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Kodak Easyshare C183

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    4 Reviews
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      22.02.2012 22:24
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      im sure for alot of people this is perfect but not my cup of tea

      I am going to start here with a confession.....I take way too many pictures. I am one of those people who has a camera on them at all times and am quite willing to snap away be it on a day out, a night on the town, a family party or a major event in my life. The way I look on things is that I can always delete a photo but I cannot go back and take one if I want it after a specific moment has passed. Due to this I actually have a multitude of cameras mainly down to the fact family seem to buy new ones and hand me their old ones as they know I don't like to take my main camera about in my handbag everyday in case of water or dropping (I also get regular cases of the clumsiness) so I was handed this camera by my brother when he upgraded recently (most probably because recently there was an accident with my main camera that, this time was no fault of my own)

      So my Kodak c183 is the black pearlescent version with silver trim around the lens and buttons. The camera dimensions are about 3.5 x 2.5 inches with a depth maximum of an inch. This camera is 14 mega pixels with a 3 x optical zoom and as cameras go it is pretty easy to operate. It is powered by 2 AA batteries which fit in the flap at the base, the same flap which hides the SD memory card

      The top of the camera has the function buttons, on/off, mode change, and flash settings as well as the expected shutter button with twist zoom.

      On the reverse of the camera is a 3 inch screen with a few further function buttons. These control playback, deleting and info as well as direction arrows ok button and the Kodak share button.

      So just what does this camera have on the inside?

      Well once turned on there is a variety of settings as with all digital cameras these days these are:

      **Smart Capture
      A basic point and shoot mode great for when you grab the camera for that quick shot.

      Complete with sound as well as motion picture this camera has enough mega pixels to shoot a good quality video with good sound.

      A mode in which you can easily change some of the basic settings on, to your desired preference.

      A place which makes it easy to pick a scene setting for any condition or event to give you the perfect picture at any opportunity, the scenes on this camera are as follows:

      Panoramic left - right
      Panoramic Right - left
      Blur reduction
      Close up
      Night Portrait
      Night landscape
      Self portrait
      ISO low light
      Panning shot
      Candle light


      So as cameras go this is very easy to use in general the picture quality is fabulous with the 14 mega pixels making all your shots clear and concise. I have tried out most of the settings with the exception of the panning shot which although will be useful to me once the motorsport season starts I still have another week until my first motor sport event of the year. Each scene selection has worked just as planned and as good as I expected I am especially pleased with the panoramic shots this camera has given me some stunning sea shots over the last few days. Most of these scene selections are standard on most digital cameras now and I'm sure we have all played with some of them.

      The shape of the camera makes it easy to hold with the bulkier side where the batteries are inserted making this easy to grasp. Overall size is perfect for keeping in your handbag or pocket I have however substituted the provided wrist strap with a longer one but this is purely down to preference rather than necessity. The camera looks good it is stylish and the screen is clear. Unlike most people i like to have a AA battery powered camera, then if i am at an event and have to sleep in a tent i do not have to worry about keeping battery packs charged.

      However it is not all good there are a few issues one of which would put me off this camera completely if I was buying it myself of so the small issues are I'm not keen on the idea of a mode selection button rather to the twist dial with the rest of my cameras. This could be down to me but I feel it is more complicated than it needs to be being a button. Second of all is a pet hate of mine having the memory card slot in where the batteries are placed, I know it saves on movable parts but I would rather have separate openings to make it easier to change memory cards in a hurry. Third small problem is that the zoom dial doesn't seem to protrude as much away from the main body of the camera so sometimes it is a little hard to adjust the zoom as quick as you want. Now for the big Issue when you turn the camera on and select a scene such as blur reduction all is great until you turn the camera off to save battery. When you turn the camera back on it has reset back to smart capture mode and you have to reset your preferences again. This makes this camera completely useless for me at racing events as blur reduction or panning shot have to be used for all but portraits and I would be endlessly sorting the settings out and would most probably miss a great shot, I understand this may not be a deal breaker for some people but personally this would have made me choose another camera had I been buying it myself.

      If you are looking for a good camera to just point and shoot with then this is perfect. I have researched the price while writing this review and have seen it for as low as £49 which I believe is a great price, but if you are like me and make full use of the functions available I would steer clear.


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        17.05.2011 16:27


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        Opens up a whole new world for technology challenged people!

        Kodak has the nack of making the camera easy to use while at the same time enabling one to take really good, almost professional photographs - not to mention revolutionising the use of social networking sites in terms of publishing ones photos for all to see! I have never been very good at working out where the light should be, or that taking a picture of the sun doesn't work.... This camera makes it easy - everything is clearly set out and it is almost impossible to get it wrong! For anyone who doesn't really understand technology, like my father who is 76 for example, this camera opens up a whole new world - my father has one too, and now he posts photos of him and mum on facebook - it is the best way to keep up with close ones, particularly when you live far away from each other. The next best thing about this camera is the price - for the quality of photo, its unbeatable! I used to think that I needed to spend £400 on a more sophisticated model if I was to be able to take good photos - this was just not the case! I definitely recommend this camera - its great!


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        15.05.2011 19:13


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        cheap, simple and great quality!

        I bought this camera for my sister at Christmas as shed just had a baby and say my of course auntie wanted as many pictures as possible! I must say my sister absolutely loved it ! I fell that i got much more than I payed for with this came a (roughly £80 from Argos) the main reason i bought it was because of its 14 mpix which for that price i think is well worth it! Also my sister is a keen Facebooker so this camera was perfect for her as it has a share button that allows you to put your pictures straight onto the site. My sisters not the best with technology so i was pleased to know that the camera was very simple to use, i got the camera in red and it looks very stylish!

        I would recommend the Easy share C183 as its a stylish , compact and very simple to use camera. If your looking for a camera that's not too technical but good quality then this is definitely the one to go for!


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        28.01.2011 20:29
        Very helpful


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        Fantastic camera, small in size which makes it easy to carry.

        I bought the Kodak Easyshare C183 from Asda at only £59 which I thought was an absolute bargain as its usually between £71-£90. This camera is absolutely brilliant!

        Firstly it produces high quality pictures with a variety of settings including, automatic flash smart capture, infra-red capture (which means you can take high quality photos in the dark!), you can choose a variety of background colours like vivid, full, basic, sepia, black and white. It also has instant video processing and the video quality is amazingly very good. It's very simple to use, easily transfer and share videos and photos to most social networks. Fast speed when transferring to your PC. It has an inbuilt internal memory of just 32 MB but you can add a memory card with up to 20GB which means it can store close to 5,000 pictures and at least 100 videos of 10 minute lengths!

        It also has good alkaline batteries which can last up to a week without charging it. It's a perfect camera if you regularly travel or if you like just snapping away precious moments. If you love taking photos and videos, I recommend this one. Especially for those that sell photos online, this camera produces excellent quality. Would recommend this to even the expert of photographers.


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      • Product Details

        Share your world big and bright with the Kodak EASYSHARE C183 Digital Camera. Now sharing your life in amazing detail is as simple as pressing a button. And with Kodak's smart capture feature, you'll be proud to show off your memories to the world. If you like taking pictures, you'll love sharing them even more with the C183. The real Kodak MOMENT happens when you share.

        Technical Data

        Product Description: Kodak EASYSHARE C183 - digital camera
        Product Type: Digital camera - compact
        Memory Card Slot: SD card
        Sensor Resolution: 14.0 Megapixel
        Max Video Resolution: 640 x 480
        Lens System: 3 x zoom lens
        Focus Adjustment: Automatic
        Min Focus Distance: 60 cm
        Digital Zoom: 5 x
        Image Stabiliser: Electronic
        Camera Flash: Built-in flash
        Display: LCD display - 3"
        Supported Battery: 2 x AA alkaline battery ( included )
        2 x AA NiMH rechargeable battery ( optional )
        2 x AA lithium battery ( optional )
        AV Interfaces: Composite video/audio
        Colour: Silver
        Dimensions (WxDxH): 9.6 cm x 3.1 cm x 6.2 cm
        Weight: 175 g
        Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty