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Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z1200

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    3 Reviews
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      16.09.2009 00:16
      Very helpful



      Compares well against the competition

      Over the last few years, Casio has become quite a force within the digital camera market & their Exilim range is at the forefront of this. The EX-1200 is one of the top of the range models from their last generation.

      On first look, it's a pretty compact camera which is roughly the size of credit card although it has a thickness of around 2cm. It feels quite solidly build & as a result isn't super light but still easy enough to carry in your pocket & take around with you. It's available in black or silver, I prefer black as it tends to the in colour at the moment.

      So how does this camera perform? Well being 12 megapixels, photos are sharp and clear. If you want abit more flexbility in your shots, there are a number of manual adjustments which can be made. One feature I quite like on this model is the bestshot feature. This allows you to choose the scenery the photo is being taken within (e.g. night shot, sports, water) & the setting will automatically be optimised to take the best photo under these circumstances. The zoom is the standard 3x Optical Zoom so nothing really to shout home about in this respect.

      As well as taking photos, the camera allows videos to be shoot aswell. These can be shoot at various different qualities & at the highest come out pretty well. My only critism here would be the audio isn't that great in comparison to the video, but then again this isn't a camcorder.

      This camera provides great value for the features available on it & stands up well against the competition.


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      05.01.2008 14:35
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability



      I bought the Casio Exilim Zomm EX Z1200 for £184.47 from DigitalRev.com
      it was available in black or silver and has an aluminium body,
      I think the cameras pretty heavy then an average camera weighing at 152g minus battery and card but a bit slimmer than the Z1050 measuring at 93.3 x 58.5 x 22.4mm.

      ~~ Specifications ~~
      Sensor: 1/1.7in. CCD - 12.39 Million pixels
      Image size: 4000 x 3000 pixels
      Lens: 37-111mm f/2.8/5.5 (3x zoom)
      Focus: Auto, Manual, Tracking
      Macro mode: 6cm
      ISO Range: 50, 100, 200, 400, ISO800 with Anti-shake or ISO1600 in High Sensitivity Best Shot mode
      Shutter speed: 1/2-1/2000sec normal, 4-1/2000sec night mode
      Flash range: 4m
      Metering: Multi Pattern/CW/Spot
      Monitor: 2.8in. Colour TFT LCD (230k pixels)
      Movie mode: 840x480 with sound
      Storage: 11.4Mb internal, SD/MMC cards
      Batteries: Lithium-ion battery (1300mAh)
      Video output: via charging dock
      Size/Weight: 93x59x22mm - 152g
      Transfer: USB 2.0
      The features
      The camera has a lot to offer you camera lovers such as a very large pixel count, face recognition, image stabilisation, focus tracking, scene modes, program modes, range of metering options, soft flash, and live histogram.
      What I find particularly nice about the Z1200 any of the other Casio exilm models is there so easy to use, yet it has loads of features.

      The flash isn't as advanced as some of the other features in the camera as it is limited with a range of 4m, though this will get everyone in a standard portrait picture.
      The camera includes options such as red-eye removal and there's also soft-flash (which is fill-flash) in the menu system the strength of the flash can also be tweaked. Which I found quiet useful, as I don't think i've ever had a camera that can do this.
      I noticed a tiny bit of noise in the shadow areas but the picture is really clear which compensates for the tiny bit of noise I noticed (it's hardly anything by the way so don't let that put you off)

      I really like the Casio Exilm Zoom EX-Z1200 it's a really nice design, and I love how easy the camera is to use and the functins it has to offer.
      I think the camera swell worth its price but I think that 12.1 mega pixels is a little too much and isn't needed but its still a great camera and I would recommend it to anyone interested in camera technology.


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        03.09.2007 14:20
        Very helpful


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        This charming little device quite simply exceeded all of my expectations

        When I’m not hanging out on street corners and harassing old couples, or doing any of those other things that teenagers like myself inevitably do, I can often be found hiring myself out as an amateur wedding photographer. Exchanging my hoody and bandana for a top notch digital camera, it is my job capture those special moments for family and friends. It was in this highly privileged capacity that I recently discovered my love for the new EX-Z1200, Casio’s self-styled flagship digital camera. Purporting to be, at 12.1 megapixels, a model of unparalleled quality, this charming little device quite simply exceeded all of my expectations.

        It is, of course, notably pricey, weighing in at an eyebrow-raising £215, but, as I always explain to my clients, you get what you pay for. In other words, it is undoubtedly worth forking out the extra money for, with an impressive array of features and functions, particularly its powerful 12x zoom and image stabilisation technology, a smart look and lightweight feel, and truly astonishing quality, not to mention the benefits of its super-life battery. For anyone who is interested in photography, this model, easily deserving its ‘flagship’ status, is something to seriously consider.


        It is probably rather unhealthy to describe a piece of technology as good-looking, but it is fair to say that the EX-Z1200 is just that. Admittedly, few cameras these days are downright ugly, and there are arguably more stylish models out there than Casio’s flagship device. A little like the best friend of the most popular girl in school, then, the Casio EX-Z1200 is attractive, but it is what is inside that counts. It is a charming and appealing device, but it is important to remember that there is more to this camera than its good-looks.

        The camera has a neat, black finish on its front side, with the flash and the lens clearly visible but not imposing. On the back, the EX-Z1200 boasts a superb 2.8 inch colour LCD display, with just a few buttons scattered to its right side to allow the user to navigate the menu. The impressive display makes the back of the camera appear suitably stylish, and, as is increasingly the case with new digital cameras, the lack of buttons eliminates any impression of clutter. On the whole, the EX-Z1200 is carefully and intelligently designed, with a smart aesthetic quality, making for an attractive camera.


        It is clear that Casio take enormous pride in their flagship model, and they have good reason to. The EX-Z1200 is selling itself on quality – pure, unadulterated quality – and Casio has clearly put a tremendous amount of effort into this aspect of the camera. At an astonishing 12.1 megapixels, the EX-Z1200 has set a benchmark for quality in this price range, producing images of a breathtaking standard that remain at a high resolution even when significantly enlarged, helping considerably with my new poster range.

        Furthermore, the camera uses an advanced image stabilisation system to reduce blurring, which prevents pictures from being ruined by movement or shaking. Using its ‘CCD shift technology’ and anti-shake system, I have been able to take high quality images, where other cameras have failed, even with significant movement in front of the camera. The EX-Z1200’s auto-tracking technology also helps considerably with this, enabling the camera to track images as they move across the screen, keeping them in focus. This is particularly useful for taking pictures of children who want to do anything but stay still.

        The quality of movies on the EX-Z1200 is inevitably limited by the 11.4MB internal flash memory (though additional memory cards can be added by the user). While this is plenty of room to store photographs, it is not enough to store long, high quality movie clips, and thus the length and the quality of movies suffer equally. However, this is not the camera’s prime function, and if you want to focus on recording movies, a video-camera, rather than any sort of digital camera, is your best bet.


        The EX-Z1200’s primary function is, of course, to take photographs. Indeed, as we have established, it excels at this task. However, there is more to this charming device than meets the eye. It can also serve as a voice recorder, allowing the user to add voice-overs to their photographs. There are always cynics out there who would dismiss this sort of thing as nothing more than a gimmick, and I would venture to wholeheartedly agree with them, but it could undoubtedly become a useful function for many.

        Perhaps more significant is the camera’s ability to capture movies. This is, admittedly, nothing new, but any modern digital camera of this calibre that lacks such a facility would inevitably be marked down, and the EX-Z1200 is determined to suffer no such fate. Lacking perhaps, when compared with my own Samsung i70, is the option for playing music, but buying a digital camera for the purpose of playing music is a little like buying a book because you want to play video-games. You just don’t do it. The Casio EX-Z1200 is, on the whole, more or less on par with everything else in its price range in terms of functions.


        In addition to its high quality, it is in its various features that the EX-Z1200 really comes into its own. As aforementioned, the camera boasts a highly advanced image stabilisation system, utilising an anti-shake system, ‘CCD shift technology’, and an auto-tracking system to prevent pictures from blurring. Furthermore, the EX-Z1200 is notable for its impressively powerful zoom, combining 3x optical and 4x digital to allow for a zoom of up to 12x in total, useful for bird-watchers and stalkers alike.

        All of this makes for an impressive diversity of features, enabling the user to get the picture they want. And the EX-Z1200’s features are not just limited to taking photographs, they are also in evidence upon playback, with a high speed image playback feature, enabling the user to view a hundred images in ten seconds. I did of course give this a go, unfortunately finding it a little pointless, given that by the time I had a chance to look at one, the camera had moved onto the image five images after the one I had been looking at. That said, when slowed down a little, the feature was a breath of fresh air after being used to the traditional irritating two second pause between each photograph that seems to persist on most other cameras.

        Uploading, playback, and editing

        The EX-Z1200 allows for easy upload of movies and images onto the computer via its included USB cable. Editing can then be performed using the software of your choice. Playback of movies is available on the camera itself via its LCD display, as well as on the computer, allowing the user to assess their movies on screen before deciding to upload them and use up that valuable memory space. The camera does the basic things here, and does them sufficiently well to make the process a simple and easy one, which is what the vast majority of users are after.


        Casio have made the impressive battery-life of the EX-Z1200 one of its unique selling points, using their new ‘super-life’ lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which provides a significant boost to the camera’s battery-life. Even with intensive use, the battery will last for several hours, and the standard use of a camera would probably only require a fresh charge every few days. However, it is, as ever, nearly impossible to give an accurate prediction of battery length, given that it will fluctuate according to how the device is used. If you only wish to take the occasional picture, you can expect charging to be relatively infrequent, but if you wish to maximise your use of the EX-Z1200’s movie function, for example, you can expect to have to charge it much more often. As ever, the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery will self-discharge over time, probably by about 5% per month if charged sensibly, and will probably last for about 30 months.


        The Casio EX-Z1200 is a camera designed for the individual with, like myself, the perfect mixture of both style and substance. It’s not that I’m unhappy with my own camera, but I must confess to being rather jealous of its parental owner. It was clear from the start, when I first started using this model, that it provides the utmost in quality, while also displaying an impressive range of features, a fantastic battery life, and a good variety of different functions as well. The price may make some think twice, and there are probably flashier models out there as well, but for outstanding quality, this is the perfect option.

        Key Facts:

        Price: £215 (Amazon, August 07)


        Width: 9.3 cm
        Depth: 2.2 cm
        Height: 5.9 cm

        Weight: 152g

        Internal Memory: 11.4MB

        Optical Zoom: 3x

        Digital Zoom: 4x

        Battery type: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (included)

        Included: Strap, USB cable


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