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Sony bloggie MHS-TS20K

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    3 Reviews
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      29.04.2012 22:17


      • "Ease of use"
      • "Ease of use"


      A brilliant video camera rather than a picture taker.

      The Sony Bloggie series consists of many different models. Some with higher and lower resolutions, some with 3D capabilities. The MHS-TS20K is the best in the series, in my opinion, after using all of the models. The MHS-TS20K is great for budding filmmakers.
      First off, I'll start with video. The quality can be adjusted between 720p and 1080p. You can even be more specific and choose the frames per second in both of the resolutions. It's best to stick at 720p 60FPS in my opinion. This is great if you have a computer with a low frame rate. The picture quality is very good, and the image stabilization is perfect. If you are starting a blogging channel, or a sketch channel, this is a great starting point, also good to help you choose what kind of camera you would want in the future.
      For pictures, the quality is OK. The image stabilization doesn't work very well with pictures, so you need to have a very steady hand to get a good shot. In low light, the camera doesn't work very well, and can be quite grainy. However this doesn't matter much as the camera is designed for video.
      The MHS-TS20K also comes with an external lens that gives you a 360 degree picture, with taking pictures and video. It can easily be attached with the internal magnets in the device and the external lens. Picture quality dramatically decreases however.
      The MHS-TS20K is a great video camera for those beginning film making. It isn't great for those interested in photography however.


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      29.02.2012 16:34
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Ease of use"
      • "Ease of use"


      A small, compact High Definition Camcorder from Sony, the Bloggie and it's features, take a look and

      Product Title
      Sony Bloggie Touch

      The Producer of the Product

      The Target Audience
      The target audience for this camcorder I would say reaches everybody from age 7+. The reason for this is because it is extremely basic to use, yet offers a lot of fun capturing those favourable moments that aren't always remembered, a camcorder is a great gift for a youngster capturing their own memories especially for when they are grown up and they have a big video collection of their past, will just bring back such good memories. I start the age at 7 as it is fairly expensive for the Bloggie and any younger the kid is more likely to break or drop the item so perhaps get them a cheaper model, would recommend Sony for the quality.


      Is the product for you?
      If you are after a camcorder which looks great when in your hand, is extremely easy to use to capture those perfect memories, can store up to 8gb internally, has its own USB stick so file transfers are really easy, is barely noticeable in your pocket due to dimensions and weight then this is the product for you. If you are after a product there requires perfect recording conditions with a lot of editing features I would recommend a higher priced product.

      The product in one
      Carrying this item around for a week in my pocket, at 125g, measuring 15x107x52mm I can assure you that the Bloggie fits very snugly in all of my different pairs of jeans pockets and because of its weight you barely notice it been there. In fact I had my mobile phone and the Bloggie in the same pocket on one of the days and I never even noticed, the only reason I switched the pockets is because I worry about scratches aha. The Bloggie feels great in the hand; it is pleasingly slim with a comfortable round back. With some recorders you may notice you accidently get your fingers in the way of the camera lens, but due to it been set high in to the main frame, you will never really do this. The case has a charming brushed-aluminium effect.
      The Bloggie is its own advantage, around the main frame there is a power button, a button for taking photos instead of video recordings, there is a tripod screw embedded, a flip out USB stick so that you can connect the Bloggie to your laptop/pc/TV, if your TV doesn't have a USB port then it also has the space to plug in a HDMI adapter which allows you to view movies and photos on the big screen. The big record button under the display is the only physical/noticeable button on the front of the camcorder.
      This Bloggie is extremely easy to use from the minute you turn it on. When switched on the screen acts as a viewfinder which has on the screen buttons and options which allow you to control your recording. Although you are able to do this you will soon quickly notice that there isn't an awful lot of controlling to be done the main thing is the little bar along the bottom of the screen which allows you to control the zoom and this is an extremely low 1x optical zoom, with a 4x digital option. When you use the zoom in this way you will lose a lot of resolution and clarity as the zoom just simply crops the image in so as you can imagine it looks grainy and ugly for an image to be recording in. The zoom its self is quite difficult to use as it is quite jumpy instead of been nice and smooth so you are able to get the exact zoom that you require.
      That may not bother you much -- after all, the Bloggie isn't designed for recording professional-grade video. Rather, it's intended to capture quick and dirty footage. Thankfully, that's something it does very well -- you'll have only a few seconds to wait between turning the Bloggie on and starting recording.
      The Bloggie shoots 1080p video at 30 frames per second. If it's more important to you to have smooth video, you can opt for 720p at 60fps, or 720p at 30fps. You can capture stills at resolutions of 2, 8 or 12 megapixels.
      Unlike other compact camcorders, you'll want to hold the Bloggie on its side, in landscape mode, when capturing videos. That way you'll get proper wide-screen footage. Shooting in portrait mode will leave you with just a thin strip of video. The Bloggie knows when you've flipped from portrait to landscape mode, and rotates the display accordingly. I found that switch to be pretty fast.
      Video looks very clear indeed. It's sharp, with balanced, natural colours. Low-light performance isn't up to much, however -- you'll soon find unsightly noise sneaking into your footage.
      When looking at your videos through the Bloggie's 3-inch touch screen you won't really be too impressed as the Bloggie is just simply designed to record not to playback media at top end quality but when you take this over to your TV or computer you will find that it is true High Definition. Photos and Videos are equally as impressive once transferred over. One cool feature is that you can take still shots while recording video. There's a 360-degree lens included too, which attaches to the top of the Bloggie. It produces a doughnut-shaped video of the camera's surroundings, but is little more than a novelty.
      One of my personal favourite features is how easy it is to pop out the Bloggie's USB stick when you want to nab all the content -- it makes transferring video files a breeze. The Bloggie has 8GB of storage, which should tide you over for a day's recording, but probably not much more as you have to remember your recording are in High Definition so they will take up much more space, so if you are planning on using this on holiday then it would pay off taking your laptop to store the media on once you've done with it as there is nothing worse than running out of space.
      The battery life of the Bloggie is actually impressive. Sony reckons you'll get 160 minutes of juice under normal shooting conditions. We shot a couple of short videos every day for a week with the Bloggie, and didn't have to charge it over the whole period, so battery life indeed seems to be pretty decent. But as this was only a couple of short videos, this isn't to say that the battery performs exactly the same under intense conditions as battery life could be drained quicker when it heats up just like most batteries. The Bloggie's sound quality deserves a mention too. Everything captured by the tiny microphone came through very clearly, and we never found ourselves straining to hear something when playing our videos back.

      How does it compare to other Products?
      Compared to other similar products this product is actually on par, it doesn't offer anything that's wow factor, it provides the basics but in high definition and easy transfer, so to be realistic you could probably get a very similar product for a much cheaper price, or pick one of these up second hand as they are much cheaper.

      Does the Product Achieve its Purpose?
      The product achieves its purpose in provided a nice simple, stylish, light device perfect for capturing all the little memories in High Definition, or if you are into making your own videos for you tube then this product could prove useful for you to.

      Breaking it down
      · Product Type - Camcorder - 1080p
      · Digital Zoom - 4x
      · LCD Display Size - 3 inches
      · Optical Sensor / Optical Sensor Type - Exmor CMOS
      · Optical Sensor / Optical Sensor Size - 1/2.5
      · Recording Format - SD/SDHC Memory Card
      · Weight - 125

      How to Improve
      To improve this product I would say create an update that improves the user interface so that the zoom feature is improved but otherwise there is nothing else.

      Product Rating 4/5

      (Thank you for reading my review, if you get chance please take your time to please read and rate my other review, I will always go out of my way when I get chance to read through yours and give an honest rating. Many thanks J)


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        17.07.2011 17:32
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"
        • "Ease of use"


        Excellent value for money, get one!

        I bought this Sony bloggie because I wanted something inexpensive that would record video and also liked the idea of having a pocket-sized device to take good photos with because my normal camera is a large DSLR, which is a bit of a pain to walk around with all the time.

        I considered a number of different brands in this genre of camera - like the Flips for example, which are probably the best known pocket-sized camcorders. I must say I was a bit put off by them having been discontinued, as you never know what that's going to mean for future service or accessories if you need them. Also the Flips are generally larger and a bit fatter than the bloggie.

        Kodak also had some similar cameras but they were more expensive and I couldn't really see any advantage to them so I ended up going with the bloggie. This is the latest model, there is also a previous model that has a rotating head on which the lens sits. This could be useful in some situations I guess, but I was also concerned about it potentially being unstable when you're trying to film, or maybe even being weaker and leading to breakages. I really like how this model is just a simple bar shape and I find the power and photo buttons at the top to be in a natural place for the fingers. The only thing is you have to be careful not to place a finger in front of the lens, because it is really at the top of the bar and not in the middle as you'll be used to with most compact cameras.

        I must say I wasn't expecting too much from this camera. It is said that it films in full HD quality, but still it's so cheap and so small... So the first time i tried it out was at night, in low light, filming a cellist performing under coloured lights. I must say I was blown away by the end result! Not that this camera will replace more expensive full-sized camcorders at all, but the video quality was crisp and clear and although, yes, I do have steady hands, I was still impressed by how even the video looked. The thing that I was most surprised by though was the sound. I would have thought it would have caught next to nothing of the music, so I was shocked to realise that you can hear everything clearly, if not in stereo quality, but still more than enough to get a good idea what the performance was like. And with only a few minor blow-outs from wind noise, and it was a windy evening.

        Taking photos in the same low light I have to say was a bit more hit and miss. The camera has no flash so it really is a lot better in high light or sunlight situations. That being said, if you can stay still and frame your picture well you will still get a result that is better than most mobile phone cameras.

        The battery power is relatively low. It only lasts around an hour for filming, this is not necessarily terrible though, unless you're trying to shoot a feature length film on this thing, you just need to remember to charge it after each use. Also I think that all cameras in this class have the same limitation. This is also worth keeping in mind if you're tempted to get the variant with the higher internal memory - your device still won't actually have enough power to fill that larger memory in one go, so you should only fork out for extra memory if you want to store images on your device rather than on your computer (personally I can't see any point in doing this).

        Charging is easy because you just eject the USB arm from the device (great, no searching for cables everywhere!) and plug it into your computer. This is also the way to download the images and video from the device to your computer. For me (with my Mac) it's just a matter of plug and go, the images pop up themselves. You can also install the bloggie software that comes with the device to share vids and pics directly to your favourite social sites etc. I chose not to do this because I don't really want to give Sony access to all my info, but I did look at the software and found it looked easy enough to install and use.

        Another great feature of the camera is that even whilst recording video footage you can still hit the photo button to take a still image. I bought the camera in a kit with the 360 degree attachment, which allows you to record a 360 circle of footage. I thought this could be interesting though I had no idea how it would work. So, what happens is you slip the circular attachment over the bar of the camera so that it sits over the lens. Then you see on the large LED screen a circle with all 360 of footage shown in it. This is also the image that is recorded and seen when you view it on your computer. I guess it's a cool effect, the problem for me though is that most of the screen is then black, you just have a small circle in the middle where the action is, and I find you can't really see what's going on at all. So don't think you're going to get a great image of a natural wonder or something, everything is distorted by being in circular form, so it's really more of just a fun gadget and gimick. Personally, I feel it's too expensive for that - just the gadget I mean, not the camera.

        So, if you're on the market for osmething portable that still can actually take decent video, this is it. It's a great gift too as it really isn't expensive, and all in all I am extremely happy with its value for money.


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