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Kodak Easyshare C875

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    3 Reviews
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      20.09.2012 12:10


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Its a great camera

      I still own one of these today, I bought it a few years ago for about £55, but I haven't seen the need to rush out to buy a new camera because I really like this one, and it takes good pictures, ok its only 8 mega pixels and quiet a chunky camera compared to others, but the photo prints iv had are clear and good enough for me. I guess it depends how much your willing to spend, but this camera suited me at the time.

      It also has a video function which I use a lot too, though when you play them back on the camera you cant hear the sound, as it don't have a speaker, but it works great when transferred onto computer, and loud enough to here clearly, so no worries there.

      Its easy to use, there's a button which you can press to turn the flash on or turn off, there are other setting you can turn the dial on the top to for taking different types of pictures, whether its for up close, or moving objects for example, but usually I use the automatic setting.


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      11.02.2008 00:01
      1 Comment



      buy it!!

      I bought the kodak easyshare c875 last year from a Currys store. it was one of the cheapest at the time for the amount of megapixels, and cost me around £130.00. The salesperson did try and push the photo printer station onto us, saying that it would give us the optimum quality photo, but i think he was just after the sale. the pictures have been more than adequate from my pc printer and local printing shops.

      I enjoyed using this camera alot with my 2 young daughters and took to taking it out with me in my handbag anywhere i went to get alot of pictures of them. unfortunately just before my son was born in january my eldest daughter trod on my handbag getting out of the car, and the camera died-the screen went blank with a big black streak though the middle (although i did try and take a picture and the camera did still work, but without the display you couldnt aim the camera, as theres no viewing hole.

      Unfortunately i couldnt stretch my budget to buy another one of these, but i would have if i could so instead i chose one model down-7 million megapixels only £59, still Kodak and it seems to do a great job too.

      This was a great camera, wish i still had it!! only small complaint i had was that it was a little heavy and quite thick, but the next model down is actually lighter and a bit slimmer, but slightly lower megapixels, which will affect the picture should you wish to print a large copy of it.


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        16.07.2007 23:34
        Very helpful



        Overall a steady buy!

        Is it me or when a child takes up a new hobby there is always something that you have to buy, and when my son came back and said “I joined photography club” nearly fainted, oh great the boy needs a camera.

        Now, all fairness to the lad he doesn’t ask for much and he was due for a new camera because all thought he probably takes the best shots out of the lot of us, he is still using an old 3.2 mega pixel Kodak, so although reluctant, we went out shopping one day (admittedly only to a couple of shops, the local comet and currys I believe) and we scooped up what seemed to be a bargain, the Kodak 8.0 mega pixel EasyShare C875.

        I mean the name just sold it! Now im no novice when buying technology, so when the man in comet tried to baffle me with long words and supposedly good ‘features’ I saw pass the obvious sales pitch and stuck the hevey questions to hm such as optical zoom, picture quality, exposure, he quality of the auto focu and the flexibility of the manual focus, the internal memory and so on and so forth, novice questions I know, but then it was for a novice photographer.

        And after he couldn’t answer myquestions he let me take (and print) some photos (desperate for the sale) and read through the manual, and let me say that first impression was that it was a good solid camera, and that is the impressions I still have to this day.

        Anyway, enough babbling! Here’s a run down of what a novice would like to know:


        8.0 mega pixel resolution
        5 X optical zoom
        21 scene modes
        Fully customizable manual focus options
        2.5inch screen
        No view finder
        32mb internal memory - upgradable by SD card
        Take up 80 mins of video
        Mic for audio recording and speaker for playback
        (although it can take two AAs, id recommened a good quality rechargeable battery otherwise they wont last a day!)

        Picture Quality:

        A well taken photo produced more then fair results thanks to the 8 mega pixel resolution of the camera, with the colours very strong and vibrant (arguably too strong, however I like it personally). Again the photos remained very defined, even when zoomed in to the max, the only possible place it let itself down was in light areas where picture detail was slightly lacking.

        Ease of Use

        As with all Kodak’s the EasyShare is very easy to use, with a simplistic menu, despite such manual control, which leads you through each option. This along with the few well labeled button, this camera is more then easy to operate, and indeed my son (when I let him) can use it well!

        Overall the Kodak EasyShare C875 is a versatile digital camera, and for its price range of about £145 it was a good quality, compact and easy to use camera the had all of the features I needed (oops I mean my SON needed) and is one I am happy to recommend for people needing a good steady digital camera, and when buying a make like Kodak, you know it is a popular brand and therefore has a good reputation. I’m happy with this buy!


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