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Magic Monkey Speaker

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    1 Review
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      08.02.2012 08:23
      Very helpful




      Magic Monkey speakers

      One of the presents Little Miss received for Christmas, and which has provided her with a lot of entertainment.
      The box itself is quite fun with pictures of the monkey and the instructions. Inside the box are some annotated diagrams showing us how and where to insert the batteries and the MP3 player. This seems simple enough but while the area for battery insertion is easy to find the part on his backis very well disguised. Once found its quite simple- just pull back the Velcro fastening and there are the slots. It does require 3AA batteries if you are using it independently of the computer.

      The monkey himself is quite cute, and very soft like a cuddly toy. He is in a sitting position and holding on to his headphones, so sits easily on a table or other flat surface. The way his arms are positioned means that the MP3 player can be slotted under his arm, which makes him look as though he is listening to his own music!
      The quality of the sound is quite good and perfectly adequate for the sounds needed by a 10 year old.

      The problem we have had with him is that whilst the monkey danced when we first inserted the batteries it and played the music, this has not been consistent. Sometimes he dances and sometimes not. We have found that the only way we can ensure constant dance movements is to have the monkey attached to the laptop via the cable which is provided in the box. This hasn't been too great a problem for Little Miss but means that some of the fun is taken away from the speakers. I have tried to get this remedied but because the dancing is so random, its difficult to prove that it doesn't work all of the time.
      The monkey costs £24.99 and is available online and from electronic retailers.

      This is a fun product and I think it should be taken as such. We have had a few hiccups with it so its not the best product available but Little Miss enjoys it. The monkey is cute and cuddly and the idea is good, with the sound being just what is necessary.

      Even though it doesn't work perfectly all of the time I would still award it 3 stars for fun value.
      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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