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Canon Digital Ixus 200 IS

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    4 Reviews
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      13.02.2011 15:41



      A good camera for snapshots but not a replacement camera for higher end camera.

      I bought this camera about a year ago after wanting a compact camera that I could have with me instead of hauling my SLR everywhere.

      I bought this camera in purple.

      The aluminium finish is beautiful.

      The camera comes with a mains charger and 1 battery and a camera wrist loops to avoid dropping and breaking the camera.

      The camera has three modes - A (automatic), P (program) and movie mode.

      Automatic chooses the best settings for the scene in which you're shooting, program allows you to change exposure metering, focus, colours etc.

      The camera has 4 flash modes - Automatic, flash on, no flash and slow synchro.

      The camera also allows the user to change the ISO and the contrast of the image.

      There is also a macro mode on P mode which comes in handy for photographing close up subjects.

      The screen is a touch screen and also has face tracking - this is where you touch a person's face on the screen and even when they move it will track their face so it'll still be in focus. This is very handy for shots of children or fast moving subjects.
      The wrist strap also has a little dongle on it which can be used to touch the screen if you don't want to dirty the screen with finger prints or find it hard to press hard enough to select anything on the screen.

      The camera allows you to zoom in after you've taken a photo and crop it to suit your desires.

      The picture quality is fantastic with no obvious purple fringing or distortion.

      It's great for snapshots when out and about but it's not SLR or even high end bridge camera quality but it does what it's supposed to do and the touch screen is a nice gimmick. It's in no way supposed to replace a higher end camera but is a nice photo to have with you for as and when shots.


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      08.10.2010 21:42
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      A very good camera, but with a few adjustments by canon it could be almost perfect

      Canon have a number of Ixus models in their range of compacts however what sets this (and the 210) apart from the others is that it has a touch screen LCD. I don't know about everyone else but I can't say this is a feature that I particularly desire in a compact.

      - 12.1mp
      - 5x optical zoom
      - 3" touch screen LCD
      - 24mm lens
      - lithium ion battery
      - SD compatability

      There are a number of different settings that you can pick from including a relatively extensive scenes menu - within this is a selective colour option however neither I, anyone at the camera shop I work in, or a customer who purchased the camera could work out how to set the colour we want it to retain eg. red, the other available options are automatic and movie. Further to these you can set the flash to on or off, adjust exposure compensation, ISO, white balance and the self timer is adjustable up to 10 seconds.

      The LCD gives you a guide on how to use it by informing you which buttons to press for which function and for the most part this is very helpful, however as mentioned above it gives you no help for selective colour. Although generally speaking the LCD was easy to use, after several minutes of making adjustments and shooting images I decided that I much prefer the traditional camera set up with actual physical buttons to press - this just didn't feel quite as sturdy and reliable, it was more like using a smart phone than a camera.

      As for the rest of the camera, the design is very simplistic - the LCD takes up the whole back of the camera, the front bares the brand, model number, mp, inbuilt flash and of course the lens, on top are the on/off and shutter buttons and finally the sides and base have the USB/TV connections, battery and SD slots. The camera is nice and slim - less than 1cm depth which makes it nicely pocketable. The body has a brushed metal appearance and feels quite solid although it is also nice and lightweight.

      Now we get onto the quality of the results - essentially the most important part of any camera! The auto white balance is effective and even the high ISO setting produces useable images despite relatively high levels of noise. Colours and contrast are mainly accurate to real life. As for the movie mode the quality is very impressive - with clean and crisp results that surpass many other cameras including some that shoot HD, the only negative here is that the camera takes quite a while to be ready for use again (depending on how long you've been filming for) once recording has ceased which may be an issue to those using the camera in a fast paced environment.

      5 times optical zoom is fair for a compact camera and adequate for most people's needs, however there are a number of camera's on the market for slightly less money and with larger zooms which may be something you want to take into account if you are planning on using this camera for wildlife shots (birds in the garden, safari holiday etc) or similar.

      The touch screen does make the use of this camera somewhat different from more conventional cameras - for instance this model does have a form of manual focus (if you can call it that) where you touch the screen to indicate where you want the camera to focus, this is quite hit and miss in its effectiveness.

      Price wise you can purchase this camera for approximately £280 on the highstreet, presumably it is available cheaper online.

      In conclusion this is a very good camera - I'm going to give it 4 stars due to the general high quality results and compact stylish body, however it would have gone up to 5 stars if canon replaced the touch screen with traditional buttons, lowered the price a little and made selective colour more intuitive, as at the moment I'd say the camera as a whole is lagging slightly behind its competitors.


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        14.03.2010 20:38
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        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        A really nice little camera, but just not much of an improvement on older versions for the price

        The canon Ixus 200 IS was my most eagerly awaited Christmas present and was something I was keen to get my hands on.

        I had watched the adverts and done my research before finally deciding that this was the camera for me. After being so impressed with my Ixus 75, I was thrilled to find a great new camera from the same range of products.

        My camera is mainly used for taking pictures of family and my animals and overall I have found it to perform well. However, I am quite disappointed that there isn't much noticable difference between this 200 IS and my old 75, and in some cases I have found a slight decrease in quality. This is always when taking photos of animals, usually using the macro setting to capture hamsters. This is obviously shocking considering the credentials of the camera and the reviews that I read before purchasing - it may just be that I have not got the hang of each of the settings yet.

        The "touch" to choose the focus of the camera I have also found to not be too great, the autofocus usually does a better job.

        The design is brilliant and with the choice of colours I am sure everyone will find one that appeals to them. The screen is lovely and big and the touch features seem to work well.

        Overall, this is a good camera - but not so much more than my old Ixus 75 that I would justify paying the price again.


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          13.01.2010 22:09
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          • Reliability


          brilliant camera, a good buy as it's a slim body still

          The Ixus 200 is Canon's latest model in their point and shoots range, it's also the one you see on the adverts at the moment as well. This is their first delve into touch screen technology and isn't too shabby.

          So let's start with the screen, it's a 3" touch screen with a light protective layer to help with glare which hasn't really changed much from their other models. A good feature I like about this if the touch AF, simple touch anywhere on the screen that you want the camera to track and it will follow it even if you move the camera or the subject moves (as long as it still remains in view on the screen).

          The lens is a 24mm, yes that's right, a point and shoot by Canon that is ultra wide angle. I was amazed at how much you can actually fit into the shot, I borrowed one of these from work and took some snow pictures (as you do). I even compared this to my sx200 which is 28mm and you can get quite a bit more into the shot. The zoom is 5 x optical which is (24 - 120) focal length. It also has the good old image stabilizer built into the lens which is always a useful feature I find if you can't keep a steady hand. Finally it has a F rating of 2.4-5.9.

          The processor is a DIGIC 4 which is in all their current cameras which offers outstanding performance for auto-focus, colour and just general image quality. The processor has to be one of best I've seen, I've always rated Canon's for their quick response time to auto-focus or change the scene over other makes.

          If you've never seen what HD quality looks like then this baby has that as well, it may be in 720p but it is still clearer than standard, and if you still unclear with the difference in quality then it allows you to alter the resolution between standard and HD. I tried this out and played 2 clips back to my parents who still use a CRT TV, I played them back on a 40" LCD and straight away they could see a difference, you even get sound as well. You will to purchase a mini HDMI lead if you want the best playback though but it is worth it.

          There are 22 scene modes built into the camera so whether you want a party mode or even a snow mode the camera has it, using their auto-mode the camera cleverly determines what mode is best by judging the brightness, contrast and distance of the subject.

          There is also a 12mp sensor which is great for poster size prints or even lower the quality if you want smaller ones as printing 6x4 on 12mp compared to 6mp you can't see much difference. It even has an ISO up to 3200 but the picture will come out with a lot of noise on it.

          The feature I like most about this camera has to be the active display, you can either slide your finger across when in playback mode to view pictures (much like the iPhone) or tilt the camera on the side and pivot on its axis to flick through the photos. This isn't the first camera this feature has been in with Canon but is by far one of coolest.

          Even when on auto mode you still have the option to use the buttons and dials if you can't get on with the touch screen and it will even give you help and advice by saying briefly what each option is when you change the settings, a great help if you aren't sure what they do.

          The battery is a lithium ion rechargeable taking around 240 shots on a full charge but as always you'll get around half a charge straight from the box to start using the moment you get it.

          Memory interface is SD/SDHC so any SD card up to 32GB will work but if you want HD movies as well I recommend minimum 4GB and make sure it's a high speed class 4 + so it writes the information fast enough or you may find you'll be waiting a while until the camera has finished writing the info to the card before you can take anymore pictures.

          As a whole the camera a is brilliant, for Canon's first touch screen camera it is easy to use, the camera itself has some impressive specs and if you shop around you can get a good bargain, high street shops I've seen this ranging from £250-£329 and comes in silver, brown, purple or blue.

          So what's in the box?

          Wrist strap
          AC adaptor
          USB lead
          AV lead
          Instruction manual
          Canons imaging software ZoomBrowser EX


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        • Product Details

          The Digital IXUS 200 IS' stylish two-tone metal body has a solid sculpted feel that's easy to carry and a pleasure to use. Featuring an ultra wide-angle 24mm lens, 5.0x optical zoom and an intuitive touch screen interface, the 12.1 megapixels Digital IXUS 200 IS combines cutting-edge technology with stylish IXUS design.

          The easy-to-use touch-screen display enables intuitive control of numerous camera functions. When shooting, Touch AF enables you to track focus on a subject simply by touching the screen, while easily selectable icons allow changes to the shooting mode, flash settings and exposure.

          Technical Data

          Product Description: Canon Digital IXUS 200 IS - digital camera
          Product Type: Digital camera - compact
          Memory Card Slot: SD card
          Image Processor: DIGIC 4
          Sensor Resolution: 12.1 Megapixel
          Lens System: 5 x zoom lens - 4.3 - 21.5 mm - f/2.8-5.9
          Focus Adjustment: Automatic
          Min Focus Distance: 50 cm
          Digital Zoom: 4 x
          Image Stabiliser: Optical
          Camera Flash: Built-in flash
          Display: LCD display - 3"
          Supported Battery: 1 x Li-ion rechargeable battery ( included )
          AV Interfaces: Composite video/audio, HDMI
          Colour: Silver
          Dimensions (WxDxH): 10 cm x 2.3 cm x 5.3 cm
          Weight: 130 g