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Aiptek Pocket DV T100 LE

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    1 Review
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      04.02.2009 01:31
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"
      • "Ease of use"


      A Super , Ultra, Amazing, Fantastic, *Another grandious adjative*, Camcorder

      In all my incredibly amateur experiences with electronic equipment, I have never really been able to "conquer the machine". There were always little nuances I've never been able to figure out with my Cameras, Phones, MP3 Players, TV's , DVD's, etc...

      It has only been with THIS tiny,easy-to-use, inexpensive little pocket camcorder/camera...that i've been able to say i'm a true "Expert" with it. (and I've only been using it for 2 weeks!)

      There are a litany of reasons why I love this thing so much, but , i'll list them in completely random order. I'll try not to make you feel like an utter moron if you don't go out today and buy this.

      1.) It turns on and off when you open the LCD screen.

      Yeah I know what your about to say to me....so what? Big Deal? In turn, i'll say back "Don't you so what, or big deal me!, It IS a BIG DEAL!" .

      Think for a second, how many times do you get annoyed that you have to press a little *Power* button to wait for a Camcorder/Camera to turn on/ off? With this , you just flick open the side screen and wa-la, like magic your instantly viewing live action. Then with another flick of the screen, you've turned it completely off.

      Sure, the way i'm probably making it sound,doens't seem all that spectacular. Yet, if you've only known power buttons before, this is a fantastic jump-up-and-down-and-clap-your-hands-like-a-6 yr old , experience!

      2.) Just a Gig or two on a card will allow you HOURS upon HOURS of video time.

      I had no clue that when geeks and I.T. snobs find out your using a 1 or 2 GB card, they snicker behind their hands. Because apparently, 8gb's and up are all the rage. And that's fair enough since I guess bigger is usually better (except in cases of body fat and atomic bombs) .

      IF though, you are one of those non-geeky average people that bought several dozen of the 1GB SD CARDS that were on sale at Staples the day after thanksgiving for $1.00 each, (even though the 8GB's were only $5.00) , then your in luck!

      A single 1 Gig SD Card on this Camcorder will record TONS of videos. So much that i've lost track off how many hours, although it seems like it's maybe 2 hrs or a little more. Can you imagine though how many videos you could record on a single 8GIG!!!!??? It's mind-bending!

      3.) Easy to Navigate Control Panel

      How many times do you try and work an electronic gadget but you want to throw it out the window because it takes you 5 billion hours to figure out how to delete something? On top of THAT, how often have you gone to delete ONE thing and ended up deleting EVERYTHING simply because you couldn't understand the control panel??? It's beyond frustrating

      Which is WHY..... , the Aiptek DV T100 LE is so earth-shatteringly brillant. The control panel is easy as pie.

      (I've never really understood that cliche, because, isn't pie usually somewhat difficult to make?)

      Lets just say that even an infant, or at least a very dexterious infant, could operate this. You'll love how easy this thing works.

      4.) Price (or, in other words, how insanely cheap it is)

      Now granted, I actually got this at an "after thanksgiving day" sale while visiting my family in the United States, for only $39.00!!! But I did have to wait in line at 4am and beat up some old lady to get it. She's ok though, except, I think I might be getting sued.

      That being said, you can get this for around 65 Quid in the UK now, which in my opinion is STILL a GREAT deal. Other Camcorders/Camera's in this catagory are usually more money AND don't have the intangibles that this one has.

      5.) It's not JUST a Camcorder it's a 5.0MP 3x Dig Zoom Camera TOO!!!!
      OH, OH, OH........ AND .......it's an MP3 player...... AND a voice recorder AND a Picture Viewer.....AND, good lord it's pretty much EVERYTHING!

      You heard that right folks......this is a million things all in ONE! Except it won't juilanne onions or make pasta, sorry.

      Probably the most used of all the great things mentioned is the Digital Camera portion. You can be scanning something with the LCD screen and take a picture with this easy to press button on the top. Then, if you decide " oh wait I also want to record this", you just press the other big button that says "video" on the front to record.

      The bizarre part is that it actually takes really decent photo's. I've had a cocophany of digital camera's to gush and gripe about, but for the money, this one is up there with some of the better (far more expensive), ones i've owned.

      I really could continue to wax poetic about this some more but I think there is really nothing more I can add. I love this little guy so much that if it broke, I would simply buy another and be more than happy to pay full price for it!


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