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Fujifilm Finepix S1600

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    3 Reviews
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      02.02.2012 17:27
      Very helpful


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      • Reliability


      for beginners of photography


      The finepix S1600 is not a professional SLR digital camera but rather the next best thing for anyone who doesn't care for photography but can appreciate good quality photographs. This was given to me as a present from my father in 2011 he knew that I wanted an SLR but understood I have no real interest in photography and I love his choice of getting me this camera. Looks wise there are no faults, it looks extremely professional compared to the average digital cameras you can get. When the zoom is in and the flash is down this is a compact camera for what it is, looking at it if you've never used one of these cameras before all the settings and buttons do seem quite daunting this is how I left when I first gazed my eyes upon it. Looking at the finepix S1600 from the back the screen takes up the majority of the space which is what you want because it means you can get a good clear look at what your taking a picture of. The camera overall looks like it would cost more money that it actually does, it's made of a sturdy plastic.

      Start up, Set up, Settings and Buttons.

      This takes 4x AA batteries which are provided but these will only last so long as it does take a lot to power this camera especially if your taking endless pictures for a large amount of time so I would suggest getting some duracell rechargeable because trust me it pays off to have them. To begin with the battery compartment is located on the bottom of the device to undo this you just flick the switch and it will pop up, it will show on a diagram which way the batteries go in, You'll know if they're in wrong because it won't turn on. To turn this on located on the top of the camera is the on/off switch it's a slidy switch you just flick it across to turn on and again to turn it off. When turning on the zoom will come out a few millimetres. There is no set up with the camera itself however discs are provided to install on your computer to upload pictures and videos if you wish to, I have no need for this as I have a memory card reader so i haven't installed the disc's.

      On of the most daunting things about using this camera is familiarising yourself with it's many settings it has to offer, these are all displayed on a dial on the top of the camera you just click which setting you would like around to the line it will come up on the screen which setting you are trying to use so if you have the wrong one just click it around again. The first setting is the average setting on any camera and this is Auto, with this the camera will automatically judge whether you need flash or not according to the lighting conditions. Then you can have different setting such as night time, there is natural light settings you can use panorama I don't use this unless I'm taking a massive group photograph also there are settings where you can change the aperture and the shutter speed.

      I have to be honest I barely use the camera for everything it has to offer I usually use the natural daylight setting as it makes pictures look a lot brighter and fresher. The zoom button is located on the shutter button, you can't miss it it's big and silver it's left to zoom out and right to zoom in, behind that is a setting, this will detect where peoples faces are in the picture and another which allows you to take a series of pictures when you press the shutter rather than one frame. Behind that is the on off switch and the settings dial is located next to that. Next is an evf/lcd button this will switch the picture to from the screen to you having to look through the eye piece to aim and take a picture. You then have a playback button and an F button, this will change the picture to black and white or you can change the image size. You then have you flash button, delete button, menu, aperture setting and the macro setting, the macro is whatever you take inside the box that appears with actually be zoomed in, this is a lovely feature of the camera especially for photography students. You can also record videos on this with sound.

      The flash

      The flash itself is a pop up flash and the button is located on the side, you click this and the flash will fold out, you can only take a picture with the flash if this is up otherwise there is no option for it, on some of the settings the flash isn't available to use anyway, this is really bright even on auto and is enough to blind anyone, but if you go in the menu you can change things such as the brightness of the screen and the brightness of the actual flash I have both of mine in the middle as too low can make your pictures pretty gloomy and it isn't a good effect.

      Picture perfect

      The settings to make a massive difference to how your photographs look, some people might be sceptical about this, but there is a big difference between taking a picture in auto on normal brightness than taking another picture in natural light setting, other settings can brighten ones face and make then illuminated as if it was in person because I've found I look a lot better in person and quite gloomy in pictures which is why I was sorting after a high quality camera like this one. The shutter button will go almost instantly when you press it, oops what's a matter wasn't you ready? well don't worry about that because the camera with automatically detect blinking and red eye, it will get rid of other of these leaving you with a great photo anyway which is why I love this so much, if there's a moment you just can't miss, chances are with this camera you won't miss a single frame.

      Instructions and packaging

      This comes with a disc an instruction manual, some usb wires both to the computer and to the tv which is handy, this comes in a large box and has soft sturdy spongy on both the top and bottom of the box several inches thick ensuring the camera and it's contence is safe and secure, which it is. Being and extrovert I don't look at instructions or anything that will help me I tend to figure it out myself and that's what I did, but looking through it, it only tells you the basics anyway such as where the flash is, how to but the batteries in how to put the strap on the camera but to someone who likes to read everything first they will find this to be very informative.

      Taking care of your camera, price and availability.

      So you want this to last along time because it isn't the cheapest you can't wash this but you can run a damp cloth over the full camera including the screen and lens just make sure you dry them straight away! This does come with a lens cap so make sure it is on whenever it isn't in use otherwise if you drop it your lens might smash, but to make sure you don't drop this it has a very long adjustable strap to make sure this is on you at all times too! This will not come with a case but if your getting this you may as well stretch a little further and get the case too, there is a specific case you can get for this which have pockets for wires and memory cards too.

      The price it states is £299 and you can buy this from amazon and other various places, my dad got me a refurbished one for what he told me just over £100 from argos, this doesn't make the camera any less quality or not as good, it simply means someone has bought and returned it for no reason.
      My experience with the finepix S1600.
      I take my camera with me anywhere I can, the side part it about the size of an average palm so as you can guess it isn't too big, sometimes I'll take it in it's case most times I won't because I'm a rebel.. No really I just have normal sized bags and the case takes up to much room as it is large. The camera isn't very lightweight but it isn't enough to ache your hands, possibly after an hour or two but it won't constantly be in your hand will it. I love to get snippets of my life whether it be out for the day, to a gig, party, night out, friends house or even sat in my own room!

      I have only used the recording once so I cannot really say too much about it but the sound quality consider is good clear with a little distortion and the picture quality of it isn't as good as actual pictures. However I have to say I look brilliant in these pictures, compared to my other average digital camera you can really tell the difference in which one is the better quality despite them both being 12MP. The settings allow me to adjust to my surroundings whether it be outside, dark, light or whatever it has something for it no matter what. Often before I'd have to take a picture in front of a window so it's light enough but you don't have to do anything like that with this. As for the pictures themselves the red eye and blink detection has proved to be very useless while it's been in my hands it helps to get good quality crisp pictures, they're not distorted in anyway and you can see the pictures as if it was you looking at them with your eyes rather than a picture and that's why this is so good.

      Unfortunately I don't use this camera for all it has to offer but I am now going to start because after all this is an expensive camera and it would be pointless having it if I don't use all the settings as least once or twice. This does have an internal memory but it would help actually buying a memory card perhaps a 4 or 8gb depending how many pictures you wanted to take before having to switch everything around, it's also handy to have spare batteries in your case in case they run out without too much warning.


      15X Wide optical zoom
      3 Inch LCD screen
      Dual Image Stabilisation with up to ISO 6400
      Scene Recognition Auto
      Multi modes including Target Auto Focus, Instant Zoom, Panorama Mode, continuous shooting, manual photographic controls
      Intelligent Face Detection with red-eye removal, high-speed shooting, best framing and Histogram display
      Weight - 336g

      The box contains:

      4 x AA Alkaline Batteries
      Shoulder Strap
      Lens Cap
      Lens Cap Cord
      USB Cable
      AV Cable
      CD Rom SoftWare
      CR ROM Owners Guide
      Basic Manual


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        20.05.2011 06:09
        Very helpful



        a great camera


        My trusty Vivtar camera had given up the ghost, lens jammed out one pic and the whole lot froze. Removing the batteries and trying to reset proved to no avail. A quick throw to the ground in the vague hope of it all getting working again also prove useless. I was without a camera and lost for the long walks with the dog where most of my pictures were taken.

        My Search

        Firstly I reviewed the subject matter of a new digital camera, it had to have sufficient zoom, high quality pictures and ease of use were also high on the priority list. I also wanted it to not be too automatic and have the option to change some of the more technical aspects pertaining to photography. I had a price range in mind and looked through several online and high street shops to get the camera I really wanted. After all my hard earned was going to have to last a while, being that digital cameras at least good one's are not exactly cheap.

        As my search narrowed it became apparent that if I wanted the camera I had researched for I was going to have to shell out slightly more than I first envisaged. When I first started my search the Fujifilm finepix s1600 was £170 and it was one I was keen on. A couple of Nikon and a Cannon were in close running for the purchase too. Then Amazon in their infinite wisdom dropped the price of the Finepix to £99.99 and that pretty much clinched the deal for me.

        I'm a novice, who simply wants to improve his photographic skills, and this camera has done this for me, although there are many features on this excellent camera I have only skimmed the surface since I'm taking the learning slowly to get it right. I'm just learning of ISO's Aperture's and all the other techno phrases, but I'm having fun and thanks to this camera my efforts are being rewarded. I have definitely learned something and my pictures are better than before.
        Fujifilm Finepix S1600

        On first impression this looks like a far more expensive camera, it's well made, solid and has a bright clear 3-inch screen. This is greatly aided by the electronic viewfinder. The camera operates via 4 AA batteries, which are supplied, but my recommendation would be to get a set of rechargeable AA's. It has an internal memory, which will get you taking pictures instantly but here an SDHC car of about 4gb -8gb would be of an advantage.


        All the settings for the camera are done through the rotating knob at the top right of the camera, and the onscreen menu system. There is a diverse range of features on this camera so it is really quite important to familiarise yourself with the controls. They are not complicated, but some of the options may require some explaining from the manual if you are use to point and shoot cameras. You can of course set the camera to auto and let it make all the decisions, and you will indeed be very pleased with the results, but a little tweaking here and there will vastly improve said results. I'm currently just passed the Auto but I do return frequently when I need to get a certain shot. Experience will win in the end though.


        The camera has a 23Mb storage capacity so an Sd card is required to store more. An SDHC card is advised since they are quicker especially if you intend to use the continuous mode as described below.


        Marco settings are available for those close up s shots and there is even a super Macro option, these are better left until you have familiarised yourself with the rest of the cameras features.


        The Finepix has an option whereby you can or it can create a panoramic view. Simply set up this option and take the pictures moving slightly to the right each time you take a picture. Select when finished taking shots and the camera will cut and splice them into a perfect panoramic view. This is great for beach and river shots.


        The zoom is 15*, but is aided by the stabilisation, so even if you have the zoom at maximum there is very little or no evidence of shudder. The zoom can capture some excellent shots otherwise not achievable because of terrain, or by obstacles in the way. The focus is controlled automatically when zooming and a slight blur whilst doing so is quickly sharpened once zooming has stopped. The clarity of zoomed shots is quite impressive.

        Image stabilisation

        The Finepix has image stabilisation which makes it far easier to take those zoom shots, although it is good practice to keep your camera steady. Image stabilisation is an aid to help you get better pictures it helps but you still need to be in control.

        Continuous shooting

        There are two buttons on the top front of the camera behind the shutter button and the zoom, which are combined. One of these is for continuous shot taking, on pressing this button you can select the quantity of shots to be taken after depressing the shutter. This option is handy if you are trying to get a specific shot of say a bird flying, or a football match. If you release the shutter button before the selected shots have been taken the remaining shots are cancelled.

        Image tracking

        It is possible with this camera to highlight a moving object and have the camera track it. This means that the chosen object is always centre shot and focused. This option is very useful when taking shots of fast moving sports scenes.

        Face Recognition

        Next to the continuous shooting button there is the face recognition button, which also acts as the red eye reduction, since when face recognition is selected by depressing the button red eye, and blink detection are introduced. The blink detection is handy since a message will pop up saying a blink has been detected in one on the faces it has recognised allowing you to instantly take another shot to rectify the blink.

        Other Features

        I have sampled the remaining features and they are all most impressive, even if I am not fully aware yet of their full capabilities. This camera is definitely a little gem for anyone wanting to get a little more serious about his or her photography. Auto setting gives excellent results and an investment in buying the Dummies guide to digital photography might be a good idea. There is so much I never knew about taking better pictures. Don't let all this techno babble put you off getting one of these if you are in the market for a good camera, this is a great camera for a beginner or some one who is getting a bit more interested in getting better results from his/her photographs.
        I could go on about the features for ages, but it would only be an outline since I'm not yet clever enough to give a detailed and more in depth view. The camera runs on four AA batteries and they last for some considerable time compared to previous camera's I have had.


        The built in flash is of the pop up kind when the small button is pressed beside it. When taking pictures in darkened surroundings the view from the electronic viewfinder or screen is not very impressive, but the resulting pictures are. A selection and menu button at the rear beside the screen is an addition to the mode selection knob and allows greater interaction with the settings. From here you view your new better pictures and can even crop them from this menu system. The round navigational button also serves to switch quickly to Macro mode and Flash mode. Above this is another magic little button, which switches between the screen view and the electronic eyepiece view. I find this particularly of use since I find it easier to use the eyepiece rather than the screen.


        My newfound exploration into photography has been greatly enhanced by my purchase of this camera for £99.99 from Amazon. It is more than I had planned, since originally I was just going to get a point and shoot, which this camera does with ease and precision. I'm glad I changed my mind. The camera comes with a small quick start users manual and a CD. The CD contains a more in depth manual in PDF form, and Finepix veiwer to sort and catalogue your pictures. A lens cap and strap are also in the package.


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          26.09.2010 11:27
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A good camera. If you want something for landscapes or a good zoom, give this serious consideration

          This is a good quality reasonably priced camera. If you like to travel, or if you just have big hands, then I would recommend this camera.

          Most cameras these days are subject to that same craze that mobile phones had of trying to be as small as possible, regardless of how impractical that makes them to use. Therefore, if you don't want to buy a DSLR camera, but want something more substantial to hold, I recommend this.

          The shape makes it easier to hold, and thus avoids the cheeky cameo from our finger. Its shape makes it bulky, especially when in a decent camera case, but this is in part due to the 4 AA batteries it takes. 1 camera store I went to swore against anything that took regular batteries, as a serious expense, but for someone who does like to travel, this is actually preferable. AA batteries are readily available in just about every country in the world, and it removes worry about the battery dying on top of a mountain. Just pop a few more in and you are ready to continue snapping.

          The actual camera itself is good, with an impressive 15x zoom, and a whole host of functions beyond what most people are likely to use. However most of it is straight forward, so unless you take photography very seriously, you won't need to read the instructions.

          Particularly useful is the panorama function, which allows you to capture those fantastic landscape viewsm through the use of taking three side by side photos and then "stitching" them together. It might sound like hard work but with this camera it couldn't be easier. Even after zooming in on yor photo 20 times on the pc, you may well still struggle to see where one photo ends and the next starts.


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