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MARWARE Sport Grip - Case for digital player - silicone - pink - iPod nano (aluminum) (2G)

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    2 Reviews
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      15.04.2009 16:20
      Very helpful



      Get one!

      Paid a lot for your ipod? Then why not keep it looking new and clean, after all a cover hardly costs anything in comparison. This cover is perfect for protecting your ipod without changing any of the excellent features and still allowing all the brilliant accessories to be used.

      This cover is great for protecting the ipod from falls or any other damaged that either can make the ipod look tatty or even prevent it from working. This cover is made from rubber so is is great for grip (hence the 'sport grip') so the owner is less likely to drop the ipod. Even if they did it would be protected. The rubber does not absorb water so the cover is waterproof protecting the ipod from spillages or cases of dropping it into the bath! The rubber is very gripable and I hardly ever drop the ipod when the cover is on. The protective covers are available in a variety of colours so that the ipod colour is still emphasised by the colour of the case. The case I have is bright pink to match my ipod, I really like the colour, just like the ipod it is bright and vibrant.

      The ipod cover protects it well also keeps it clean. The ipod cover surrounds the main body of the ipod (apart from the keys, top and bottom) this allows the user to connect other accessorised to the ipod without having to remove the cover. A clip can also be connected so that the ipod can be connected to you, there are also other accessories available such as an armband, belt clip, neck strap and dash mount. The cover does not harm the ipod in any way and change the sound quality that is produced. The keys can still be easily used since they are not covered. Also other appliances e.g. the charger can still be connected without removing the cover.

      The cover is quite hard to put on but it is slightly stretchy however once it is on it does need to come off again unless the owner wishes to purchase another one. Everyone seems to have different experiences with how long the cover lasts. Personally I used mine for about two years without it getting damaged but some times they only last a year. However it is cheaper to have to replace the cover than the ipod itself.

      Although many people believe the ipod cover is quite expensive, I do not because it protects your ipod from damage which could possibly cost more to get it fixed. Also it allows the ipod to remain looking nice rather than have scratches or marks on it. For the money you have to pay for the ipod it is worth buying a cover to keep it protected.

      The great thing about the cover is it can be taken off if you want. Recently I have decided that I do not want my cover on my ipod just because I prefer it without. However if I am going somewhere where it could get dirty or it is raining then it is easy enough to slip the ipod cover back on.

      Ipod covers can be purchased for a variety of prices depending where you get them from. The average price seems to be around £6.99 which is a good price to pay to protect something so expensive. However if you purchase them from the apple shop they are in the region of £20.00. I would recommend this product especially since ipods are so expensive, this small accessory allows the ipod to stay looking new without losing any of its features and now without losing the colour either.


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        09.02.2009 22:03
        1 Comment



        I wouldn't be without mine!

        This ipod is an attractive, girly, bright pink colour. It lives up to the same quality as the others in the ipod range, with few technical faults and many advantages over normal mp3 players.
        With itunes and the ipod library on your computer, it is very quick and easy to download and import songs onto your ipod. It also comes with the traditional ipod headphones, which means you can plug it in and start listening to music straight away!
        I have had my ipod for quite a while now and have had no problems with it, even after being dropped on the ground and bashed around in my bag on countless occasions!
        It is small, light and compact, with a fashionable look and colour. It's thin and appearance also makes it attractive.
        Overall the ipod nano is something which i could not live without and is constantly on my posession.


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      • Product Details

        Colorful silicone cases protect your nano in style. These bright cases offer clear plastic screen protection and rounded sides for easy-grip. The click-wheel opening is tapered for maximum comfort and ease of use.