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Canon Powershot SX10 IS

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    5 Reviews
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      26.11.2009 12:04
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      An excellent hybrid camera for those that are interested in landscapes and wildlife

      Earlier this year I decided I wanted a new camera, I also felt I wanted to move on from my Sony compact to a camera where I had the option for more control over what I was doing with it. Sometimes I felt my photos came out well through luck rather than judgement, and some didn't come out that well at all, especially in difficult lighting conditions, and I wanted to be able to make adjustments so that I didn't miss these shots. At the same time I didn't want a camera that was so complicated and technical that it made my brain hurt as then I would just not use it. I asked advice of some camera experts (including a certain DY camera guide :-) ) and friends, and also visited my local camera shop. I will say now if you are looking for a technical review, you won't find that here, I'm going to review my experience of the camera regarding its usability in the six months that I've had it. There are a billion sites on the web that will give you all the technical gubbins you need on this camera, there is no point in repeating it here.

      I decided on a 'hybrid' class camera - it had the manual functionality you get with SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras but it didn't involve purchasing/changing a variety of lenses, thus was cheaper than an SLR (and also more limiting, but I felt I wouldn't lose much in that respect, for what I wanted to use it for.). There appears to be a broad market in this class and I researched several cameras and played with a few in the shop, but it came down to what I wanted to use it for - I like taking wildlife and landscape shots. For this a good zoom lens was a must and the 20x optical zoom that this camera offered made this attractive. Not many hybrids at this price point offered that. It probably doesn't have as many functions as some of the other cameras, like the Canon G10, but there is no point in paying for functions I'm not going to use in my opinion. When I first held this camera in my hand I noticed that it is very heavy. It weighs 558g, as opposed to 3-350g weight of similar level cameras. It has 10 mega-pixels which are more than adequate for my use. I used to think the more pixels the better, but unless you are going to crop photos and blow them up massively to put on the wall, you don't really need the extra pixels.

      The camera feels sturdy and secure in my hands, even though it is heavy, there is a good grip, a viewfinder and a 360 degree swivel LCD screen (so you can take photos of yourself). It features image stabilisation to reduce those out of focus shots, which is a useful feature. My only problem is focusing on something at maximum or near-maximum zoom, as I find it wobbles too much for me to hold steady unless I can support my arms on a wall or tripod, otherwise the image does not appear central.

      You can manually change the shutter speed, aperture and ISO on this camera, or you can leave the camera to do this automatically. Although I have experimented with the manual settings, I find I am happy with my automatic results in most light conditions that I have used it in so far. The camera also offers face detection and red-eye removal. I don't take many people shots, so have not used the latter feature. There is also standard functions like a timer for group photos, as well as a multi-shot for catching moving images, which I have enjoyed using taking some great bird and animal shots.

      In one of the numerous 'scene' modes you have things like 'snow' and 'sunset'. I was quite impressed with sunset mode, it came out as good as any manual shots I'd tried (and I took lots as I was still playing/learning with the manual functions when I took my first sunset with this camera). I've also enjoyed playing with the My Colours section of the menu, which is for fun as much as anything. In this section you can take black and white or sepia shots - I like taking textured things in these modes, or you can remove all colours from the shot except one, i.e. highlight a yellow cushion against a black and white sofa/background. You can also use vivid shades to make fields of certain colours appear brighter and more interesting.

      One little niggle I have is when you are in one of the scene modes, you twiddle the dial on the back of the camera to select your option (i.e snow, beach, fireworks etc) and sometimes it doesn't seem to work, another time, it may whizz past the option you are looking for, I am a bit baffled as to the best way to turn it - there are only a certain number of ways to spin a dial and can be quite frustrating.

      The camera also takes video, I've not used this much, but the sound and visual quality was quite impressive considering it was taken inside a busy restaurant in not the best light conditions. Generally the camera takes good pictures in low light conditions, and does have a flash, which has to be operated manually (although you will get an icon coming up on the screen/viewfinder when it thinks you should use it). The camera will take some getting used to, especially if you have come from an automated compact camera, it took me a while to learn where things were and what to do with them, as this was my first experience manually operating a camera. Still, if I don't use it for a while, I have to stop and think where I adjust the ISO etc. However, if you have used similar cameras in the past, even other brands, I have noticed that they tend to keep the settings in the same place in the menu with the same icons, so you can navigate yourself more easily.

      The camera uses SD cards, and takes 4 x AA batteries. Which are inexpensive and easily available. One 'regular' Duracell set easily covered my two week holiday and 500 shots, and was still going strong a while after so I was pleased that I didn't constantly have to change the batteries at inopportune moments. When the battery warning light does come up, you don't have much juice left so need to change them pretty promptly, i.e. after just a few more shots.

      Overall I am really pleased with the camera, apart from a few minor niggles. For my purposes it is absolutely perfect, and I have been really pleased with the outcome. If you are keen to take your photography to the next level, and enjoy wildlife and landscape photography that I definitely recommend that you check this camera out.

      I paid £330 in a local, independant camera shop.


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        06.06.2009 22:02


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        brill for first time photographers

        as my first digital camera the Canon Powershot SX10 really enstilled me with a passion for photography. you can vary the shutter speed as much as required to get different effects on your photos. there's also lots of pre programmed shutter speeds that i found very helpful when first trying my hand. the memory is more than sufficient as long as you remember to transfer your photos onto another device occasionally, approx 600 photos. the camera can also take video which is great when a photo just won't cut it. the optical zoom of only x4 was my main concern when i brought the camera but its never limited what photos i take, though for more advanced photographers it may not be sufficient. one of the Canon Powershot SX10 's best features is the large viewing screen which is great for taking quick snaps and checking you've got everybody in the photo! for those who prefer to use the viewfinder there's one of those too. all in all a great first time camera - brilliant for taking quick photos of people, scenery and anything else you can think of :)


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        09.03.2009 09:31



        easy to use

        The Canon SX10 IS camera, the buttons are located on what might be called traditional advertising.you can now record around 45 minutes of continuous video, up from 32 minutes on the PowerShot S5.Even when zoomed in, you can get the steady, crisp, brilliant images you'll be proud to shoot and share.When it comes to appearance, the Canon SX10 IS is very similar to its predecessor.The 12x optical zoom has a version 20 times, which means that Canon perfectly in line with its competitors. PowerShot SX10 IS Canon DIGIC 4 Imaging Processor. Canon Powershot SX10IS can capture shot for fast, slow, close up and far away action.with the latest technology such as a wide angle (28 x 560 mm) 20x optical zoom, a 2.5 inch LCD screen, 10-megapixel resolution, built-in OIS (optical image stabiliser, and new DIGIC 4 Image Processor for high-performance face and motion detection. Its 20x super-zoom that comes with a massive 28-560mm focal length can easily capture any shot from wide-angle.


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        24.12.2008 08:09
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        A Camera with Extensive Zoom Range when a DSLR Camera is Just Too Heavy

        This latest jewel for the prosumer camera from Canon was introduced together with its sibbling the Canon Powershot SX1 IS as a replacement to the older Powershot S5IS. These types of camera are particularly useful if you don't want to lug around your heavy DSLR. With a fraction of DSLR weight, you could cover a view as wide as 28mm and as close as 560 mm. Such an extensive range is more than enough for casual shooter to cover almost any type of object.

        What is the main difference between this model and its sibbling the Canon Powershot SX1S? It is the sensor! Canon Powershot SX10 IS still uses the CCD-type sensor while its bigger sibbling sports a CMOS-type sensor. The latter also presents in Canon's DSLR models. It seems like that is the reason why the older sibbling is more expensive. The maximum resolution for this model is 10 MP. So it seems, like Canon is not interested in megapixel racing for these particular models.

        Canon's decision to retain the hotshoe in both models are something that I really appreciate. While other manufacturers may not consider the presence of hotshoe on this prosumer camera as something important, I found out that this feature is as important in a prosumer camera as it is in DSLR Camera. It will allow more creative controls and more power. Something that built in flash can never provide.

        As in the older Canon S5 IS, this model is also equipped with vari-angle LCD Screen. It is somewhat useful and will allow the photographer to shoot in an awkward angles. Canon puts the hinge on the right side of its LCD Screen similar to the previous models. Personally, however, I prefer the variangle model like the one in Sony or Fuji models.

        Both Canon SX models are also equipped with Face Detection features which is able to identify up to 35 faces. Very useful indeed when you try to take group pictures.

        The picture quality is typical Canon: clean, crisp, and almost noise free (in low ISO). I haven't tried the Canon Powershot SX1S. But, I would imagine that it might provide an even better picture quality with CMOS Sensor.

        Beside recording still pictures, both models (Canon PowerShot SX10IS and Canon PowerShot SX1 IS are capable of recording HD (High Definition) video as well. Very nice features indeed.


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          19.12.2008 18:13
          Very helpful


          • Reliability
          • Reliability


          A true jewel from Canon! Makes photographers very satisfied!

          Following the Canon Powershot G10, Canon had launched two new twins digitals cameras : PowerShot SX1 IS and PowerShot SX10 IS. These two new Canon cameras jewels are based on the same sensor and the same approach, only few differences are between these two twins devices.

          The two new models are replacing the allready old PowerShot S5 IS. Featured by theires 20x (28-560 mm in 24 × 36) wide-angle optical zoom, Two quick and silent engines : USM engine for a quick and quiet zooming and a new VCM (voice coil motor) to focus silently with high precision. These two models are setting new high technology and new referances for potential zooming.

          It's for the first time that such rich variety is incorporated on a Canon compacby the The PowerShot IS SX1 :
          - 10 million pixels Canon CMOS sensor, shooting continuously to 4 frames per second in JPG
          - Video recording clips in Full HD :
          Effectively, the PowerShot IS SX1 is saving High Definition 1080p (30 f / s), video clips ready for immediate playback on an HD Television set via integrated HDMI connection (cable available as an option).
          Meanwhile The PowerShot SX10 IS permits, only small video clips play in VGA quality.
          On both devices these videos are optimized by a stereo CD-quality recording audio ; by optical zoom quality and detection faces detection technology.

          Whenever a further approximation for the subject is required, the PowerShot SX1 IS teleconverter includes a sophisticated digital Canon offers a further 2x zoom factor, without loss of quality video clips.

          As the latest Canon cameras, the PowerShot SX1 IS and the PowerShot SX10 IS incorporate the new DIGIC 4 for greater reactivity and better management of digital noise.
          Portraits or groups pictures Passionated photographers can benefit from faces detection optimized technology that detects even the faces that are not exactly facing the camera or profile exposed.

          The faces selecting function and monitoring follows more specifically particular person,, while the new feature-timer with faces detection triggers automatically the shutter shortly after the entry of a new face in the frame facilitating self and group pictures where the photographer may be in.

          As the PowerShot G10, the SX1 IS and IS SX10 benefit from the new Servo AF mode, which continually adjusts focus on the approaching subjects or away from the camera, it also helps to avoid blured images .
          The DIGIC 4 also manages the new feature Canon about contrast detection that optimizes the brightness of dark areas in order to express the finest details without affecting the brighter areas.

          The PowerShot SX1 IS and the PowerShot SX10 IS offer direct manual control of Aperture and shutter speed through a multidirectional dial giving easy access to all major settings. On the other hand, compatibility with a wide range of accessories, including flashes Canon EX Speedlite professionals, extends more creative possibilities of those two compact Canon SX...

          The PowerShot IS SX1 is supplied byThe Canon WC-DC300 remote , which allows shooting and playback photoswireless controls, comes with. It is ideal for shooting on a tripod in low speeds, or any situation for which it is better to stay a certain distance from the device and remote settings and tripping.

          The main differences between these two devices are:
          - CMOS 10-megapixel for the SX1 IS and CCD on the SX10 IS
          - 2.5 inch (6.3 cm) adjustable LCD and an electronic viewfinder on the PowerShot SX10 IS
          - 2.8 inch (7.1 cm) 16/9e adjustable LCD for the PowerShot IS SX1
          - (1080p, 30 fps) Full HD Video Clips with HDMI output for the PowerShot IS SX1
          - VGA video Clips-quality at 30 fps for the PowerShot SX10 ISThe

          Canon Powershot SX10 IS specifications :

          - Sensor : * 1/2.3 " Type CCD : 10 million effective pixels
          - Image sizes : * 3648 x 2736 , * 2816 x 2112 , * 2272 x 1704, * 1600 x 1200 , * 640 x 480, * 3648 x 2048
          - Image processor : DIGIC IV
          - Movie clips : * 640 x 480 @ 30 / 15fps, * 320 x 240 @ 60 / 30 / 15fps, * WAVE (stereo)
          - File formats : * Still: JPEG (Exif 2.2), * DPOF 1.1, * Movie: AVI (Motion JPEG compression)
          - Lens : * 28- 560 mm equiv, * 20x Optical zoom , * F2.8 - F5.7 (max) , * 13 elements in 11 groups (1 aspherical element, 1 UD element)
          - Image stabilization : Yes (Lens shift-type)
          - Conversion lenses : Yes
          - Digital zoom : up to 4x
          - Auto focus : * TTL , * AiAF (Face Detection / 9-point) : * 1-point AF (Fixed center)
          - Focus modes : * AF: Single, Continuous , * Manual , * Focus bracket
          - AF assist lamp : Yes
          - Focus distance : Closest 0 cm
          - Metering : * Evaluative (linked to Face Detection AF) , * Center-weighted average, * Spot
          - Shuttter speed : 15 - 1/3200 sec
          - Aperture : F2.8-5.7 (max)
          - Modes : * Auto, * Program AE, * Shutter Priority AE, * Aperture Priority AE, * Manual, * Custom, * Portrait, * Landscape, * Night Scene, * Sports, * Stitch Assist, * Movie , * Special Scene, * Super Macro
          - Scene modes : * Indoor, * Night Scene, * Foliage, * Snow, * Beach, * Fireworks, * Color Accent, * Color Swap , * Long Shutter, * Aquarium
          - White balance : * Auto (including Face Detection WB), * Daylight, * Cloudy, * Tungsten, * Fluorescent, * Fluorescent H, * Flash, * Custom
          - Self timer : * 2 or 10 secs, * Custom or FaceSelf TImer
          Continuous shooting: Approx. 1.4 fps until card fills
          - Viewfinder : * EVF (0.44" type) , * 235,000 pixels
          LCD monitor : * Vari-angle 2.5" TFT, * 230,000 pixels, * Adjustable Brightness , * 100% Coverage
          - Languages : English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Chinese (traditional), Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Greek, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Thai, Arabic, Ukrainian, Romanian, Farsi
          - Connectivity : * USB Hi-Speed, * AV out
          - Storage : * SD / SDHC / MMC / MMC Plus / HC MMC Plus compatible
          - Power : * Compact AC power adapter CA-PS700,, * Battery Charger Kit CBK4-300, * Ni-MH Batteries NB4-300
          - Weight (no batt) : 560 g
          - Dimensions : 124 x 88 x 87 mm

          PS: Please don't worry about my similar review in my ciao account:


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