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Gear4 Icebox Pro nano

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2009 11:15
      Very helpful



      A fantastic product; the poitives far outweigh the negatives.

      Ever since I got my first iPod way back when I've been a little obsessed with them, however being the clumsy girl that I am they always seem to get scratched when they're in my bag with my keys and purse. Therefore when I tired of my old and fatigued Video iPod that had accompanied me for a good year or two I decided to purchase a 4g iPod Nano 3rd Generation. These have now of course been superseded by what I think is an ugly looking player that can be bought in the most ridiculous of colours!

      Within a week of receiving my brand new iPod in the post I had got to grips with it and it was being taken everywhere with me, suffice to say the same thing began happening again. Therefore I made the conscious decision that I either needed to buy some sort of protection for my very expensive music devise, stop taking it everywhere with me or simply take my keys and purse out of my bag everytime I put my iPod in it. Needless to say I went for the first option and unhesitatingly visited play.com to have a search for an apt case for my beloved iPod.

      If anyone has ever searched on play.com for a common item such as a TV, DVD player or even an iPod you will have experienced the influx of items that you're greeted with as soon as you type in your desired product name. So after trawling through an array of weird and wacky iPod covers which looked like they were aimed more at either a younger generation or shall we say... eccentric person than myself I came across this case for the very modest price of £6.99.

      So what made me choose this little device I hear you ask, it looks pretty dull compared to some of the colourful and crazy ones available at a cheaper price tag. I must agree it doesn't look great in the picture however this little case has a lot going for it compared with a lot of the others where all you get is a flimsy case with a picture of Brad Pitt on it for £14.99!

      After numerous impulse buys in the past where I've purchased cases for mobile phones only to throw them away an hour later after they've failed to do anything that they're supposed to I was sceptical when I first bought this because I thought it would be a novelty item that I would take off and keep in a draw for the rest of it's days.

      When this arrived in the post I quickly took off the packaging and used the simple instructions on the back of the packaging to clip it onto my iPod. This isn't a case that you slide into place which I was glad about, it has two sides to it that simply click into place over the iPod. The back is made of clear plastic and curves around the outside of the iPod leaving all the sides protected. The front panel is also plastic but it's a silver mirrored plastic that simply clips onto the iPod after putting the back on. It clips on well and is a sturdy fit. When the iPod is turned off the front panel works as a mirror, great for me because I'm constantly in front of the mirror! When the iPod is turned on you can clearly see the screen however you may have to adjust your screen backlight to the maximum setting, making the battery drain quicker but allowing you to see the screen clearly and with ease. The screen can become hard to see if it's a sunny day as the mirrored front panel interferes with the screen meaning you see more of yourself than what you're actually listening to! This can become a little irritating however it's something that you get used to overtime as all it takes is a cupped hand to block out the light and it'll be fine.

      The front panel doesn't protect the entirety of the iPod, the click wheel is left exposed which for me is a godsend, I've tried cases that cover the entirety of the device and it's just impossible to use the keys in the way they were invented so this is a brilliant idea for a screen protector whilst leaving the click wheel untouched, the click wheel isn't something that really needs protection anyway.

      When I bought this device I was mislead by the products name, it states that this is a metal case which isn't the case (pardon the pun) it's infact all plastic which I was a little bit disappointed with. The case isn't scratch resistant either therefore in a way I've shot myself in the foot with this device; I bought a case to avoid scratching my iPod and in turn I've bought a product to scratch instead of the iPod however if I'm inevitably going to get scratches I'd rather scratch the case than the iPod. The iPod itself was already beginning to scratch but with the case on you can't see this scratches at all, however the scratches on the case (especially the clear back) are extremely visible which I was a little disappointed with, guess it was my fault for not buying a scratch resistant case!

      I do think the device looks very modern and stylish though which is a big plus, I've had a lot of people comment on it as they've thought it was a different iPod altogether. For looks alone this case is a big winner.

      The case does cover all of the iPod apart from the important parts, those being the click wheel and the headphone socket at the bottom. This means that headphones can be inserted just as easily as if the case wasn't there. The iPod can be charged with the case on and it can be used in conjunction with iPod speakers. I was really glad about this because when my iPod's not in use it is kept docked into my iPod speakers to collect dust, this application stops the iPod itself from picking up dust.

      Going back to the screen clarity, this possibly isn't a case you would buy if you have a lot of pictures on your iPod, fortunately all my pictures are either on my camera or my phone so this isn't an issue for me but if you're someone who fills your iPod with pictures then this isn't the device for you however for viewing song names there's no real issue. The case may have to be removed however if you plan on playing the integrated games on the iPod for the same reason as the pictures.

      Overall, if you're looking for what can only be described as a cheap and cheerful case then this is the one for you. It looks stylish, fits well and prevents your iPod from getting scratched. It, like everything, has it's imperfections but for £6.99 it's not something that you can really complain about is it? This has been a great buy for me and definitely changed my views on protective cases for expensive items.


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