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Qubits Diamante iPod Touch 4G Case

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Brand: Qubits / Type: iPod Touch case

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    1 Review
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      03.04.2011 14:25
      Very helpful
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      I Love It - But Would Have Liked A Screen Protector As Well.

      Even though my birthday isnt until the ed of April Ive never been very good at waiting for my presents - especially when I know they are as amazing as a brand new iTouch! So I ended up getting my birthday present almost 2 months early - so Ive owned it for about a month now, not long enough to review the actual iPod but long enough to write about the accessories I have already bought for it! Im a bit of a leopard print addict - I even have a leopard print bedroom so as soon as I saw this 'Leopard Print Diamante iPod Touch 4g Case' on amazon about a month ago I bought it straight away - it is leopard print & covered in little gems - exactly my style. I couldnt have hoped for something more suited to my tastes but in the back of my mind I was hoping this wouldnt look tacky - many diamante cases are in my opinion - and sadly Ive been ever so slightly let down, it doesnt look as good as Id hoped from the image!

      Useful Information:
      Price: £4.99 [including P&P]
      Stockists: Qubits @ amazon - Im assuming other sites + sellers also sell this one though.
      Other Info: This promises to protect your iPod without hindering you using it, promises perfect fit and spaces around the camera, earphone hole, charger port and volume controls. Promises to look stunning and classy while remaining highly functional.

      *Please note this does NOT come with an added screen protector sadly enough - I personally would have liked one to be included (as would most people I reckon) but a screen protector does not come with this case.*

      As the 4g iTouch is very slim itself in design the cases are as well so it doesnt make the actual iPod feel any thicker to the touch - which I like as Id got used to holing and using this with it being quite slim so Im glad adding a case doesnt make it any thicker or harder to hold. It fits very easily onto my iPod without having to jam it on or it feeling too tight - the sizing is just right for this one and the holes for the buttons are in just the right places so that none of the buttons or holes are covered at all so you can still turn the volume up and down, lock the iPod etc with ease as the buttons are totally uncovered. This case just fits roun the back of the iPod so it isnt really noticable from the front - another reason why I want a screen protector as I assume the screen will get damaged much quicker than the back - so from this front you iPod will look exactly like normal.

      Now the design in the image with this review makes it seem as if this will be mainly silver in colour (which it is) with large beige leopard prints on it surrounded with black gems - which again it is but only a certain extent. The light beige colour that the marks seem on the image are in actual fact much darker in real life - they are a brown/orange colour in reality and in my opinion that doesnt look as good. It doesnt look as good in reality as I hoped it would based on the picture - it doesnt look horrible dont get me wrong, but it doesnt appear exactly how I expected it to. Its not AS nice in real life.

      Thankfully though I dont think looks tacky at all which was the main thing I was worried about. Leopard print if done badly can always appear tacky but I think Qubits got the print just right here, its noticable and funky without being too OTT or tacky. It really adds a nice girly touch to my iPod - much better than the plain silver back - which is just what I was looking for, being a serious leopard print lover like I am!

      Id have to say the quality is brilliant for this case - although I have nothing to compare to I suppose! Ive had this on my iPod for around a month now and I use it everyday and so far this hasnt become dirty at all - brilliant as Im assuming this would be murder to clean! Also none of the diamantes have fallen off so far so the design is still totally intact - so for a less than a 5er Ive been very impressed with this so far. The design is cheap but doesnt look it which is always a bonus.

      I do have 2 very minor problems with this and they are - the diamantes can sometimes leave little dents in my hands & that the case is murder to get off, I still cant remove the case my mom has to do it for me LOL. But those issues are very minor so it doesnt take away from how impressed Ive been with this so far. I highly recommend this to leopard print lovers - but be aware it doesnt look exactly the same as the picture, so dont be too disappointed! Its working so far as the back of my iPod is still squeeky clean and has no dent in it at all - and it looks much better than the plain back.

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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