable to wear. The number of holes in the strap means that I can have it at exactly the right fit and the silicone does not irritate my skin at all.

      I am very impressed with this bit of kit especially at the price that I paid. I had initially intended to buy a more expensive one once I had decided that I liked the idea of wearing the iPod on my wrist but I am so happy with this one I don't think I'll bother with the expense of buying another.


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        27.07.2010 02:35
        Very helpful



        Worth a look if you like to listen to your own music during a workout

        Since I enjoy running and don't always wear something that is suitable to store my iPod in, when I came upon this nano wristband I had to have it. Indeed, it is ideal for vigorous exercise as it is lightweight and versatile, while promising to be 100% skip-free.

        The wristband winds around your arm at the chosen point to whatever degree of tightness feels comfortable. The strap adheres to itself via Velcro, and this is a strong enough material to provide security and comfort simultaneously. Unfortunately if you use the wristband frequently the repeatedly tearing and untearing of the Velcro can cause its holding properties to diminish somewhat, and you may find the wristband slipping out of place. The fabric is perforated, which allows your skin to breathe during exercise and ensures the band will not slip out of place due to the accumulation of sweat.

        The band is endowed with adjustable fasteners for additional comfort and support. It has the additional advantage of being lightweight. The iPod slots snugly into position at the centre of the armband, and the subtle textured inner coating on the support pocket will not allow the device to move easily once it has been positioned. It is easy to access the controls, too, so there is no repeated slotting and unslotting of your iPod once you have fitted it into place. It is also possible to tuck the lead into the wristband. Unfortunately the wristband is compatible only with first generation iPod nanos.

        Some drawbacks of the wristband are the fact that it is not elasticised, so if you performing, for example, weight lifting, there may be some discomfort around working muscles if that is where you have chosen to position the band. The appearance of the wristband is not ideal either, being as it looks somewhat like an oversized plaster. The grey design makes this trait particularly apparent, although the band is also available in red, pink, blue and green.

        Although I found the wristband to be very efficient when I first began using it, its effectiveness did diminish somewhat with repeated use. It is such an affordable product however, that it is easily replaced. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to exercise lovers who enjoy the privacy of their musical tastes during a workout session.


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