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Apple iPod touch loop

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    1 Review
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      31.12.2012 14:17
      Very helpful



      Handy ipod string

      When the New iPod Touch was released I quickly rushed to get one (well if you call 2 months after release rushing lol)because I shattered the screen of my old one and thought instead of fixing it I might aswell get the new one. The nice range of colour and new design was eye catching and I just couldn't resist. These iPod touch loops are the handiest thing Apple could have came up with to help people keep iPod in good condition.

      ----------Use of the Loops-----------
      The use of the iPod Touch loops are you attach the loop to the iPod then you can hold the iPod from your wrist so it makes you less likely to drop it. We all know with apple products they tend to be delicate. My initial thought of Apple coming up with this idea was great now my iPod will last much longer. (Pretty much like a camera string)

      -----------How to Use---------
      On the back of the iPod Touch the is a silver dot that if you press will pop up at the back.Take the end of the string which has a pair looking whole and put one side under the silver circle dot. Once you have put that side under move the whole from one side to the next then it will sit under the silver circle dot. Once it is underneath pull the string down into the narrow side of the pear looking whole. Once you have done that move the sting around till it feels secure.
      The insertion of the string is quite fiddly and at first I gave up on trying to put it on. After revising the task I went on YouTube to watch a video on how to do it and it was done in less than a minute. Once you have done it once it is easy and I wandered why I found it so hard.

      -----------Design & Quality-----------
      The Loops come in different colours matching the colours of the iPods in my case it is red. The red is a shocking red colour and stands out alot. I chose red because it is a special edition so it won't be out for that long so not many will have it(the iPod that is).
      The Loop is a smooth leather material on one side and on the other side it has a soft flat fur material on the other side. The fur like soft inside make the strap very good quality because when I have it on my wrist it doesn't rub it just feels soft. The whole strap itself looks like it is made into the iPod which is nice because the iPod is so neat. What I have noticed about the strap is that it doesn't take very long for it to start to wear and get out of shape. I use my iPod nearly every day and have had it just under a month and already it is time for a new Loops. The reason I need to get a new one is because the whole that you connect the string to the iPod has started to stretch away so it is becoming loose and soon won't be able to do it's job.
      I think the string is good but doesn't really last that long. I think because I am constantly using my iPod also I would need a stronger material or a regular design like camera strings would be more effective idea.

      I think the strap overall is a good idea but it doesn't really last that long. I think the strap is comfy and sits well on my wrist which makes it a good add on to the iPod. Having the iPod for just under one month and never dropped it once is all thanks to the handy strap. I think although it doesn't really last as long as I would like it to it is definitely something that I will replace because it is so handy and in some way protects my iPod from damage.

      The good thing about these is one comes free when you purchase any iPod Touch 5th generation. A replacement for one of these is a pricey £7 in Apple store or on Amazon. Although it's expensive just for a little strap when I think about it it is somewhat worth it. The iPod Touch 5 is alot more delicate that any other Touch that has been released so it's kind of essential having something that stops you from dropping it which will can cost you a bomb to fix if it gets damaged.

      I reckon within a few months there will be so many cheaper versions of this product but for now it will remain pricey because of how new the iPod is atm still recommend it though.


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