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Case-Mate Ear Armour

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    1 Review
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      30.09.2010 13:15
      Very helpful



      A good little storage solution

      Whilst its all very nice having your ipod or other mp3 player on the go blasting out your tunes when you are out and about walking to work, getting from A to B or whilst exercising but the issue of where to safely store your headphones when you have finished using the ipod is something that used to annoy me greatly.

      You can imagine how happy I was when I received a very handy little Ear Armour Case as a gift from a family member who was to put it bluntly fed up with me breaking my ear buds all the time due to them getting all tangled up when I hastily flung them away. Even though the Ear Armour Case is not a glamorous case and would have been more to my taste with a bit of bling on it, it was a good little case that worked well.

      My Ear Armour Case was made by Case Mate, a firm who seem to provide all sorts of cases for products such as phones and mp3 players that we all tend to carry about with us. The case I had was a simple product that was small enough to slip into a bag without taking up too much space and provided a much better way to store my headphones when I wasn't listening to music.

      The case was made from very durable and reinforced feeling black textured nylon fabric. The case had a rigidity about it which was really good, as I knew that if I chucked it into a bag it wouldn't get squished no matter what it came into contact with. Not only did it work well in terms of the outer casing, but the inner part of the case was also well thought out too and provided a good storage solution for my headphones.

      The zip which went around the outside of my Ear Armour Case was simply made and easy to use, with a good sized tag on the end which enabled me to open and close the case with not too much effort. I did sometimes find that when zipping around the small corners of the case the zip would catch if I zipped it up too quickly, but other than that there were no issues with it.

      The inside of the Ear Armour Case was the interesting bit, as it had a black plastic spool type thing that was what held my headphones in the case without becoming tangled. At each end of that it had a cut out piece and the idea was that one end of the cut out could house the connector jack and the other was for the wired from the ear buds to come out of so they could be wrapped safely around the spool.

      When in use I found it easy enough to disconnect my headphones from my ipod and then place the earbuds into the centre section of the inside of the case. Winding the headphone cable around the spool was easy enough once I got used to how to do so. With the headphone firmly in place all that remained was for me to zip up the case and put it away ready for when I next needed my headphones.

      The outside of my case also had a handy metal keyring attachment fitted to it which was a nice touch. Although I didn't use it to attach it to anything I did use it to hold the case and pick it up at times and it remained firmly attached in all the time I had my case. I can see that for some situations the key ring holder might have been very useful to some people as a way of attaching the case to a chain or flexible cord that could then go on a belt or similar item.

      Over all I really liked my Ear Armour Case and found it very useful indeed. I was rather gutted one day when I left it on some bench seating when having lunch with friends and accidently left it there. Although I want back the next day, it was nowhere to be seen and so it was lost forever.

      I am still looking out for something similar to replace it with and would recommend this type of case to anyone who uses small headphones on a regular basis. In terms of rating this little case I have to give it 5 stars, as it worked really well and did exactly what it was made to do.


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