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Fujifilm Finepix AX350

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    2 Reviews
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      25.06.2012 22:40
      Very helpful


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      • Reliability


      Lovely budget camera!

      A few years back, who would have thought that they could buy a decent 16 megapixel camera for under a hundred pounds? Not me, certainly, but yet nowadays, with technology advancing and advancing, there are many different brands and types of cameras you can choose from within quite a low price range. I wanted something that could take good quality photos with a decent amount of megapixels... and all this for the cheapest price possible.

      What caught my eye immediately was the Fujifilm Finepix range. I had many friends who owned Fujifilm cameras, and they were very pleased with the results they received from their cameras, and recommended them to me because of the attractive picture quality (I noticed that Fujifilm cameras do tend to give photos a more pleasing effect, even if the amount of megapixels is not that high). I pretty much trusted the Fujifilm brand; I had owned several of its old analogue film cameras which gave pleasing results every time. To top this all off, Fujifilm Finepix cameras are some of the cheapest cameras you can buy from the market nowadays, compared to the other big brands out there for example Olympus and Panasonic.

      The Recommended Retail Price on Amazon for the Fujifilm Finepix AX350 is £89.99, very cheap for a 16mp camera; other brands may charge you well over a hundred pounds for this. I caught this on a very good sale, at a little under £60 last year, and so I was very pleased with my bargain buy- a 16mp camera for £60, who would've thought? Currently, there is a sale on this camera (but only for the silver colour) for £76.48- not a bad deal at all; if you are looking for a cheap but good camera then I would say go for it whilst it is still this cheap!

      The Amazon page offers this camera in either red or silver; I chose silver because it just has more of a timeless feeling if you know what I mean, and besides, if the paintwork chipped, red would look horrible. I was not really sure about the quality of these cameras before buying, so I decided that I should play it safe.

      The build of this camera is lightweight, but robust. At first, it feels too light to be a credibly good camera, but after surviving being dropped repeatedly (no, I am not the most careful of people) and being sat on without so much as a noticeable scratch, I think that this Fujifilm has more than proved its worth. It is very light and portable- you can slip it in your pocket and start shooting whenever you feel the time is right. It also a little chunkier than your average compact camera, but not by much at all; it has a rather sophisticated design that makes the exterior of the camera look attractive.

      Though this camera is robust, I would still buy a case for it to be on the safe side; this will protect it from nasty bumps and scratches.

      With 16mp, it takes dazzlingly clear photographs, that can be zoomed in quite a lot on the computer without being the slightest bit blurry. It also takes attractive photos too, with portraits and scenery alike, unlike some other high megapixel cameras which tend to focus on the unattractive aspect of your pictures. The photos are hardly very blurry, and you can take nice videos as well. You can capture your everyday life in crystal clear precision with this camera.

      There are many functions and settings you can set your camera as. A favourite of mine is the panoramic mode, which can give some really cool effects! The navigation buttons may be a little tricky to understand at first but soon you get used to them and can navigate around without thinking twice. Sometimes you have to press down harder than usual on the big shutter button to take the actual picture.

      The main problem about this camera that may stop you from wanting to buy it (but, as you can see, I can live with it and it has not stopped me!) is that instead of having an internal rechargable battery that you remove, charge and replace, this one requires AA batteries, which may cost you more as you have to continually throw away and replace your batteries. If you go on holidays, you will have to carry spare batteries around with you. This could be seen as not very economically friendly, but nowadays it is not very hard to buy cheap but good quality batteries. I regularly buy mine from the pound store, which can save me quite a bit of money. An alternative would be to buy rechargeable AA batteries, which could save you quite some money.

      If you are looking for a cheap good quality camera, then this is the one for you. It may have its slight faults, but what do expect from something this cheap? I think this is great value for money, and I would give it a well deserved 5 out of 5 dooyoo stars.


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      11.09.2011 18:51
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      I definitely recommend this camera to anyone for its price!

      I wanted a new digital camera for my holiday and so went straight onto Amazon to have a browse. I already had a Samsung digital camera but I have had it for quite a few years now and the quality of the photos were no longer as good as I would have liked. Having loved my Samsung camera though I straight away looked at Samsung cameras on Amazon, but they all seemed quite pricey. I would have to pay just over £100 for a decent one, otherwise there would be no point in me even buying a new one and may as well stick to my old one.

      I never even considered Fujifilm until I came across one on Play.com, which stuck out to me because of its price, £70.99. As I had some Amazon vouchers I searched for the exact same camera on there, in hope it would be just as cheap, and it was. My old camera was black and this time I wanted a colourful one, preferably purple or red. This Fujifilm AX350 was available in red, pink, black or silver. I found that the colourful cameras always seemed to cost a little more than the exact same model of it in black or silver, and this was the case with many brands of digital cameras. However, with this particular Fujifilm camera, it only cost extra to have it in pink, but in red it was its usual price of £70.99.

      I am no techno geek when it comes to digital cameras and only ever look to see how many megapixels it has and what the optical zoom is like. This model is 16MP and 5x optical zoom, but compared to my old 7MP camera I thought this must be good. I asked my boyfriend to look at all the technical details for me and to let me know if it was a good camera, as I thought it seemed pretty cheap after I had been looking at cameras with the same specs from other brands, but costing over £100. I thought there must be something this camera doesn't do that all the others do!

      He gave me the OK and said it seemed a good digital camera, and much much better than the one I had at the time, so along with his word and the good reviews that the product had on Amazon, I bought it. The camera has 4 stars on Amazon and a lot of the reviews were 5 stars.

      Here are some of the basic product details and specifications that the camera has...

      16 Megapixels
      5x Zoom
      HD Movie Mode
      Panoramic Shooting Mode
      Megapixels: 16
      16 megapixels with 5x Fujinon optical zoom lens
      Single and continuous Auto Focus with SR Auto and movie mode
      Panoramic Shooting mode
      Full HD photos and 720p HD movie capture (16 : 9 stills)
      Face Detection technology with auto red-eye removal

      When the camera arrived I tried it out straight away, and straight away I was very impressed and could notice a very big difference in the quality of the photos compared to what I was used to with my old camera.

      There are so many shooting modes to use which you can access easily by pressing menu on the camera. My boyfriend liked trying them all out such as night time mode for on a night, me however, just kept it on auto whenever I used it, and the pictures took were always good quality and visible no matter what time of the day it was! You can also delete photos and arrange them into photo albums on the camera. I like this feature as I have a 2gb SD card which can hold a lot of photos, and so even though I have them saved on my computer, I still like to keep them saved on there and so can view them on my camera if I wish. Instead of having to click through every single photo to get to a particular one, I can just select a certain photo album on the camera and find it from there, which makes it much quicker to find.

      One thing about this camera that annoyed me straight away, is the beeping noise it makes every time I press a button. When looking through photos this can get annoying but the noise can be turned off (which took me a while to realise). All you need to do is hold down the button that you use to shoot a photo, until the message pops up on the LCD screen.

      The camera came with two AA batteries. After using the camera for a night out before I went away, and half way through the holiday they eventually ran out, although I had taken a lot of videos as well as photos which can use the batteries up a lot quicker. I therefore had to buy some more batteries while I was away. I am not used to having to worry about batteries for my camera as my previous one came with a rechargeable battery which I could just charge up using a plug, or connecting it by USB to my computer. Therefore I will be buying some rechargeable batteries to use with this camera, and will recommend anyone else to do the same if purchasing this camera, as you will only have to keep buying new batteries for it otherwise.

      As previously mentioned, this camera takes an SD card. I do know that some camera often have a maximum size on the SD card that your able to use with cameras, however this one doesn't seem to state what the maximum size is. I used my 2GB SD card and this works fine. You will need one with this camera as it has no internal memory. When I was taking a photo without the SD card inside, it would show the photo for a few seconds after it being took, then it would disappear.

      The camera doesn't come with a camera case and so this will be my next purchase for it. I have already lightly scratched the LCD screen, the scratch is very small though and the screen itself is 2.7 inches wide, and so it isn't very noticable, but I do want to prevent any further scratches. I ended up carrying this around in my sunglasses case on holiday!

      The camera comes with two AA batteries, a wire to connect the camera to your PC, a strap to apply to your camera, manual and warranty booklet, and the Fujifilm Finepix CD to allow you to install the software onto your PC.

      After my Amazon vouchers were applied I only ended up paying £28 for this camera, but would recommend it at its price of £70.99 and wouldn't have even minded paying that for it. I have seen this camera available from Amazon and Play.com.


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