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Fujifilm Finepix F450

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    5 Reviews
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      21.08.2011 19:52
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      5 stars

      I bought this camera probably in 2007 as the family camera because at the time it was one of the best models. Since then I have bought a new one with double the amount of megapixels but this trusty camera has been handed down to my daughter who still uses it regularly on school trips or days out with her friends. This is great because I don't have to worry to much about her losing or breaking it as it would not be a great loss.

      This camera is very small and compact, weighing just about 150 grams. It fits easily into small bags in its case which means that you can fit in your sun-cream and other essentials whilst on holiday without having to worry about fitting in your camera. It can also easily slide into a pocket.The screen is also quite small compared to other cameras, 5cm x 3cm. The only trouble with this is that sometimes you think the photos look really lovely but when you enlarge it, it looks very different!

      On the other hand, the camera is capable of capturing great photos with its 5.2 megapixel camera. This seems quite low compared to the cameras of today and as a matter of fact, my phone has a 5 megapixel camera! However, the quality of the photos we develop are seemingly no different to those of my new Samsung camera. The photos look best when the camera is on flash. The video recording time is quite lengthy and is capable of 60 seconds in high quality or 180 in a lower quality. It is useful for recording small birthday clips and such. On the camera function it is also possible to have the picture quality at 0.3, 2, 3 or 5 megapixels which means that you can take more photos if you are running low on memory.

      The zoom is 3.4 x Optical and 4.1 digital. This is much smaller than the camera I have at the moment but it is quite decent and I don't think it matters too much that it isn't able to zoom in very far. It takes photos in all areas really well but performs best outdoors or in good light. Sometimes I find that indoors photos can have an orange tint.

      There are less features on this camera but there still are several different modes such as portrait or landscape and also black and white or chrome. Sure, not as many as the modern cameras but a good variety and it does the job well enough. The camera came with quite a small memory card and so I purchased a 256mb to replace it which meant we could store plenty of photos and videos.

      The camera is very easy to use because of the simplicity of the functions and it is also not hard to transfer the photos on to the computer. You simply need the usb connection cable and there are no problems from there. To develop the photos you can go to Boots or elsewhere and insert the memory card into the machine and then select your desired photos.

      The silver metal exterior is also very durable as I have dropped it on many occasions and it has passed with a few scratches but that's all so I'm very happy with it. We have never had any problems and I think this is a great camera and would highly recommend it to you even though it isn't one of the newer models.

      This camera was quite expensive back in the day but now can be found relatively cheap on sites like eBay.


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        25.10.2010 22:04



        Worth the money

        When I first entered the market for a digital camera, I wanted something easy to operate, yet providing a decent quality image. Quite by chance I happened upon this neat little Fuji camera which fits the bill on both counts. I have now had it for several years and it does a good job, having been around the world with me on several holidays and surviving them all intact. It is therefore a camera I am pleased to recommend. However, recently I did have a problem with it and had to have recourse to the internet to seek a resolution. The problem which presented iself was a sticking lens mechanism. Like a lot of digital cameras, the on button activates the lens which pops out and, as happened to me, gets stuck out, rendering the camera inoperable. It seems as if this is a common fault on Fuji cameras and the cure for me (which has lasted three months so far) was to hold the camera in one hand and bash it smartly against the palm of the other hand. The soft jolt received by the camera seems to work in freeing the mechanism, so look out for this one, Fuji owners - it saved me from having to buy a new one!


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          01.02.2010 21:27
          Very helpful



          Camera alright except for the unreliability

          I've had this digital camera for years now but had quite a few problems with it. Had it insured thankfully, as it broke at least 5 times during the three year insurance period!

          Firstly, the lens cover is made of a metal substance which means that it gets stuck easily and has problems closing or opening a lot of the time so pictures can no longer be taken, and once lodged in place it cannot be eased in or out. Then the pictures started all going blurred when I took them, and then the camera just didn't work altogether. It has been fixed every time and now works perfectly though!

          The pictures it takes are good quality although the zoom is not great and the viewing screen is very small.

          The camera is very easy to use which is good for the novice photographer. Aswell as this the camera looks attractive at the front at least; it is silver which always tends to look sleek and good quality.


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          17.06.2006 22:19
          Not Helpful
          1 Comment


          • Reliability
          • Reliability


          I would recomend this camera to anyone for casual use.

          I am not a photographer and i admit i dont know much about cameras, but i am am pleased with this camera. I have taken it so many places, dropped it and all sorts but it is still taking rearly good quality pictures. I once dropped it out of a second floor window and it is still working as well as ever. I cant find a single fault with this camera, and its complete value for money. I had to try and make a good choice as i had a very limeted budget, and i believe that i did. I couldnt of asked for a better camera for my money, it has so many features and takes quality picture. I personaly upgeraded to an XD card with more memory.

          Fujifilm FinePix F450 Zoom Sensor • 1/2.5" type CCD
          • 5.3 million total pixels
          • 5.2 million effective pixels • 1/2.5" type CCD

          • 3.4x optical zoom
          • 38 - 130 mm equiv.
          • F2.8 - F4.9

          Focus range
          • Normal: 60 cm - Infinity
          • Macro: 9 - 80 cm

          Image sizes
          • 2592 x 1944
          • 2048 x 1536
          • 1600 x 1200
          • 1280 x 960
          • 640 x 480

          Movie clips
          • 320 x 240, 10 fps up to 60 sec
          • 160 x 120, 10 fps up to 180 sec
          • With audio

          File formats
          • JPEG (EXIF 2.2)
          • AVI (Motion JPEG)

          Shooting modes
          • Auto
          • Manual
          • Scene

          Scene modes
          • Portrait
          • Landscape
          • Sports
          • Night Scene

          • Auto (ISO 80 - 400)
          • ISO 80
          • ISO 100
          • ISO 200
          • ISO 400

          Metering 64-zone TTL metering

          Shutter speed 2 to 1/2000 sec

          Aperture At wide: F2.8 / F7.4

          White balance
          • Auto
          • Fine
          • Shade
          • Fluorescent (Day, Warm, Cool)
          • Incandescent
          • Manual

          • Built-in
          • Range: 0.6 - 3.6 m (w), 0.6 - 2.0 m (t)
          • Modes: Auto, Red-eye reduction, Forced On, Supressed, Slow

          Sync, Red-eye reduction + Slow Sync

          • Optical
          • Approx. 78% frame coverage

          LCD monitor
          • 2.0 in TFT LCD
          • 154,000 pixel
          • Approx. 97% frame coverage

          • USB (1.1)
          • Video out
          • DC-IN

          • xD-Picture Card
          • 16 MB xD-Picture Card supplied can upgrade

          • Lithium-Ion NP-30 rechargeable battery
          • Charger / AC adapter supplied

          Other PictureCradle dock supplied

          Dimensions 75 x 62 x 21 mm

          Weight 150 g


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            23.10.2005 18:10
            Very helpful
            1 Comment


            • Reliability
            • Reliability


            copact stylish easy to use

            i recently decided to update my digatal camera and boy have they changed in the last two years. this camera is so small and light that i dont even know when it is in my handbag unlike my old one which weighed a tonne.
            it measures 3 by 2.5 inches with a two inch lcd screen that enables you ti immeddiatly view picture that you have taken.
            it is a 5 megapixel camera with an excellent picture quality i recently used it at my sisters wedding and was very impressed by the quality of colour and details.
            the camera is so easy to use that i was very impressed with it.
            there is a video clip function that enables you to record upto 60 seconds in high quality or upto 180 in low quality. this is usful for all those times you have only got your camera and really wish you had a camcorder.
            you can buy different size memory cards to enable you to take more pictures i purchased a 246 card that enables me to takeupto 200 in 5 mega pixels or 409 in 2m mode.
            i paid £169 for this model and it was worth every penny.
            software is included to enable you to view pictures on p.c and print them out. if you do not have a pc just take the memory card along to your local photo shop to print directly from the card.
            the camera also comes with a rechargable battery and a handy charging cradle that doubles up as a connection to your tv so you can view a slideshow of all pictures taken on the tele.


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          • Product Details

            The FinePix F450 is a new model in the popular F-series. With five megapixels and once again a smaller metal casing in comparison to the F420, Fujifim displays high-quality digital technology in the smallest possible volume. Even if the new camera is no heavier than a mobile telephone at 150g it still reveals its true size in its features - amongst other things it boasts a generously sized 2 inch LCD monitor, a fast F2.8 lens and enough place with five megapixels for pictures that can be printed up to a size of 2- x 30cm in real photo quality. The new model achieves a sensitivity that finds no equal in this class.

            The champagne colored FinePix F450 displays its advantage particularly well with ISO 80 in light surroundings and pleases the user with the unusual brightness of its pictures. A newly developed Li-Ion storage battery in combination with technical improvements in the area of energy saving supplies the model with substantially longer operating times. The camera is delivered with a docking station that provides the user with simply download and charging functions. Thanks to Pict Bridge it is even possible to print without using a computer at all.