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Gopro Surf Hero Mounting

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2012 16:30
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"
      • "Ease of use"


      Best way to mount a GoPro camera to a surfboard

      The Go Pro surf mount is an accessory for the GoPro hero cameras (fits the Hero and Hero 2) which allows you to attach your camera to a surfboard. The GoPro camera is specifically designed to fit into a waterproof housing making it perfect for taking professional quality shots and videos in the sea.

      The mount consists of a round plastic disc with a strong mounting surface on the bottom and a clip to push the mount from the standard camera case into.

      2 smaller discs are supplied with a small ring for tying the tether too giving extra security against loosing the camera if the first mount fails.

      Additionall an FCS mount is included which means that the camera can be mounted into one of the slots for a fin on a surfboard. Ideal for underwater photography, but loosing a fin will not help your surfing (Also having a camera under the board will surely change the hydrodynamics and make catching waves pretty difficult)

      The mount is attached to the board by removing the covering of the sticky mount on the base of the plastic disc and pressing it itno place on the board. The adhesive pad is made by 3M (written all over the removable cove) and is extremely strong which is perfect for not loosing your camera, but makes it very difficult to remove the mount.

      The camera can then be slotted in facing wither direction using the existing mount on the bottom of the standard waterproof case. Depending on your vanity you can face it forward to give a view of the beach and watch how you move on the wave, or can have it facing you so that you can pose or laugh at your wipeouts!
      The clip is easy to remove by squeezing the camera mount adn pulling th camera out of the curfboard mount. It is hard to remove accidentally which keeps the camera firmly in place during use.


      Supplied in the surfboard mounting pack are:
      2 Surfboard Mounts
      2 Camera Tethers
      2 Tether Straps
      1 FCSTM Plug
      1 Rubber Locking Plug

      The only issue I have had is that I mounted it too far back on my board and due to the wide angle of the GoPro camera I had the nose of the board in shot all the time. I managed to remove it without damaging my board using hot water and gentle persuasion and used the second pad to position the camera correctly.

      An issue I have been advised of is that the adhesive pad doesn't work well on a snowboard (as I was considering doing) due to the cold, vibration and force of snow that can come over the board.


      The mounting pack is priced at £16.88 on amazon. I got it included as part of the camera pack. For the quality and reliability I thinnk this price is reasonable but realise it is fairly expensive as it is pretty specialist equipment.


      The best way to mount your GoPro camera on a board. Pricey but there aren't really any other options.


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  • Product Details

    Gopro Surf Hero Mounting. Includes all of the mounting accessories from the Surf HERO camera, minus the waterhousing and camera. Perfect for mounting your Helmet HERO or other quick-release HERO camera on to a surfboard. Tested and approved by pro surfer

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