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Canon Powershot A3200 IS

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    6 Reviews
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      21.06.2012 22:54
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      A nice litle camera thats easy to use and gives good results

      A couple of weeks after Jayden came out of hospital my camera broke and wouldn't take any pictures at all which meant I was relying on borrowing my Mum and Dads, so when it came to my birthday my husband bought me a new one. I don't know a lot about cameras really but my husband had a look around and purchased me the canon Power Show A3200IS Digital Camera, I wanted a decent camera that wasn't too complicated to use and preferably in pink, this fitted that perfectly.

      The Canon Power Shot AS3200IS Digital Camera came in a yellowy orange square box, there is a picture of the camera on the front of the box, although the camera in the picture is silver and mine is pink, written at the bottom of the box is the name of the camera written in white. Also on the front and side of the box are various logos which demonstrate different features that the camera has along with the contents of the box which is also repeated in various different languages. The only other information on the box is a white oval stating that Canon won the Which Awards 2011 for best photography brand.

      The Camera
      The Canon Camera is quite compact, the whole camera is a slightly metallic pink, the front has the name Canon written on it in silver and half of the front is taken up with the lens which is also silver. Also on the front of the camera is the amount of mega pixels and also information about the zoom, the camera has 14 mega pixels and also a 5 x digital zoon. Most of the back of the camera is taken up with the viewing screen, down the right hand side of this are the various buttons which control all the different functions. There are further buttons on the top of the camera including the on/off button, the button used to take a picture, there is the zoom which is a small wheel that you turn one way to zoom in and the other to zoom out, next to this is a second wheel which has different logos on it which allow you to alter the setting you take the picture in. The Canon Camera comes with
      * The camera
      * Wrist strap
      * Battery charger
      * Battery pack
      * AV cable
      * Interface cable
      * Softwear
      The one thing the camera does not come with is a memory card, obviously you cannot use the camera without one, however there are several memory cards which are compatible with this camera so if you are replacing an old camera with this one then it is worth checking whether the existing memory card fits, however if you do not already have a memory card a compatible one can be purchased for it. Memory cards which can be used in this particular camera include
      * SD Memory Card
      * SDHC Memory Card
      * SDXC Memory Card
      * Multi Media Cards
      * MMCplus Memory Cards
      * HC MMCous Memory Cards
      I was lucky as the memory card out of my old camera actually was suitable to use in my new camera so I didn't actually have to purchase one.

      Setting up the Camera is very easy all you need to do is insert the battery pack, which is basically like a mobile phone battery and slides into a small slot on the bottom of the camera along with the memory card, this area is then covered with a protective cover that looks like part of camera. The battery comes partly charged so you can have a go with the camera without having to wait for the battery to charge. However when the battery does run out it is not like replacing the regular AA batteries of a camera, you simply remove the battery pack from the camera and slot it into the battery charger that comes with the camera and then plug it into the mains, a small light on the top of the charger indicates when the battery is fully charged. I have only charged the battery once since having the camera, the battery really seems to last a long while. Once the camera has the battery and memory card inserted you can then set other setting such as the date, time, language, sound and volume options, these can be found by pressing the menu button on the back of the camera and scrolling down through the various settings.

      Taking Photos
      When it comes to taking photos with the Cannon Camera there are various different settings to choose from including
      * P Mode - Choose the settings yourself to take various types of pictures
      * Live View Control Mode - Brightness and colour can be set to suit your preferences
      * Auto Mode - The camera chooses the settings and allows automatic shooting
      * Easy Mode - You can shoot by simply pressing the shutter button
      * Special Scene Mode - Shoot with optimum settings for the screen
      * Creative Filters Mode - Allows you to add various effects to your photo as you are shooting (eg fish eye, poster effect, black and white and so on)
      * Discrete Mode - Shoot with flash and all camera sounds muted
      * Movie Mode - Used to shoot movies
      So far when using the camera I have only really used the Easy Mode and Auto Mode when taking pictures as I have only had it a few weeks, although I have had a fiddle around with some of the other settings, all of the pictures I have taken so far have been using the easy or auto mode. To change between the different settings you simply twist the wheel on top of the camera so the small white line points to the relevant symbol, it then confirms what setting you are on on the screen on the back of the camera. You can change other settings such as the flash by using the buttons on the back of the camera set out in a circle shape, using these buttons you can also delete photos and set the self timer, again all the settings are shown using small symbols on the buttons.

      Viewing Photos
      The Canon Camera can store 250 photos which for me is plenty. To view all of the photos you have taken you simply press the small button on the back of the camera with a triangle shape on it similar to that of a play button. Once you have pressed this button it will bring up the last photo you have taken, you then scroll through the pictures using the wheel shaped button (the same one that switches the flash on and off) all of the photos are displayed on the large screen on the back of the camera. Whilst you are viewing the pictures you have the option to zoom in on different aspects of the photo and crop them to create new close up pictures of different parts of the original photo, this is handy if you wish to cut out certain parts of the photo. As well as viewing the pictures you have taken on the camera itself you can also put the pictures onto a computer to view or even print, to do this you need to install the software that comes with the camera.

      Price and Availability
      My husband purchased the Cannon Power Shot A3200IS Digital Camera from our local Argos, although it is also available in shops which sell similar products, the camera should have been £159.98, however it is currently half price at £79.00, I'm not sure what my husband paid for it, although he did say it was on offer at the time. I personally think £79.00 is a good price for the camera as it is of an excellent quality and has a lot of different settings, however I don't think I would pay £159.98 for it, not because I do not think its worth it, but I wouldn't dare take the camera out anywhere in case I dropped it or broke it.

      My Opinion
      I have been extremely pleased with my Canon camera, firstly it is pink, but also it take excellent pictures which are high quality and very clear, I like the fact that it has different settings including an easy mode so that you can start off simple and gradually work your way through the other settings. You can store a lot of photos on the camera and have the option of putting them onto your computer and printing them or taking the memory card to a local photos booth to print them. I like the size of this camera, it is small and compact so it easily fits into your handbag without taking up to much space, however it is not so small that you can hardly press the buttons, for me the camera is the ideal size, it is also light and adds hardly any weight to your handbag. I would say it is sold at a fair price for a good quality camera. So far I have found the camera to be hardwearing, it seems to be strong and has no small parts that could easily be knocked off, it does come with a wrist strap for added safety so that you cannot drop the camera when taking a photo. There is a small instruction leaflet that comes inside the box which tells you how to set up the camera and the basic functions, however there is also a disc for you computer which contains full instructions of all the different functions and settings, for me this is ok as I have a computer, however if you are someone without a computer you are not going to be able to view the full set of instructions if you wish to. The other thing I like about this camera is the battery, there is no fiddling around with replacing AA batteries, this one comes with a small battery pack and a charger which can be simply plugged into the mains, the battery also takes hardly any time to charge at all. I would definitely recommend the Canon Power Shot A3200IS Digital Camera, it is ideal if you want a good quality camera that takes excellent photos, but at the same time is not difficult to use, I'm not particularly good with this sort of thing, however so far I have had no problems with using this camera, its definitely one to consider.


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      18.06.2012 03:20
      Very helpful



      A great little mid priced product for happy snappers

      I picked up this camera on an impulse without doing any research at all. Luckily I am happy with my impulse buy. I got this camera from Argos for £79.00 from Argos. From what I can find this seems to be best deal for this camera. Argos are advertising this as half price and I like a bargain.

      You can find all the technical specifications of this camera by clicking on the technical details tab above so I wont list them all here.

      ***What it looks like***

      The Cannon Powershot A3200IS is a pretty stylish little camera. It comes in a range of attractive colours including silver, pink, aqua and orange. I previously had a sony cybershot in silver and wanted a change so chose the pink but in my opinion the aqua colour looks good too. For a mid priced camera I am pleased with how it looks. It has a metallic look so doesn't appear cheap or tacky.

      ***What's in the box? ***

      With your Cannon Powershot you will get a disc to install on your laptop or PC, a battery pack and charger, your USB cable to allow you to connect it to your computer and two AV cables AVC -DC400 and AVC-DC300. I have used neither of these AV cables so can't comment on them. You will also receive your warranty and a guide to getting started. You will also find a wrist strap to attach to your camera to keep it secure.

      ** What do I need to buy with this Camera?***

      You will need to buy a memory card as it does not have a built in memory and you will probably want to buy a camera case if you don't already have one as it doesn't come with it.

      ** My experience of using the Canon Powershot AS3200IS ***

      I simply wanted a camera to take snaps for fun and for this this camera does the trick. As this purchase was purely for fun taking photos of family and friends on nights out or trips away I did not want a complicated camera. I am not particularly technically minded when it comes to cameras and can get confused.

      The Powershot fits the bill it looks pretty and is easy to use. Unfortunately, although the camera looks good for a mid priced camera it doesn't feel as good as it looks. The casing is very light and has a plastic feel to it and the rotating programme selection disc at the top feels a little flimsy compared to more expensive cameras I have owned.

      Aside from the slightly cheaper feel to the camera their are a number of features I do like about this camera.

      PICTURE QUALITY - I was impressed with the quality of the photos this camera takes for a mid range camera it performs very well producing nice clear images. You can also use the camera to adjust contrast of your photos and remove red eye.

      THE DISPLAY SCREEN - the display screen is a good size and allows you to view your subject and resulting photos clearly. This camera has a nice feature where you can switch between displaying your photos in full screen or in different tile effects if you want to look for one without going through them all.

      INTUITIVENESS - the camera is easy to use and I was up and running without any need to refer to the instructions. My only gripe is it takes a good bit of button pressing to get to the menu you want. For me this is arose when trying to delete photos you have to press a few too many buttons here for my liking. It did take me a while to figure out how to press the snapping button at the right time as you need to press it a couple of times to take a photo but you do get used to this very quickly and will be snapping away with no problems.

      THE FLASH - the flash is strong and powerful enough for a dark room.

      THE ZOOM - I don't think the zoom is particularly great but then I don't really expect that from a mid priced camera. Even using the zoom you still need to be pretty close to your subject matter when taking a snap.

      BATTERY LIFE - I like the fact that this camera comes with battery pack and charger saving you money on buying batteries. The charger is easy to use and the battery easy to insert. I have had this camera for around a month now and although I haven't had it switched on for long periods the battery hasn't run down at all. It takes two hours to charge the battery completely on first use. The camera will switch itself of when you are not using it to preserve battery life.

      Their are also a number of useful modes you can use I found the following useful or interesting...

      EASY MODE - helps you take good quality snaps if you are a beginner or a hap hazard snapper like myself.

      AUTO MODE - this auto determines the scene and puts the camera at the best settings. I have tried this out in a room with low lighting and I am very pleased with the results.

      VIDEO MODE - shoots great quality videos I really was impressed by how good the video looks.

      DISCRETE MODE - This stops the camera making any noise when you take a snap. I have never seen this function on a camera before and must admit my imagination did run away with creepy reasons this may be used but it may come in useful if you are at a performance of some kind or if you just don't like the noise.

      FISH EYE EFFECT - I am no photographer maybe this explains why I am not sure why anyone would want to use this mode. I don't think I will be using this one which puts a peculiar bend on your images like you are looking through a goldfish bowl.


      Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. This is a great little camera if you just want to take simple snaps and the features it includes are good considering the price. It would also also make a good gift for any young snappers out their as it looks snazzy, the colours are pretty and the easy mode is their for any inexperienced users. It's a good little piece of kit.


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        04.01.2012 15:51


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        This is a very good camera. With few learning, sweet moments can be captured with total ease.

        This camera is really my favorite when it comes to emergency gimmicks and gatherings. This camera is really a small one which us just enough and can easily fit into my pockets. With its 16 Megapixel feature plus having several nice shooting modes, I would advise that you need to browse through on manuals for this for you to fully enjoy it. You must learn each features so that you can get amazing outputs or pictures from this camera. This camera has an auto mode which is just perfect for newbies. One good thing about this feature is it gives brief instructions on to work on it. You can then enjoy using its zoom functions and right shutter adjustment. Hence, even a beginner can maneuver this easily. The scene mode is also a perfect piece for everyone, I enjoyed it since it allowed me to capture pictures creatively on toy camera style, miniature, and even fish eye lens effects. This is really cool!


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        04.01.2012 05:01


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        Great camera

        First of all I should say that I'm a very light photographer - and I mean light, mainly I use the camera for learning about the basics of photography, and for taking quick snaps here and there.

        I think therefore I'm able to give a review of the camera from a laymans perspective - how easy it is to use, what the pictures look like to a layman, value for money etc.

        On those grounds I can say the camera is great on all fronts - it has a metallic feels that prevents it from feeling plasticy and cheap, the LCD display on the back is nice a colorful - with lots of detail being shown.

        In standard camera style all the different shooting options are laid on a dial at the top of the camera, along with the zoom functionality, all seem easy to use and handily the camera gives a quick explanation of the optimal uses on the lcd screen itself - so it makes it easier to pick the option for the shot.

        Battery life is fine, the camera lasts a days to a week of moderate use, before giving up and fortunately it comes with a charger and rechargeable battery - so no need to buy costly AA batterys.

        All in all the camera is great for the layman, I can't vouch for the professional or avid photographer, but then I don't think this camera is for them.

        For everyone else though it's great.


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        20.12.2011 20:34
        Very helpful


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        Excellent camera for family use, rather than professional use.

        This is another one of those cameras you buy because it says it has a ton of features, and a low price. Unfortunately I don't think it uses those features too well. I'd like to start with the zoom: It's got a 5x zoom, but anything past 3x zoom and it's all blurred and it takes very poor quality picture. Granted, I expect zoomed pictures to be a little worse but this takes them much much worse.

        On the plus side It does have good external memory options, and whilst I mainly use a standard 2GB SD Card you can use more. The pictures come out in better quality on the computer than it displays on the screen, this might be because of resolution I don't know, but they look much more colourful. Therefore the screen is quite misleading. This doesn't bother me, but bear that in mind when you take a picture.

        For speed, this one is pretty fast to delete and save pictures, but slow to recognise memory cards. That brings me onto the battery life: It doesn't eat up power like some cameras, this particular camera has a tendency to eek battery power out, with a slightly misleading battery life bar.

        Either the sensor is incorrect, or (this is a good thing) it gives you plenty of warning before it dies. It gets to the end of the battery bar and spends ages there. That's something I like about this camera, that I wouldn't say is a fault.

        For build quality it's absolutely superb. It has been bitten and chewed by my son so it's definitely toddler proof! And more recently, it's been to a theme park rattling around all day unprotected in a bag for several hours. It got scratched to pieces but luckily still works. Very durable and very reliable.

        Overall it's a good quality camera, but I wouldn't mind if it had less features and more that worked properly. I would recommend it, monty if you don't mind a poor quality zoom.


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        19.10.2011 04:51



        This CANON digital camera is very good,and i thinks it need a good battery.If you want to buy battery, please contact us :http://www.pioneer-electronics.co.uk/digital-camera-battery.htm


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    • Product Details

      With dynamic image stabilizer and a set of other impressive features, the metal bodied PowerShot A3200 IS captures beautiful photos and HD movies with ease.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Canon PowerShot A3200 IS - digital camera
      Product Type: Digital camera - compact
      Memory Card Slot: SD card
      Image Processor: DIGIC 4
      Sensor Resolution: 14.1 Megapixel
      Max Video Resolution: 1280 x 720
      Lens System: 5 x zoom lens - 5 - 25 mm - f/2.8-5.9
      Focus Adjustment: Automatic
      Min Focus Range: 3 cm
      Digital Zoom: 4 x
      Image Stabiliser: Optical
      Camera Flash: Built-in flash
      Display: LCD display - 2.7"
      Supported Battery: 1 x Li-ion rechargeable battery ( included )
      AV Interfaces: Composite video/audio
      Microsoft Certification: Compatible with Windows 7
      Colour: Silver
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 9.5 cm x 2.4 cm x 5.7 cm
      Weight: 130 g