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Goodmans GCR1872 Clock Radio iPod Dock

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Brand: Goodmans / Type: Dock

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    1 Review
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      15.09.2012 01:52
      Very helpful



      A really cute little docking station!

      My mum bought this for me a few years ago when I mentioned needing some kind of ipod docking station to play my music without having to fire up my laptop, we decided on this one as it was small, cute and affordable. At the time the full price was £30, as well as being an ipod dock it also as features that include radio, clock an alarm clock. The docking station can be used with just batteries as it is fairly small to be able to carry around however I cannot comment on this as I have only used it with the plug adaptor that is provided.

      The dock is 15x15x6 cm in size, the corner edges are rounded which looks really nice. The over all colour of the dock is white and the top is a light blueish-grey plastic. I often white appliances either look cheap and naff or very stylish, this dock isn't the most fancy looking electrical piece of equipment but it doesn't look at all cheap and is very simple and cute looking. On either side are the speakers and air vents which are in a circle formation, the front is made up of a lit up blue screen which tells the time, the light has four settings, low medium, high or off, I have it set to low or medium as it is very bright at night time. Under the blue screen is a silver line of buttons to control the docking station and under these is a round silver circle that says the Goodmans logo. The top of the docking station has four buttons, one long snooze button for the alarm and two small ones either side that control volume and skipping songs or changing radio depending what setting it is on. There is the small dock part for the actual iPod on top, a great feature of this is that you can choose to have a little removable cover to protect this part from dust or you have a choice of up to 10 different dock shapes for different types of iPod or iPhones for it to sit more comfortably.

      The dock also comes with a little remote control which is very easy to use. It is about 8x5x 0.5 and fits snugly into my hand. The remote is flat with slightly raised bubble buttons to press lightly. I tend to keep it in my pocket when I am tidying my room to change the songs quickly. It also has the plug adapter which plugs into the back, the plug itself is very large and heavy, it doesn't effect the use of look bag it just seems odd to me. There is also a radio wire, which is very long and plugs into the back, at home I have no problem finding a well tuned radio but the way I have it set up in my uni room I find it very hard to get the wire to sit and stay in a good position, especially not being able to use blue tac to stick it to a wall!

      The dock charges my ipod very well and the music played is very clear and good quality, it can go very loud if you wish it to which is great. I have not really used the alarm mode but you can set to either waking you up with the radio or your iPod which I think is great as you can choose what song to wake up to! The instructions clearly explain how to set this up and is visible with a small bell to show it is on. The radio can be used at the same time as charging your iPod and the radio is very precise in tuning to the station you want.

      Overall I would really recommend this product, it is a few years old now and I think it can only be found on eBay but even at the full price I paid it is great quality and looks really good in anyones room. The iPod sits comfortably in the top and looks really good. My only problem I had is that it that it does hum very loudly so I don't have it near my bed as I can hear it when I'm trying to sleep, for a while I always kept it off unless I was using the speakers but once I cleared some space on the other side of my room it was fine.


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