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Kodak Easyshare CX7530

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    7 Reviews
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      27.02.2012 02:34
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Big, bulky old camera with a lot of useful features, find out just what?

      Okay so I bought this over sized camera from the market in my local town around a month and a half ago and to be quite honest I have not stoped using it yet so I have had quite a bit of experience with it so far. This digital camera is a very old make compared to the modern day digital cameras that are out, but despite that fact it does work very well.

      The camera itself is a 5.0 MEGA PIXEL camera which these days you can actually get on alot of mobile phones. 5.0 MEGA PIXEL doesn't seem like alot anymore compared to the new 14.0 MEGA PIXEL Digital Cameras and the Digital Cameras that work in High Definition, but for me this was enough. The picture when uploaded onto the computer is actually quite amazing and is very crystal clear. I used the camera down in torquay and I didn't miss a moment.
      The picture itself on the camera isn't as clear as I hoped as it is only displayed on a 1.8 in/4.6 cm Hi - Resolution screen, but I guess If you can see it then you can see that it is a good quality screen just very small.

      To turn the camera is is quite easy, there isn't a typical power button but instead there is a dial on the top of the camera which you just simply turn to which ever feature of the camera you would like to use and obviously to conserve your battery when you are not using the camera you just turn the dial to the OFF part. Above the OFF section there is different camera options you can turn it to "Close Up" mode which is used for object that are closer than 28 inches and it takes the best picture it can for those objects and this is the very top feature. The next feature you can choose is "Landscape" and this is used for distant scenery that you may want to capture. Next on the camera is "Night" and this is used to capture the subject and background at night time and is very useful. "Sport" is the next one and this is used for when the subject is in motion, then you have "Portrait" which can be used for full frame photos and other subjects and the very last one is "Auto" which means the camera will try it's vest to detect the best setting for you.
      Below the OFF sign you can enter favourites mode or you can switch to video camera mode.
      The video camera on this Digital Camera is actually quite exceptional for the camera that it is. You don't see any lag with the camera, it has the date and time and it allows you to zoom and have the flash on or off. You can then record for aslong as your battery will let you.

      The buttons around the display screen is what makes this camera so easy to use as they are very basic and tell you clearly what they are used for. On the left hand side of the screen there is a big "delete" button used for deleting your photos and/or video. There is directional buttons and on ok button for use on the photos and features and there and there is a little red share button used for sharing with kodak.
      Above the screen is a timer button and a flash button to set how you want the flash to work and on the right hand side of the screen there is your zoom in and out buttons, a menu button and a review button for looking through all of your photos and videos you have taken and recorded.
      Above the screen aswell is a little mini screen like you would have on the old polaroid cameras and I guess this can be useful if your big screen ever goes bust and you don't have money to get it fixed as you will still be able to see what's going to be in the photo.

      The camera itself runs on two AA batteries as it doesn't come with rechargable ones, and this for me is a slight downfall with the camera as the battery does run out fairly quickly and for me it is seven pound for a new pack of batteries.
      The flash on the camera is actually very powerful and is extremely useful at night time. It can be used for both photo and video and doesn't really take a big toll on the battery.
      The sound that is recorded in the video mode is suprisingly clear aswell but I guess it could do with been a little louder. I have dropped the camera about 4 times though now and there isn't a single mark on the camera and everthing still works completely fine like brand new.
      I think the two biggest downfalls about this camera is the:

      Look of the Camera
      The installation CD

      The look of the camera in my opinion is very ugly compared newr cameras as it is very big and bulky and has a funny colour to it.
      The installation CD was a nightmare aswell, no matter how many times I Uninstalled and Reinstalled the software, it just wouldn't work for the camera, but lucky enough I use an SD card which can go straight into my computer and I can take all of my media off the camera that way. And what I discovered the other day was if I just plug the camera into the computer without the software, XP just does the rest for you with the installation and it works fine that way. Kodak failed to mention this in there installation guide and insist that you use there software but ohwell.

      Picture Quality 4/5
      Range & Quality of Features 5/5!
      Ease of Use 5/5
      Durability 5/5
      Overall Look & Design 2/5


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      15.05.2009 20:26
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Often available relatively cheap on eBay - don't be fooled by it's age.

      I purchased this camera a few years ago from eBuyer, at the time for what felt like the bargain price of just £100 including an AA battery charger and (huge!) 128 MB memory card. At the time I had many reviews, which seemed to be praising this camera, and focusing on it's small size, so upon receiving the package I was eager to try it out. Despite what I had read I felt that it was pretty large (compared to my expectations anyway), although still a good enough size to make operating it a comfortable experience.

      Included in the box were the standard accessories; wrist strap, USB cable, A/V cable, a lot of printed instructions, software disk, and (due to it being a Kodak), a printer dock adaptor.

      It is in no way an ultra-compact credit card sized thing that is often seen nowadays, but this to me means that image quality is not compromised upon. You can tell that it is by no means of DSLR quality, although pictures from it are significantly better than a newer, slimmer, higher MP Casio. The camera is capable of taking decent quality photos under most conditions, except for very dark nights.

      The camera does have a video mode, capturing at 640 * 480 (@ 15fps) with audio, limited only by the size of your memory card. Quality is reasonable so long as there is sufficient lighting, the only thing that let's it down is the low frame rate, making sudden movements appear rather jerky. In addition to this zoom is disabled whilst recording video (although you can set it beforehand), this is no doubt due to the fact that the motor would interfere to the microphone (in close proximity to each other), hence messing up with the audio.

      There are 6 different modes on the camera, all of which automatically adjust the settings based on different environments, under most conditions I have found the Auto mode to produce good results, although depending on usage others may be more appropriate to you.

      A nice little feature is that the camera is capable of taking multiple sequential shots, this allows for SLR like capabilities where up to 5 pictures can be taken at once. Although when using this the autofocus system seems to be disabled (presumably because it can't keep up with the camera) resulting in sometimes blurry shots, although the effect can look quite good when capturing moving objects!

      As your knowledge of the camera progresses you will find that there are a few manual controls, allowing for you to override what the camera thinks' is best. You don't get full control over everything, although some nice picture's can be had by adjusting settings such as shutter time - allowing for nice effects at night time (just be sure to keep the camera still!).

      Despite being many years old, and out of date by today's standards, I still use this camera regularly, and the quality of the pictures is yet to let me down, if you want to see some examples of what it is capable of take a look at places like flickr.


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      21.10.2008 23:28
      Very helpful



      The army swiss knifes of camera's

      We purchased this camera around 6 months off a lady who was advertising it in our local paper, for around £40 and it was brand new,boxed and came with usb leads etc.

      The camera is silver in color and is very light weight to handle.
      It has 5.0 mega pixels and the picture quality is stunning. The camera has a wide range of features all of which are easy to use and understand. These include 5x digital zoom, handy if you want to capture items far away, as you can zoom in and get in good shot! A 1.8 inch color screen which you can display pictures that you've just taken, can be used day or night. You can protect your most precious images, by locking them, this way they can't get accidentally deleted, and can only be unlocked by yourself. It has a 32gb internal memory which easily holds 30 pictures. A integrated SD memory card slot that you can transfer photo's onto, Then simply take the card out and print the photo's off you want. A built in button for flash, red eye, and fill. A ten second self timer, so you can set the camera and then take photo's of yourself- just be sure to get the camera at the right angle!.
      There are 6 different scene mode's, night, landscape, close-up, burst and sport, these are useful for all different types of events.
      Extra options on the camera, to edit photo's, change them to black and white, sepia, or color.

      I have always trusted Kodak when it comes to camera's, as they never seem to fail. This camera is brilliant quality and so easy to use, even for novices, the instructions are clear to understand, and is has so many features, it's like the swiss army knife of camera's.
      The only thing i find is that bing such a high powered camera it does use disposable very quickly and so i used to find i was replacing them more times than i can think. si i invested in some rechargeable batteries suitable for cameras, which works out a lot cheaper.


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      23.02.2008 17:32
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Good camera, would recommend if you can find it cheap

      We've had this camera for a while now, purchased from comet I belive, with a photo printer, in a package for around £160, which, nowadays, wouldn't be a great deal, but back then it was.

      The camera has been a good, reliable camera, with exceptionally good photos for a compact camera.

      It has a range of good, useful features, including video with sound.

      So, on the outside, on the front of the camera, you have a wide flash light, two led lights, which I haven't as of yet figured out what it is for, the viewing lens, and the actual lens, and a small microphone.
      To the left side, there is a DC 3V in for charging the battery, and to the right side, there is a 'appartment' you can open, and apply the SD/MMC card, USB, and some other socket, I don't know what is for!
      On the bottom, there is a slide open battery appartment, which holds AA batterys/the rechargable pack that comes with it. There is also a hole for attaching the camera to a tripod stand, and then a socket to connect the camera to a printer.
      On the top is a speaker for video playback, the 'snap' button to take the photo/record the video, and then a something you turn to change the mode, you can select here from 'Off', 'Auto', 'Portrait', 'Sport', 'Night', 'Landscape', 'Close up', 'Faourates' and 'Video'.
      On the back of the camera, you have the View Finder, with a LED light next to it, which flashes ethier Green or Red, Green to say the camera is ready, and red to say the battery is dead/ out of memory. There is a timer button, flash and information button, Delete button, up, down, left, right and OK buttons, share button, Menu button, zoom in/out buttons, and review button.

      There is also a nice 1.8" display, though my MP3 players screen is bigger, it's big enough.

      The device does tend to eat up batterys, just like most camera, though it is no where near as bad as eating batterys as my sisters 7mp one.

      It seems pretty strong, I doubt you would break it by dropping it on the floor, although I wouldn't recommend you testing that.
      It takes the image fairly fast, not the fastest, but no way the slowest.

      It isn't an ugly looking thing, but I wouldn't say the looks are spectacular.

      The zoom isn't the best, 3X optical, but it is better than nothing, and I think it is 10X digital zoom.

      The camera measures about (W)10.5cm (H)7cm (D)4cm, so not mega bulky, and it isn't too heavy ethier.

      It is a pretty good camera overall, I would recommend it if you can find it at a good price.


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        11.07.2006 19:01


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        The important points for me are how easy this camera is to use.

        The Kodak Easyshare CX 7530 1768738 is a great digital camera. It allows you many options, one of them being; sharing your pictures. A few of the high points are the quailty of the pictures, easy use, and of coarse portability. I have had good luck with this camera where ever i travel and would recommend it to anyone of my friends or family. This camera also looks sleek, clean, and sophisticated. The price of the camera is not very steep for the features that you get either. So when deciding on this product I would definitly go with it!


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        09.09.2005 13:56
        Very helpful



        It looks good, it's easy to use, and it works well

        It looks good, it's easy to use, it works well. Basically, it's a good camera, at a decent price.

        I would highly recommend this camera, on the simple basis that while it seems to have a lot of special features, I've had very little trouble getting used to it, and as I've never really used a digital camera in the past, I'd say that's quite an accomplishment for me. With 5.0 mega pixels, it's (apparently) pretty good, and it's just as handy for filming as it is for actually taking photos. Along with the automatic setting, which basically does the work for you, there are also several others, designed specifically for photos of landscapes, sport, or people, and there's also a night setting. Using that, I managed to take some fantastic pictures of the spectacular sunset the other night, although it's not quite so good if you're inside and trying to take a photo from a distance.

        When it comes to transferring the photos to computer, the program which is included is really easy to use, and it's very helpful for editing the photos too. However, using the program to organise the photos and print them is a bit more difficult - as far as I can tell, it doesn't allow selective printing, so I've had to resort to using the Windows Print Wizard instead.

        Despite the few flaws, however, it's a good camera, and a good investment.

        © Elioclya 2005


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          21.05.2005 10:28
          Very helpful



          Well the thing is I’ve never owned a camera. I know that’s hard to believe and sad for a man of 40 but it’s just the way my life has panned out. So when I booked my much publicised trip to New York I simply had to get me a digital camera. Of course, the trouble was I knew nothing about digital cameras. Soooooooo………

          I researched the market. This involved scanning several websites, reading the Argos guide to digital cameras (brief but helpful), talking to friends and having a look through “What Camera” magazine. This all sounds a lot of palaver but it was a big commitment and needed to be right. The only drawback with all of this is that I left it to the week before I went away and so missed out on a great deal over the Net!

          The big win with a digital camera is that there is no longer any need for film. APS cameras moved things on but digital cameras store images as files in a digital memory. This means that the quality of photos is so much better than ever before and there is so much more that you can do with the resultant files. You can also develop your own photos with photographic quality paper freely available in suitable outlets and via the Web.

          I decided on the Kodak CX7530 and this is why:

          *** Resolution***
          The quality of the pictures is measured in megapixels and the higher the counter the better the picture. I’d been told to use 4.0 megapixels as a minimum benchmark but this one came with 5.0, which should mean a high quality result at a value for money cost. The cheaper models come with a lower megapixel count but that means that the resolution of the final product is not as good as there is less detail in the image.

          *** Brand***
          The digital camera market is a cut throat place. With big hitters like Canon, Fuji, Minolta and Olympus to name but a few it can be a difficult choice but I went with Kodak as they have been established in the photographic market ever since George Eastman set the ball rolling in the 19th century. His Eastman Kodak Company has been at the forefront of developments in photography for many decades since although any competitive advantage Kodak had over other companies went a long time ago with the entrance of the Japanese companies into the technology markets. Nevertheless, Kodak is a world-wide brand with the service back up if anything goes wrong so seemed a sensible choice.

          *** Taking pictures***
          The CX7530 comes with a 3x optical zoom lens allowing for scope with choice of shots. With 9 scene and colour modes and an easy to use configuration on the back panel, this was ideal for a beginner like me. The instruction book that came with it tells you how to use the various modes such as night mode, portrait and so on. The ability to view find either conventionally through an eye-hole or by using the viewing panel on the back made taking pictures a doddle. All I would say is to remember to use the sports mode for piccies where folks are moving around. I used night mode for shots in Grand Central Station and they came out blurred *sigh*

          *** Video***
          There is a TV-quality (VGA) continuous video featuring audio playback allowing short video clips to be taken Generally heavy on battery power I’ve yet to use this in a big way preferring to stick with stills for now. Then again, we did take a digital camcorder to the US so we didn't need to use this anyway.

          *** Facilities***
          The CX7530 comes with software that, once loaded, allows easy transfer of pictures to PC. An Ethernet connection from the back of the camera plugs into a port in the back of your PC and the software does the rest. I didn’t buy a camera dock at the time as I didn’t realise what they did but camera docks make transfers even easier although you need to weigh up the benefits versus the costs of purchasing a dock as the software should suffice.

          As mentioned above, because the photos are stored on memory, it is possible to manipulate them. Red eye reduction, adjusting backgrounds to make them lighter and crop and rotate are just a few of the things you can do to edit the final result. It's surprising how different you can make the image!

          *** Size and weight***
          I wanted something fairly dinky so that I didn’t get in the way of things. The CX7530 fits snugly into an average hand and is lightweight enough to pop into a trouser pocket. To tell you the truth, I suspect the size and weight is par for the course for digital cameras which are pretty small these days.

          *** Appearance***
          The CX7530 is quite a nifty looking beast what with it being silver coloured and all. The optical zoom is nicely tucked away until you turn it on so it has a great compact appearance that means you are proud to carry it around.

          *** Battery Life***
          The camera came with 2 lithium batteries although these were soon spent over in New York. I wish I’d have bought some re-chargeable batteries to take over there as I ended up resorting to buying normal AA batteries. These didn’t last long at all. You can get re-chargeable batteries together with a charger from the Ukcamera site from £19.99 upwards. Alternatively, the camera dock will charge the batteries for you if you choose to buy one.

          ---The results---
          I took around 40 stills in New York and was delighted with the results. The software made transfer easy to my PC setting up an album for the stills. For the first time I could get my pictures at full screen size and editing and utilising them is now a cinch. The jpeg format means that I no longer need the scanner to put the pictures on my homepage and if I want to e-mail the pictures to family and friends then this is easy too!

          You will be able to buy cheaper cameras than this one. It is still easy to come by beginners' digital cameras at well under a £100. However, you won’t get the picture quality of this model. Conversely, you can pay a lot more than the sum I paid if you want to head towards the Pro’s standards. Megapixels get higher still but I wanted value for money with the best quality I could get so the CX7530 was the one for me.

          Also, like most digital cameras, the CX7530 comes with an internal memory but that means you will only get approx 20 photos with that kind of capacity. Inevitably, you'll be forced to buy a memory card which is a small computer chip that fits into a slot at the side of the camera. This suddenly increases the memory so that capacity shoots up to 200 or so images but you will have to either pay for it an an extra or buy it as part of the package when you buy the camera.

          I bought my camera from Argos for £179.99. It had apparently been reduced from £229.99 but using the quick pay facility meant that I wasn’t told that it didn’t come with a memory card as advertised in their brochure. I had to go back on the day of our flight to the States to buy a 256MB memory card for another £39.99. The total of approx £240 would have been beaten easily by Ukdigitalcameras.co.uk who are selling this model for £169.99 together with a 256MB SD card i.e. I would have saved £50 if I’d have done the deal through them *groan* My friend bought his from this site and said the service was fine. The Dooyoo site shows deals from £114 at Pixmania so it would be well worth checking out the package on offer to see if you can get the cost down further.

          I haven’t covered all of the things that the CX7530 can do by any stretch of the imagination but I hope the main points above give you a flavour of what the camera can do.

          I would recommend the CX7530 to those wanting an easy to use camera aimed at beginners but has more about it than most middle of the market digital cameras. I would definitely go to http://www.ukdigitalcameras.co.uk or call them on 0845 123 5 345 to avoid making the same mistake as I did unless you spot a better deal elsewhere! Well I hope I haven’t bored you all too much and have a nice weekend y’hear!

          Thanks for reading


          Spec for tech heads:

          Pixels CCD 5 millions pixels
          Resolution 2560 x 1920 pixels
          Optical Optical Viewfinder Yes (direct viewfinding)
          LCD display High resolution LCD TFT 4,6 cm screen
          Macro Distance N/A
          Normal Distance 60 cm to infinity
          Optical Zoom 3x (equivalent to 34-102 mm)
          Digital Zoom 5x
          ISO range Mode auto and 80/100/200/400/800
          Aperture and Shutter Speed Aperture: f/2.7-5.2
          Shutter speed: 1/2-1/1 400 sec.
          Flash (built-in) Auto - On/Off - Red eye reduction - add-on
          Storage Image formats Photo: JPEG (EXIF 2.2)
          Video: Quicktime MOV (MPEG-4)
          Memory Card Type Slot Secure Digital/MultimediaCard
          Included Memory None
          Internal Memory Internal memory 32 Mb
          Video Video Sequence Video MPEG-4 with sound
          video mode : 640x 480 pixels (VGA) to 13 images per second
          Video mode : 320 x240 pixels (QVGA) to 20 images per second
          TV Out composite output A/V PAL/NTSC
          Webcam No
          Computer InterFace Port USB1.1
          Connection interface to KODAK docking/printing station
          Wireless function No
          Compatibility PC: Microsoft Windows 98/98 Second edition/Me/2000/XP
          Mac: OS X (v10.2.3, 10.3), SAFARI (v1.0 or higher)
          Included softwares KODAK EASYSHARE software


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