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Hitachi HDC-571ES

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    2 Reviews
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      06.07.2010 22:05
      Very helpful


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      • Reliability


      a good camera

      ==Hitachi HDC - 756E Digital Camera==

      The Hitachi HDC 756E camera has been in my possession now for well over and year now although I do not use it as often as I should, preferring instead to use the camera on my mobile phone.

      I purchased this camera from Argos when it was on a special offer for around the £75 mark which was about half price off as I think as the RRP is around £140.
      To write this review I did check on the Argos website to see what the price was but it seems as though its now not available to buy.

      The camera really is used for when I sell items on eBay to take their pictures for listing. I have been selling old stamps and 45's recently so need to camera to be able to pick up imperfections on the stamps and make the records appear clear and this camera is up to the job.

      The camera comes in a nice leather case which has a hand tie option which can be taken on or off. There is the USB cable to attach to computer and charger which is wall plug operated.
      The booklet which came with the camera and is rather a size!
      I must confess to literally flicking through it and nothing more. I found the camera so simple to use and after a good fiddle round was able to work out all of the functions. The booklet however does have a good troubleshooting section and for people who would normally read these books I suspect it would have all the necessary information but perhaps a little too in depth by the size of the book.

      The camera itself is very simple to use (although Himself, who fears all technical things, does have trouble taking a single photo). The power button is located on the top of the camera along with the button which you press to take a shot. This button needs to be half depressed in order to get the crisp clear picture that is needed.

      On the backside of the camera there is a large 2.5 inch colour screen which shows the menu options or indeed the photo/film you are taking/recording. There are also the zoom in zoom out buttons and these also help to select items from the on screen menu and the menu can be selected by pushing the middle of three button that are down the side of the LCD screen.
      The other two button are the rubbish bin which deletes the items no longer needed and the display button which allows date and time to be on or off the picture along with clearing the screen of anything other than the photo.

      The camera has the ability to record a short video (well until it uses up all your memory) and this is simply chosen by flicking the switch at the top of the LCD screen.
      This button means you can flick through camera mode, video mode or library mode. The video clips which can be recorded are easy to do and because of there being a speaker on the back of the camera you can also hear the sound to go along with the film and this is clear and loud enough to hear whilst recording.

      The bottom section of the back of the camera has a circular set of buttons which have the closer range/long view button (highly technical terms here) which allow the modes of view to be switched. There is a brightness button, a timer button, the flash options and in the centre of the SET button which selects most of the final options from the other buttons.

      The bottom of the camera is where the memory card can be slotted in from opening up a slide section. The battery, which is a rechargeable, can is also located in this section of the camera.

      The right hand side of the camera has the whole where the computer attachment goes in and this is very tiny. Attaching it is easy but I do have to be careful as the pins seem rather flimsy compared to most other connectors.

      The front of the camera has the flash light bulb and the lens zoom tucked away nicely with a cover over the lens to keep it clean. It doesn't look anything particularly special but when I first purchased it, it was far better than my previous model and so a step up the latter in my opinion.

      The main part of the camera is the actual taking of photographs which I find very easy to do and he camera gives out a really good result. The camera can be turned on by the top button from just a quick press. This is then followed by making sure the flick button at the top is situated in the still picture mode and the correct mode is selected for the distance of the subjects.
      The picture on the LCD appears and the look of this is crisp and not at all box like and when the take picture button is half depressed a yellow square is seem on the screen until the focus has been adjusted and then the square turns blue so that the picture buttons need to then be fully depressed.

      The taken photo will appear on screen for a few seconds and then will be stored to the library. The old photos and film can all be viewed together in the library and edited easily.
      There is the option to change the photo to a whole host of different colours and styles. There is of course black and white along with sepia and negative plus a ton of others. The quality of the photo can be changed a long with the size of the size which I have set to the top ones but this does take up more of the built in memory of which there seems to be very little in actual use.


      2.5inch Full colour LTPS- TFT LCD 230 k pixels Screen
      3 x Super Zoom
      7.0Mega pixels
      32 MB of built in memory
      Supports SD memory card
      Rechargeable battery
      110 grams without battery or memory card!
      Dimensions 85.5 x 55 x 19.1 mm

      ==Overall Opinion==

      I think this camera is pretty good. Its looks okay and was a good price. The photos are easy to take and the whole unit is easy to work your way around (as was loading the soft wear which came with the camera). The pictures look good on the small LCD screen which is clear and colourful. Nice the photos themselves have been loaded up onto the computer they all look of a really good standard, with crisp lines and clear quality.

      My stamps appear clear when the photo has been taken and the camera does pick up all the detail that is needed, so for this I am happy with the performace of the product. All in all, I am sure there are far more fancier camera out there that do a lot more thing and have a higher pixel and more built in memory but for my use of it, I feel it does its job and does it well.

      I feel a score of 4 out of 5 stars is in order for this hitachi camera and a recommendation.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        18.06.2009 18:44
        Very helpful


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        A great little camera for taking family photos.

        I have an important family event coming up, so I was out shopping for new clothes for myself husband and three kids, finally I had everything I needed for us all, (or so I thought) so I went home after a tiring day of shopping only to find that my camera didn't work, so of course this meant that another trip into town was required to purchase a camera, I wasn't after anything to expensive as the camera is only for family use. I went to Argos and had a look at their selection of digital cameras, most of them were quite expensive, however I noticed that they had one on sale (Hitachi HDC-571ES)

        The camera came in the usual cardboard box packaging, inside the box was the camera, the instruction booklet, a case for the camera, the software CD-ROM, a USB cable, a strap for the camera and a pack of two batteries, upon opening the packaging I was slightly shocked to see such a small camera, however it is quite cute and dainty and for all the size of it, it is quite heavy. (There fore it wouldn't be easy to loose) The camera is available in two colors which are blue or silver, I chose the silver one.

        According to the user guide the camera is equipped with 5.0 megapixel sensors and it is capable of taking photos with a resolution of up to 2560 x 1920 pixels. You can also purchase an SD card for the camera, however I bought the camera and don't know a lot about SD cards extra so I didn't bother to purchase one, luckily hubby had one from an old mobile phone and this done the job, The card is also available to purchase at Argos.
        As I said the camera is silver in color with the word Hitachi wrote in black lettering across the front of the camera and to my surprise it has very few buttons,

        This pleased me as I am a bit silly when it comes to all this technology stuff lol, I just leave it to hubby, he's like a big kid with a new toy when it comes to anything like this anyway at the top of the camera there is the power button and the shutter button, running down the right hand side is where you can find the focus switch which is for normal or macro mode, below this switch there is the USB connecter. There are a few other buttons on the back of the camera for viewing pictures that you have already taken and zoom in etc.

        The software is quick and easy to install, the process only takes a few minutes, once the installation has been completed you are ready to take photos and upload your photos onto your PC, you can also use the camera as a PC camera, however your PC will need a microphone, a sound card, speakers or headphones, network or internet connection, the software for using the camera for a PC camera is included on the CD-ROM but it is not suitable for Mac Platforms (according to the user guide) The camera can also be used to take some video clips and will do all the usual stuff that you would expect from a digital camera.
        When you are transferring files such as the photos or video clips onto your computer there are certain requirements,

        they are as follows:
        Pentium 166 MHz or higher
        Windows 2000/XP/Vista
        128MB hard disk space
        128MB RAM
        CD-ROM drive
        Available USB port
        Power PC G3/G4/G5
        OS.9.0 OR later
        (I apologize if this list is not useful but as I said I am not good with technology so I thought that it might be useful to add this.)
        Some of the Specifications include:
        Recording media: 16MB internal memory (13.5MB for image storage)
        Supports SD/SDHC memory card up to 4GB
        File format Image format: JPEG video format: motion JPEG
        Self timer 10 sec delay
        Weight approximately 82g
        Other specs can be found at the back of the user manual.

        The camera is simple to use and the photos are off good quality, they can be easily deleted if you don't like them. The instruction manual provides step by step easy to follow instructions; all in all I am pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it.

        Thanks for reading
        this review will appear on other sites under the same username


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