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Benq DC 1300

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  • No memory card slot
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    1 Review
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      24.04.2004 19:09
      Very helpful



      • "No memory card slot"

      I wasn't expecting alot from this camera. Infact, there were only 2 reasons I bought; it the fact that such a cheap camera had a flash and that it was 1.3MP. Well, my expectations were shattered! FIRST IMPRESSIONS It comes in a small, round, clear blue box with everything you'd expect. The camera and case are set in oasis-type material, and behind that you get 1x aaa battery, a usb cable, neck strap, wrist strap and a few manuals. First of all, I was not expecting to get a case. This was a very nice suprise and, as it turns out, is extremely useful as there is no outer 'shell' to protect the lens. THE CAMERA The camera is white, very plastic looking and very very small! It will easily fit into a small handbag and I've had it in my top pocket and not noticed it there all day. Its also very light. The first thing you'll notice when you see a picture of the camera, it that is "standing up". This means that it feels wierd to hold, but you get used to it. When I first took a picture, I felt that my hand is shaking because its not really feasible to use two hand to hold the camera. The second thing you'll notice (especially if you've been looking around for cheap cameras) is that it has a flash. While this is a big advantage in certain situations, the flash is extremely bright, so bear this in mind as you'll get some very funky results with the flash. There is a small display on the back and 4 buttons around it. One turns the camera on and switches mode, the next one changes the light setting, the next changes picture quality and the last one is the "enter" button which also turns the flash on/off. SETTINGS There are various different modes you can chose from. Normal mode: normal mode...it takes one picture when you press the button. Continous shooting: takes 3 pictures in quick sucession Movie Record: record short movies. (manual says 90 secs,
      but I've recorded 5 mins or so of low quality film. saved as an avi file.) Sound record: use the built in mic to record up to 9 mins of sound. Saved as .wav . Delete: Delete the last pic, or all pics off the camera. Timed: after 30 seconds it will take a photo. There are also a white balancing mode (5 settings), macro mode, ability to change the resolution and a webcam mode when your camera is plugged into the computer. Even though there are 4 buttons, the menu system is easy to use. The icons that represent different features are clear, simple and easy to remember which is which. THE PHOTOS The camera is 1.3MP. This is not done through interpolation! Most pictures come out clear and bright. There are some things to be wary of. If there is too much light the pictures will come out very pale, sometimes with bright white blobs on them. If it is too dark, the pictures will be tinted red and very dark. The flash is not much use as it is too bright! High quality printed pictures can be up to 4 by 6 inches. The shutter speed is very slow...from pressing the button to the confirmation beep is about 3 seconds. Not good for taking pictures of speed! MEMORY The camera comes with an inbuilt memory of 16MB. According to the manufacturer, this means you can store 85 best quality photos or 123 normal quality photos. I wouldn't recommend using anything but the highest quality if you want to print them. Lower quality will be fine for web. You cannot put any kind of memory card in the camera. SUMMARY The camera is well worth the £45 I paid for it. Since I bought it, the price has dropped to £41 inc. VAT. There is no LCD screen. There is no memory card slot. If you want these, buy the more expensive DC1500 for about £62 which is the DC1300 with a mc slot and LCD screen and its a silver colour. But for a camera to give to the kids, or one to take with you wherever you go, it is perfect. Uploading pictur
      es is simple, plug the camera into the computer via the usb cable and the software downloads them automatically. Pocket size and very stylish, you will not be ashamed to use it! BUY IT FROM... http://www.ebuyer.com/ Price: £41.06 (inc. vat, ex. delivery)


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