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    2 Reviews
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      29.05.2012 01:02
      Very helpful



      A great addition to my bedroom!

      I have had my IPhone for nearly a year now, I am in love with it and use it all the time. The one thing that annoyed me about it was the fact that it didn't work on my old alarm clock for ipods! It wasn't compatable and would not charge! It also caused major interference which was rather annoying at night. My parents decided that a good christmas present would be one of these! I am so glad they got me this, Its perfect. Its hard to find a decent clock/Iphone docking station these days which is compatable and looks good. I will now go into more detail on this, and explain why you should get one! Its that good.


      It is a very thin alarm clock, there isnt much too it which is great as it fits nicely on a bedside table and allows you room for other things such as a lamp. It is mainly black with silver edges. It is incredibly fashionable and minimalistic. The buttons are hidden on the side and on the top of the speaker section. This adds to the style as there are no ugly buttons on view. The iphone sits nicely on the right side of the station with the time/date on the left hand size. The time is very large which looks great and is very visable from all over the room. The design is square with curved edges.


      One of the main reasons I love this so much is because of its many features. It has a built in radio which is excellent and very easy to tune. It has 2 alarm modes which are easy to set up, you can have a weekly alarm and then a weekend one! This comes in handy. The alarm is also great because it is set to gently wake you up, the music starts quite and builds up slowly! It never makes you jump, it will play the last song that you had open on itunes. It will gradually build up to loud and can eventually wake you up from a deep sleep! I have never overslept an alarm from this, it always wakes me up! I am a very deep and heavy sleeper and I usually need the equivelant of a fog horn to wake me up in the mornings. The sound quality of the speakers is also great, It can easily fill a room with sound and I have used it at a few parties. The bass is nothing special, but very adequate for the size of the speaker. Even at a loud volume this doesn't distort. Because it has been made for Iphones you never get any interference when its charging. Charging only takes around an hour to fill it up which is great. There is a special lock that holds it in the right place which can be adjusted to the specfic device that is on the dock.


      This is brilliant. It is perfect as an alarm clock, but also has many uses such as the radio and the speaker. It is stylish and looks good in my bedroom. The quality of the speaker is great and the clock is a nice large display. I belive my parents paid £75.00 for this. I think that is a good price. I know that you can get them much cheaper, but you are paying for quality and reliability! I have had no isuues with this so far. I would definately recommend this to family and friends. If you need a new Iphone dock, then have a look at this :)

      This gets a 5 star rating from me! Very hard to fault this.

      Thanks for reading my review,I hope it helped you out :)



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        07.06.2011 12:20
        Very helpful



        Great docking station - I couldn't live without it now!

        I recieved the Phillips DC315 docking entertainment system for my birthday last year and can honestly say that I was very impressed! My previous docking station was very small and came free when I bought my first ipod so as you can image, it wasnt very good.


        Built-in cradle:


        Built-in clock:

        alarm mode:

        volume control:

        built-in x2 left/right channel speaker

        radio type:
        FM radio tuner with 20 preset stations

        ipod/iphone compatability:
        ipod mini, ipod nano, ipod classic, ipod touch, ipod nano 3G, ipod nano 4G, ipod touch 2G, iphone and iphone 3G

        1x audio cable included

        1x external power adapter requiring AC120/230 (50/60Hz) voltage

        So, what does it do?

        This docking station with charge your ipod/iphone and I muct say it seems to charge it pretty quickly too! It will play your itunes play lists like any other docking station and when you get a call or txt (if your using an iphone) it will pause the track playing, play your message/ring tone and then continue the track you were listening once your message/ringtone has stopped. While charging your iphone you have three options, you can either listen to your itune, the radio or have some peace and quiet.
        This product can also be used as an alarm clock and you have the options of being able to set your alarm to go off at the same time everyday - great if you are prone to forgetting to set an alarm (like me) or you can set a one off alarm. The alarm will then go off at the set time and will wake you up by playing the radio (as long as you set it to do this), playing your itunes or with a generic alarm sound which increases in volume the longer you ingnore it, however don't panic sleep lovers, it does also have a snooze button.
        When not in use this product with continually show the date and time on its display screen.
        A bonus feature to this docking station is that it will also connect to any mp3 player provinding it has the standard size headphone port using an audio line in cable - however this is not something I have tried myself.

        How big is the docking station?

        The offical dimensions for this docking station are 216x80x79 mm (WxHxD) and it weighs approximately 0.89kg.
        It fits nicely on my bedside table and I have also previously had it on the top of a bookcase however, it does have quite a chunky ledge at the back which prevents it from fitting on narrower surfaces unless put at an angle.

        What do I think?

        Firstly, the disadvantages of this product...it has very few. However, as with any product, it is not perfect. The ariel for the radio is a very thin, fairly long black wire that you have to position to get a good radio frequency, if your lucky, you may be able to find some discreet to put it and still get a great signal, however, i have not and so have ended up taping this little wire to my wall, which doesn't look brilliant. Secondly, as previously mentioned there is a chunky ledge at the back of the product that stops you from being able to place it on narrow surfaces, without this ledge you would be able to put it anywhere; and finally, a very tiny criticism, a remote control would be awesome, but maybe thats just me being lazy?!?!
        Personally, I love this docking station! It has everything I wanted in a docking station and more! The sound quality is brilliant. I also like that fact that I can use a Griffin itrip (a FM transmitter that allows you to play music from your ipod/iphone through speakers using a radio frequency - great for long car journeys!) with it so that I can listen to my music through it's fab quality speakers using the radio frequency but still have my phone with me so that I can keep texting. Despite it not being listed on the compatability list, this product does also work with the iphone 4 as that is what I have and I have experienced no problems in using it. After doing some research I have also found that this product is very reaonally priced and is available for around £39.99-£95.99 online depending on which sites you look at.


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