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Xtreme Mac Tuffwrap iPod

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Protective cover designed for iPod touch 2G.

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2009 12:44
      Very helpful



      An okay case!

      Hello and welcome to this review!

      Now my iPod.... one of my most cherished items in my life.. Well there are a lot more better things in my life but Hey! I don't want to smash something that costs so much. So that was when I decided, I needed a case. My iPod Nano ( which I am yet to review! ) was starting to show signs of wearing after only two weeks of use. It was time to do something about it.

      Searching our local Tesco when I put my hand into the bargain clearance bin and pulled out these beauties! There was a lovely big tag stating the price which was a low £5.99 for three coloured iPod Nano cases, I had to have them! I noticed they were nicely packaged on my walk to the checkout, however they were packaged in that really annoying all plastic heat sealed stuff that really annoys me! I always cut myself on that, wish they could go back to the old cardboard boxes. On the package was a sticker stating what these miracle cases do for your iPod, prevents damage from bumps and scratches and fits snugly on your iPod, great!

      Opening the packet!
      Time to open that packaging, yes! It was hard but I used scissors this time, I guess that is what you are meant to do. I always use teeth. Once opened the cases looked very nice, apart from the pink of course, not a fan of pink. There are three colours in the pack, a Pink, light green and a light blue. They are a nice matt colour and slightly transparent, look like the sort of colours that happen when adding too much food colouring to food, not nice on food but the cases look fantastic. I chose the green case for my iPod and it was time for fitting.

      Along with the three cases in the packet was a cleaning wipe, this is used to clean your iPod thoroughly before fitting the case. This was easy, take the wipe from the packet and wipe over your whole iPod, they stank of alcohol but did the job well. The next step was fitting the case, on the back there is a small flap, this stretches. To get the iPod in was simple, stretch the flap and insert the iPod the right way up, then pull the flap over the bottom and voila!

      The cases do fit very well on the iPod, the cases I bought are suitable for the iPod Nano 2nd generation for anyone wondering. They do fit very well and do not seem to slip at all. The iPod feels very soft and well protected when the cover is on, being made out of silicone makes the case extremely durable and it seems to stay in one piece, unlike some cases I have owned that crumble away!

      Even though the case is made out of silicone it will not make your iPod waterproof, never drop the iPod in water whatever you do! These cases will however protect the iPod in light showers but that is about it.

      One thing I do not like about the cases, a trip down the beach ended in disaster. I thought the case would be safe to use down the beach but I was wrong, the water was not the problem, it was the sand. Some sand got in-between the case and my iPod's lovely silver finish and then it happened. The sand had worn off the finish underneath the case and my iPod's finish was ruined, there was no point in buying a case after this disaster. I am also not a fan of the colours, they seem a bit too vibrant, a clear would be nice but I saw the colours before buying so no point to complain!

      Overall conclusion
      These cases are great at protecting the iPod from bumps and scratches. The cases allow the iPod to bounce slightly when dropped rather that smash and provide slight water proofing. Never get dirt or sand between the case and you iPod and you may be okay! Definitely great at protecting from drops but I can see why they supply that cleaning wipe:) Overall 3 stars from me! Worth a go if you do not go down the beach.

      Thanks for reading, Hope it helped.


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