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Creative ZEN V Series Arm pack

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    1 Review
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      25.10.2007 15:19
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      Creative ZEN V Series - Armband for MP3 Players

      DOOYOO REVIEW dated: 25/10/07

      - Creative ZEN V Series Armband Pack MP3 Player -
      ** MP3 Accessories - Armband and belt clip**

      A specialised belt/armband catered for the V series and V plus MP3 Player

      >ZEN a creative introduction<

      Welcome to planet ZEN, no it's not a hairdressing salon, but a revolutionary name for PMP - Portable Media Players designed by Creative. - Creative was founded in Singapore - in 1981, if you view or have seen their corporate branding it is oriental looking. These guys had a vision in the 1980's originally with sound, and speakers and cards for the PC market. Most will remember that Creative is more known for it's incredibly successful Sound Blaster components for the PC. In recent years Creative have modelled themselves on a few house-hold brands from the West, so that sales in the Western world would increase; this has transpired and now, and now recognised as a leading PMP digital storage retailer worldwide.

      >Accessories - Armband and belt clip <

      Creative has reviewed the obese card within their product ranges the V Series and V Plus MP3 Player models. Now you can be active and still use the MP3 player models. The armband is black and the MP3 Player can slide onto the strap with ease. There is a catch that stops the MP3 Player from sliding back and for the while you are on your jog round the park. The V Series player which the armband is made for are a notably bigger than the iPod Shuffle, so if your thinking of this accessory as being part of the 'nano' technology revolution, your very mistaken.

      >Armband and belt clip - QUALITY - FUNCTION<

      Quality and function wise - it is very well made for what it is, though you can't go wrong with an armband. Material - Silicone, reminds me of a gadget that takes your blood pressure, and is not the most comfortable of bands to wear especially if you're on a long run. The belt is moisture and mark resistant which is the most important when being active. Therefore, a tick in that box. It feels clumsy wearing it on your arm, though very practical. To me it is typical of an Eastern product; very practical but lacks in finesse; but a good effort Creative.

      >Armband and belt clip - STYLE<

      This product does not do it for me; I guess that the Sony Walkman is still engrained on my memory as being the ultimate design for people who are constantly on the move. Today, many people still use this product and is the benchmark when it comes to versatility and design. Simply enough, the band is a gimmick that Creative has introduced to solve the problem of where to store the MP3 Player while being active. Creative certainly have not gone down any fashion route to come up with this band. It just should be a belt clip, nothing more. I don't think the band gimmick will catch-on, though I'm no Jasper Conran, I'm certain of that fact.

      >Armband and belt clip - PRICE<

      Yes, not to be sneezed at - Hold your breathe for this - On the Creative website > URL > www.creative.com
      This product is £26.00 for the accessory (not the V Series MP3 Player); that's also including Postage and Packaging and the VAT. Naturally, it depends on your budget when dealing with such accessories, but in my eyes this is too much and better deals are available online;

      >GO TO - www.dabs.com to check for better offers; or www.pricerunner.co.uk to get some price comparisons<

      >The verdict<

      The armband is a big let down compared to the stylish silicon V Series MP3 player that Creative has designed. Highly influenced by Apple iPod's nano MP3 PMP's; which is a good thing in my opinion, as Creative has always been so functionally aware but lacked that fashion edge. The armband brings back the solid functionality within it's branding, and should be a reject on 'Dragon's Den' if a monstrosity ever reaches our UK screens. Though, I do forgive Creative, it has gone backwards in the fashion stakes though very much forwards in the Portable Media Player stakes. Creative; get back to producing what you know best, that is affordable MP3 Players for digital media storage without pointless accessories. No bands for arms; no hair clips, no leg straps is required. Take a leaf out of John Smiths 'no gimmick's' advertising.

      Thank you for reading;

      Copyright - 2007 - 1st2thebar - October 25th 2007


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