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Creative Zen Skin 3-1 Pack

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2008 20:22
      Very helpful



      3 skins in 3 different colourr to fit Creative Zen mp3 players

      After a few months of owning the Creative 8GB Mp3 Player I decided that it was time to protect the Mp3 Player from scratches and dirt. I would have bought the leather skin but it was rather expensive for my budget so decided to buy the three colour silicone skins.

      The silicone skins were rather cheap only cost me £10.45 from Amazon. Thanks to my dooyoomiles amazon voucher. Although, I did saw the skins for about £7.99 on Amazon before, but the price went up before I bought them.
      The skins were red, black and blue in colour, and yes the blue colour is the main thing that attracted me into buying the skins, as blue is my favourite colour. I really did not mind the rest of the colours.
      I find it cool to have different colours for my Mp3 player, as I could swap the skin to match up with the clothes I'm wearing.
      The skins were delivered within four days and were well packaged. I got them out the package. Oh My God! You will not believe it, the skins had a hole on the screen area, I did not have a clue about this, I did thought there would be some sort of screen protector in the package. This meant that I had to spend extra in buying the Creative Zen screen protectors.
      Sending them for a refund was the last thing I wanted to do.

      I did try to fit them onto the MP3 player and yes, I must say it was rather easy. The Mp3 player did not look as bad as I thought it would without a screen protector.
      The skin did not add a lot of weight to the Mp3 player at all, I could hardly tell the difference and the shape did stay the same as well.
      The area of the skin that covered the buttons was rather slimmer than other area of the skin, this made it easy to press the buttons, and felt like there was no skin at all.
      The skin actually put some grip on the button area, which I liked very much.

      A good thing about the skins is that they have a clip on their back which you could therefore use to clip on your jeans, belt or whatever bottoms you are wearing. This made me see why the skins didn't have a screen protector (because you can clip them on you instead of putting them in your pocket were the MP3 player could get scratched).
      Each skin has its own clip, and they are all identical therefore if you lose one clip for one colour skin you can always use clip from another skin. However, this might seem to be a good idea to some people, but I don't actually like clipping things onto and walking down the street showing off the MP3 player, it really does cramp my style.
      'Creative' did seem to be clever though when designing these skins as you can take off the slip if you don't want it.

      Since I've used the skin nothing has really gone wrong, they still look brand new and looks like they have a long life ahead of them. The skins might not protect the Mp3 player's screen from scratches but they do prevent scratches to occur on other parts of the Mp3 Player and they prevent shocks from when you drop the Mp3 player etc.

      Overall, I wouldn't really recommend them because if I knew in the first place that they didn't have a screen protector I wouldn't have bought them at all, for the reason that they are to protect the Mp3 player as much as they are to provide different colours for the Mp3 Player, but they didn't seem to protect the main part of the Mp3 player which was more of a disapointment. I would have saved money by just buying the screen protectors on their own, but I guess I did fancy a change of colour for my Zen. However, if you just want to change the colour of your Creative Zen, then you might need to look at this product as it provides three different colours.


      ---The skins don't come with screen protectors, therefore you got to buy your own. If you want a case that will totally protect your Creative Zen from scratches, try the Creative Zen leather case or just buy some screen protectors or you can always avoid the scratches by not puting the mp3 player in a pocket or bag full of random things.

      --- These skins are only compatible with the Creative Zen 2Gb,4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, therefore if you own a different Creative Mp3 player, you are on the wrong page.

      ---You can get these silicone skins from Amazon, creative Zen and other retail shops.


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