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Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z300

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2010 06:26
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      a great buy one i am happy to of purchased

      Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z300 10 mega pixels

      This camera is a nice little handbag,pocket or glove compartment camera, it is not one i would use to take top quality pictures , the pictures you take with this are the sort you will find on facebook taken on a good night out. But don't let that sway you from buying it.
      The camera is stylish and can be bought it an array of colours , and admittedly buying a camera on style alone is not a good enough reason to purchase it either ... so I guess this is the time where i move on to more detail.

      Now if you are like me and a bit annoyed with buying digital cameras that are not Lithium Ion and are sick of buying batteries upon batteries then this is a must reason to buy , the camera has a Lithium Ion battery that is easily charged and the camera does come with both a charger and the battery.

      It is said that the camera will take around 300 photos between charges but i can assure you i have managed to got beyond that with an extra 100 photos , only because i have a habit of filling up my memory card something i wish i could change but I'm a bit forgetful in that department!! which brings me on to the memory for the camera.

      Memory within the camera is 11mb and if you are like me and do take pictures at a high resolution then this wont really help as you will only really get a few pictures, not that good if you are on a night out and you are wanting to get your mates in various poses and strange looks on their faces so adding extra memory is enough , the camera is compatible with SD and SDHC cards now i have looked and not found any limit as to what the max is for the camera but i use a 4gb memory card and the camera works fine with it.

      The camera is not heavy at all and would not really add any weight to a handbag due to it being a compact it only weighs in at 131g which is nothing really when you compare it to what can be found in my bag, so it is is enough to carry round and have at hand for those "wish i had a camera " moments. and the dimensions of the camera are 96.8 x 57.6 x 23mm
      So at least it is not really as clumpy as some on the market but in the same breath it is not that small either.

      Buttons and fiddly bits are kept to a minimum on this compact , I have a few digital cameras and have to say this is rather easy to use where buttons are concerned , on the rear of the camera you will have 6 buttons and everything is basically done in this area from setting up the quality, resolution, colour and viewing.
      Although i have to say there is a "shoot movie" button which i think is wasted on the rear and should of been positioned on the top of the camera.

      Menus, are found as like most cameras by using the buttons on the rear of the camera and i have to say this could be a great selling point for most people because the menus once accessed are so easy to use even my mum has no problems and she is 68 a neighbour across the road has also used this camera and has had no issues with it and her holiday pictures were really good so this is a camera that is good for those that really are not with current trends and are a bit on the older side. which is great if you are looking for something for gran to take pictures with.

      My Youngest daughter who is 8 can also use this camera too with no problems and despite wanting to monopolise the camera on days out she seems to be able to use it too with no issues, so this is a camera that can be used by anyone of any age.

      On the top of the camera you have your on off button, shutter button and zoom ring , which is good but have found it is good to have the camera in a case without it will have the camera switching itself on as it bangs up against things in your bag or pocket,

      A few things i have noticed with the camera is the issue with the quality , although it has the opportunity to take things in macro mode it is what i would say pretty lame, i have found that when you do take close ups you can get a tinge of blue that will cover the picture, this has even happened if i have taken pictures in portrait mode too and used the zoom button.

      However this is not really an issue if you a familiar with paint programmes and want to adjust the colour as you can eliminate it with no problems, but for those that no nothing about them then i would steer clear of this camera. but if you are not going to go around taking close ups then do buy the camera as a good point to this is the ability to shoot movies in fantastic HD which is really good and i can not fault it at all.

      Price , I got mine from Amazon for £130.00 and although a little expensive than most compact digitals you can understand it, what with the issue that it is 10 mega pixels but you also have to remember that it does give quality HD movies and therefore you have to consider this to be quiet a cheap camera as it can shoot in HD unlike some other camera in this price rage that don't!

      So yes it can be expensive in the compact digital range but then it is cheap in the HD range like most things with a lot of pro's ,comes a few negatives.

      So to recap in short

      Battery ... Lithium -Ion
      Memory ... 11mb internal but can be expanded with memory cards
      Weight ... 131g, not heavy at all ... good for pockets and handbags
      Dimensions ...96.8 x 57.6 x 23mm
      Macro ,... yes but a waste of time
      HD movies ... Very good for a compact.
      Buttons, ... not as many as some compacts but still ones that will bang and turn themselves on if no case is used!
      Age .... young or old can use this it is easy.
      Price ...£130 , from Amazon

      Overall i do like this camera and sticking to taking normal pictures and not close ups is good i have produced some great photos, I also like the fact that i can give ti to someone to take a picture and not go in to a long depth instructional talk on what to press and how to zoom etc , it is also great for anyone to use ,as i said my mum and daughter both at different ends of the age scale can use it.

      I did not like the memory issue , but then there never seems to be a compact on the market that has decent built in internal memory so have already managed to accumulate a few memory cards over the years, but for someone who is new to buying a digital camera then do consider buying a memory card too. But this is a camera that despite failing in some areas has not in others and has given good pictures so is one i am glad to of purchased.


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