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Kodak Easyshare M530

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    7 Reviews
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      04.11.2011 20:48
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Great camera for social use

      I first decided to look for a new digital camera after my old one 'went for a swim' in a pint of beer (technology repels me). So the first thing I did was go down to Currys and I had a talk with the sales advisors about which camera would best suit my needs. I am not a great photographer, though I do take alot of photos when I am out and about with my friends or if when I go on holidays or for a day away so I dont need a top of the range professional (expensive) camera. I am however abit of a geek when it comes to technology and like to get as much value as I can for my penny.

      The first thing I should include in this review is the product specification:
      Style: Ultra Compact
      Megapixels: 12
      Zoom: 3x
      LCD Screen: 2.7
      MemoryCards: SD/SDHC
      Resolution: 4:3 16:9 3:2
      File Formats: JPEG
      White Balance Settings: auto, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, open shade
      Flash Modes: Auto, fill, red-eye reduction, off
      Shooting Modes: portrait, landscape, close-up, night portrait, night landscape, snow, beach, text, fireworks, flower, museum/ manner, self-portrait, high-ISO, children, backlight, panning shots, candlelight,
      sunset, sport, blur reduction, panorama
      Maximum Movie Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
      Maximum Movie Frames Per Second: 30 fps
      Maximum Movie Duration: Up to 4GB
      Image Stabilisation: No
      Lens Converters: No
      Self Timer: 10 seconds or 2 seconds
      Computer Connection: Yes
      Batteries: Lithium-ion Rechargeable
      Dimensions: 93.7 x 56.7 x 22.7 mm
      Weight: 130g

      The first thing I was interested in when I decided to buy a new camera was the battery, I wanted the battery to be rechargeable as I really hate having to change the batteries in any device I buy, having a rechargeable battery in your camera is much handier. This cameras battery is rechargeable and also the battery life is quite impressive, I dont really have to charge it that often and I use it quite regularly, this is useful as my old camera's batteries used to run out half way through the day when I was on holidays and this can be very annoying when you want to take pictures of the sights.

      This cameras flash, like many digital cameras, is built in. There however is one criticism that I do have about this camera is that the flash is very bright, this can be annoying when you are out socialising and are taking pictures of you and your friends and everyone ends up saying that you have 'blinded' them. There are a number of flash modes however that you can use when operating this camera, these include, Auto, fill, red-eye reduction and off so if the flash isnt needed, it is easily turned off and also you can choose the red-eye reduction mode (which is a double flash) to stop your pictures coming up with red eyes.

      This camera take 12 megapixal photos, the quality of pictures that this camera produces is really good for social use, there is also a blur reduction feature within this camera, this is really easy to use and comes in handy when you want to take pictures of things that are moving.

      The memory that is built into this camera is very small, 32MB, this isnt really enough if you want to take alot of pictures, I reccommend buying extra memory when purchasing this camera, this camera is compatable with SD or SDHC memory cards, when buying my camera I also purchased a SanDisk SDHC 16GB memory card cheap online and this is more than enough storage space for my pictures, I have well over 1000 photos on my camera at present and still have room for more.

      There are a number of great shooting modes that you can explore when taking pictures with this camera, they include
      Portrait- this is used for full frame photos of people and other objects.
      Landscape- this is used for distant scenery.
      Night portrait- this is used at night to capture both subject and the background.
      Night landscape- this is used for distant scenery photos at night.
      Snow- this is used in a bright snow scene.
      Beach- this is used in a bright beach scene.
      Text- this is used for photos of documents.
      Fireworks- this is used for photos of fireworks.
      Flower- this is used for photos of flowers in bright light.
      Museum/ manner: this is used when the sound and flash are not desired.
      Self-portrait: this is used for a close-up of ones self
      High-ISO: this is used when you want to take a picture in very low light.
      Children: this is used for action pictures of children in bright light.
      Backlight: this is used when the light in the photos is behind the subject.
      Panning shots: this is used for expressing speed of the subject.
      Candlelight: this is used when capturing candle light.
      Sunset: this is used in sunset light.
      Sport: this is used to reduce the effect of fast action.
      Blur reduction: this is used to reduce blur due to subject motion.
      Panorama: this is used for producing images that are too long to capture in one picture take.
      These are really useful features and they are explained well within the camera.

      There is also a video camera mode on this camera, this is not great quality but is more suited to short video clips.

      This camera is connected to the computer easily with the use of a USB connection, when you first connect this camera to your computer you are asked to register yor camera with Kodak to enable quick sharing of photos, you can then choose to select the photos you want to save to your computer or else save all the photos saved on your camera at once, it is a really handy and quick way to do this and is a great feature of the camera. It is also possible to save pictures from your camera directly to either the Kodak Gallery, Facebook or Flicker with the touch of one button on this camera.

      This camera is small and compact and is easily carried around, it has a decent sized screen to view taken pictures (this is listed in the spec.).

      I bought this camera for £89.99 a year and a half ago, however if you were to buy it now you may get it cheaper, I think it was money well spent and am really happy with my camera purchase, I think it is a great camera for everyday use and would recommend it to anyone looking for a casual use (non professional) camera.

      *also posted on ciao under lorrainek90*


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        08.03.2011 23:32


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        Great mid price camera for technophobes.

        I have a very poor history with cameras be they polaroid, film or digital - I don't know if it is my magnetic personality or what but they have a terrible habit or conking out on me.

        My latest camera is a Kodak Easy Share M530 12 available for around £70, this is apparently much less than the original price but I am yet to find one at full price.

        The camera has 12 mega pixels 3x optical zoom and automatic focus. It also has easy share option for uploading to social networking sites Facebook and Flickr.

        I have very little technical savy and hate reading instructions so a camera that you can just pick up, point and shoot is perfect for me. The instruction booklet you get is quite large and intimidating but you will find that this is mainly the same 20 odd pages in multiple languages. There is no CD software to add to your computer, you can just plug in the USB and you are on your way. The process of transferring images from your camera to your computer is very intuitive and therefore very easy.

        This is a very intuitive and intelligent camera, it has a smart capture option which means the camera does the work for you. I have found the picture quality to be excellent, all images are crisp and clear. The automatic focus is great as it means you do not have to fiddle about with the settings to get a good picture. The face recognition function can detect up to 5 faces in a scene so you should never have a chopped off head ever again. It does not have a view finder which I think is fairly typical of digital cameras so you use the LCD screen to check what you are shooting. The camera also has a flash which goes off automatically depending upon the quality of the light around it. As I have said this is an intelligent camera that will clean up any noise, shadows, red eye etc so you should find it hard to take a bad picture.

        The video option is easy to use and quality is very good although the audio quality could be better.

        Easy Share - this is not as easy as you would think and it took me a while to get my head around it. I was expecting to be able to share online at the press of a button but you have to connect to your computer to utilise this option.

        The camera design is quite cool (mine is black and red).It is very light and small enough to fit in a hand bag for a night out. I have also found it quite durable, dropping it a few times does not seem to have had any ill affect.

        The best thing about this camera for me, and this may sound stupid, is that it is rechargeable - NO MORE EXPENSIVE CAMERA BATTERIES WAHOO!!! I have found that once charged the battery is very long lasting.

        This is a very user friendly camera that should be easy to use for everyone.

        I just hope my magnetism will not break this one because I really like it.


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        19.10.2010 22:11
        Very helpful
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        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        A brilliant little camera that allows you to capture some great photos!

        I'm far from a tech savvy person but the other week when my old olympus camera conked out me I had to go on the search for a new one. There were two things I knew I needed to look for and that was an 8mp camera, or more, as that is what my last camera was and I knew I liked it and also one with a rechargeable battery as that is what I was used to.

        Searching through the argos book I came across a lovely looking Kodak Easyshare M530 digital camera. What drew me in initially was the fact it said less than half price, was £260 but now only costing £80 .. Bargain! Not only this but it had a lovely design to it to, you could either buy it in a grey/black design or red/black so I decided to purchase the red and black version to be that little bit different. There are other colours available if you search online but these were the only 2 available in Argos at the time.

        Now the world of digital cameras is beyond me all I knew is my last camera was an 8mp and my pictures were 'good'. This camera however is a whopping 12mp, sounded promising to me anyway.

        So within my £80 purchase I received a box filled with the chunkiest instruction book, a usb lead, a charger and my slim and stylish Kodak Camera.

        Despite the instruction manual being massive it actually only has around 26 pages instructing you in the English language, the rest of the book is the same instructions set out in other languages.

        Another reason I chose this camera is the fact it came with a re-charageable Li-On battery, which whilst browsing the Argos catalogue I noticed not many actually had these compared to the last time I bought a camera. I prefer a re-chargeable battery as for me it is more convenient and in my eyes much cheaper and I get more use out of my camera's in any one use - by use I mean it could be a whole day for example.

        The re-chargeable battery confused me at first as it was a bit different to the one I had with my old camera, instead of a battery holder and a lead with a plug attached this one comes in 2 parts, one part being suitable for UK plugs and the other for some international plugs - which is brilliant for somebody who travels a lot or enjoys taking holiday snaps.

        The USB lead the camera comes with is brilliant if you are like me and like to transfer your pictures/videos from your camera to your PC. Don't be alarmed when you don't find a software disc within your box though as the Kodak software you need to be able to transfer your photos you download from your computer when you've plugged your camera in which takes just minutes and only has to be done once, not everytime you plug you camera in. The 'easyshare' part of the camera is the fact that it boasts you can share your images with the likes of 'facebook' in just one click, this isn't entirely true though as you do have to have your camera plugged into your pc and the easyshare software downloaded to!

        Using the camera was a little confusing at first, mainly because scrolling through the pictures I had taken and knowing how to delete them differed from my old camera. However after a few practise pictures I soon grasped the deleting and scrolling through photos and in fact the buttons are pretty self explanatory, more so if you are somebody who is familiar with Digital cameras. I find my photos are crystal clear with this camera, and the camera doesn't struggle to keep up with my fast clicking finger either unlike my old camera I was using. The 3x optical zoom that comes with the camera allows me to capture some brilliant close up moments yet also image some fantastic scenery from a distance too. The lighting surrounding me whilst taking a photo doesn't seem to affect my photo taking as the camera seems to know when to use it's flash or when not too and still my photos are clear. For me this camera is brilliant, I am pretty basic when it comes to photo taking and just like 'nice' photos of my kids and places I've been to capture those memories that I can look back on. The photos the camera takes are always crisp and clear and are, for me, a brilliant quality. The camera works quickly and efficiently, keeping up with me being click happy and it looks fantastic, it actually looks a lot more expensive than what it is. For anyone who is, like me, just using a camera for the basics and not for anything professional or otherwise this is a fantastic little camera, it has a modern look and takes some great photos too!


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          04.10.2010 22:25
          Very helpful



          Excellent at under £70

          I wasn't expecting too much from this digital camera as it is priced between the middle and the bottom of the point and shoot market. However I was very impressed.

          The camera is small, and incredibly light. Probably the lightest digital camera I can remember picking up. It's not too bulky width-wise either which makes it handy for carrying around. It's not the most attractive camera due to its plastic rather than metal outer, but I am happy to sacrifice looks for lightness. The screen size is also excellent and allows you to see all your photos very clearly.

          The camera has 12 megapixels, a 3x optical zoom and an automatic focus which cleverly switches modes for you by detecting what you are looking at. It is impressive how often you see the icon which symbolises mode changing in the corner of the camera, showing you that the camera reacts very swiftly when you move it from an image of people, to landscapes, to small objects. This smart focus mode allows you to take excellent pictures even if, basically, you have no idea what you are doing and no desire to ever change the camera's mode yourself. Perfect for the non-technologically-minded, or just those who can't be bothered! Flash can of course also be put on automatic so that the camera decides for you when it is needed.

          Pictures come out crisp and clear and seem to be good in all different types of light. The high megapixel count means that you won't have any trouble enlarging the photos. Photos are also easily deleted or uploaded to your PC.

          The easy share mode is of course a bit of a gimmick. Please be aware that although you might be led to believe by the advertising that simply pressing a button on the camera, from any location, will upload your photos to Facebook etc, this isn't really the case and your pics will only be uploaded AFTER you've attached the camera to your computer. For uploading photos on the move you will need a smart phone instead. However the easy share aspect is good marketing and for those who are obsessed with social networking, it should shave a few minutes off your overall uploading/sharing time. I think this is probably best suited to teenagers, and whilst not an essential part of the camera, it's a nice extra.

          Obviously there are ways this camera could be improved. A bigger optical zoom would be top of my list. But such features would of course bump up the price. And for its current price I think this is an excellent camera and would be surprised if you could find much better.

          This camera has an RRP of £119.99 but can be bought for £69.81 at Amazon.co.uk. It comes in five colours: carbon (grey), red, blue, orange and green.

          (also posted on Amazon.co.uk)


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            23.09.2010 13:46
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Brilliant product apart from the pink problem

            Over the past 6 years I have had to invest in 5 digital cameras. The first one my son very kindly poured pop on it when he was one, the second wasn't very good so my partner bought me a new one 2 years ago, that one got broken by my daughter so I invested in this one that I had to send back and have a new one due to problems.

            General Information

            The model number is M530. This camera is available in 4 different colours, red, bule, lime and carbon (Grey). I purchased the lime colour to be a little different. It has smart share which enables you to upload your photos and videos to youtube, facebook, flicker, kodak gallery and e-mail by the press of a button on the camera when connected to the internet. This is handy if you upload pictures to these sources on a regular basis which I don't and cant say I really got the chance to try it out. It has a smart finder where you can organise your pictures into folders on the camera for you to be able to view what you want without having to go through all the pictures this is good if you are storing pictures on the camera for long periods. It has smart capture which enables you to take a brilliant quality photo. It has a hight ISO up to 1600. It also has a hd picture capture which enables you to take high quality photos. It has a re-chargable Li-ion battery which means you simply plug the camera into a usb cable that is attached to a plug that you put into a socket for it to charge, this is differnt from other cameras that I have used and owned because they have either had to have the battery removed from the camera to charge or needed AA batteries changing in them. I think this is a better way of charging due to less fuss it is quick and simple. This has face detection which when you are taking the picture a yellow box will surround the face of the person you are taking a photo of which ensures that you get the best profile picture of them. The camera also has a multimedia slide show option which is good and you are able to view the folder or all photos in a slide show at the speed you want them to move at so you have no need to press buttons for people to view the pictures, this was handy for me when it came to showing my grandmother the photos she is 85 now and is not really with the model technology times and this is able to be shown through a slide show when attached to the tv or computer or onto projection screen. It has a high quality video option that is 640 x 480 at 30fps MJPEG, i'm not sure what all those letters stand for but I can say that the videos that I did take of the children were really clear, they were high quality and although I was walking around with the camera they seemed very steady so this I can not fault either. It does have a digital stabilisation built in which is why it is good when you are moving around. It has multipul scene and colour modes, I found that it had approximatley 5 different colour modes which I usually only take colour photos but black and white and some photos taken in the brownish colour gave a brilliant effect. This is also SD card compatable which is good for me due to all my cameras have required SD cards and I have already got one.

            My Usage

            As you can tell from above I tried most of the functions that I could on it. I found the differnt scene selections were good there were approximatley 20 different ones from the top of my head I can remember, night, fireworks, children, sport, musuiem, portrait, landscape, close up, food, sunset, snow, beach, party, dusk and back light. I normally used the party indoor children or sport function which was good for when taking photos of the children. There was a children function but found this wasn't very good for my children for some reason. The folders were good because I was able to seperate my photos on camera for other people to be able to view rarther than having to sit and look at all my photos. The slide show was very handy when it came to the people who didn't know how to work the camera to view the photos and they managed to have a good look without any problems. I never managed to fill my SD card with photos on this due to it broke before I had the chance but did get upto 50 photos on it before that happened. I think that my SD card hold around 70 photos but that depends on what memory card you purchase. I found for the first few times of use it did take a high quality photo and video which made me really happy. It looked really cool with the colour of the camera. The screen size was very good and after playing with it for a while I managed to find all the functions on the camera and know what was best to use when. The help manual in the box was really good and explained things very well when I was trying to find all the functions. The battery life was very good so I knew if I was out it wouldn't run down and I would be stuck without a camera. It was a light camera that was easy to hold which was very good.

            My Problems

            The problem that I had with this was a manufacturers fault that my screen went a pinkish colour after 4 days of taking photos. My photos that I had taken before we showing perfectly on the screen but the ones that I was trying to take were showing purple and pink flashes and outlines around the children. I wasn't sure that I had changed a setting on the camera so I read the instruction manual that advised me to view the web site www.kodak530.co.uk for trouble shooting and help. I did what the manual stated and registerd with Kodak and even tried the trouble shooting which didn't help me, I even tried to ask an adviser that are on line 24 hours a day for free for this product but after 20 minutes of waiting I gave up and came to the conclusion that I was sending this product back due to the fault because I wasn't satified. I have a rule that if it has a problem I do not buy the same product again so I can not tell you if another one would have been any better but I am sure it would have been.

            Where and Price

            I bought my camera from the littlewoods priced at £159. I think this is a good price for the camera due to how much it does. Littlewoods had got all the colours in stock when I called and I had next day delivery too.


            I really liked this camera. I think it took a good quality photo and video. It had lots of options which is good for the amature and professional photographer. This is good if you have uses for a camera in business for slide shows and presentations. It is brilliant for childrens photos and it is definatley high quality due to the HD part of the camera. It is easy to use so even if you are not brilliant with new technology you will pick this up very well. It is easy to hold because it has very little weight. The availabilty in colours is good because it can give you a bit of individuallity with this product. The zoom feature was also easy to use and you were able to select the scene selection easily and quickly between taking photos. I would still recommend this camera but be aware of the problem that I experianced and would advise insurance on it. I did take out insurance but because mine had problems within the first week I was able to return without purchase. It is a good camera but not sure if they have a manufacturers problem with it. If there had been no problems then I would still have this or if it was easily fixed I would have kept it. I would buy Kodak again but maybe not this particular model.


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              08.09.2010 23:43
              Very helpful


              • Reliability
              • Reliability


              A great camera for those that want uncomplicated

              If you want to do it right, photography is undeniably an art form. If you're really talented you would go for an SLR professional camera where you get to control your shutter speeds, interchange your lenses, adjust your exposure levels with the help of light metering and such the like to get a perfect picture every time.

              For people like me, i.e. a layperson that doesn't know their aperture from their elbow, a simple point and shoot model should suffice - no need for any of this fancy stuff that'll get you an international photography award - I wouldn't be able to cope with the fame anyway. Here's where the Kodak EasyShare M530 comes in.

              What's in the box?

              Well, for a person that doesn't like to spend more than £10 on a pair of jeans, the full price of £119.99 at Amazon certainly started the old palpitations going, but at the inevitably reduced price that all on-line shops are forced to trade at, the £80 or so that I forked out wasn't too heart attack inducing. So what do you get for your money?

              * The camera
              * A wrist strap
              * A USB cable
              * A USB AC charger with 3 pin UK into 2 Pin Europe plug
              * A user guide

              So first things first, like the good little accidental destroyer of technology that I am I thought it best to check the user guide before I could do any damage and what a meaty user guide it is! Why you could knock a cat out with it. Still, out of approximately 270 pages only 26 are written in English so my panic that I had purchased a device of immense complexity was soon assuaged. The guide talks you through clearly and concisely how to charge your battery, set-up the language and date, all the camera features, how to download the Kodak EasyShare Software and general troubleshooting.

              So, on top of this camera you will have to purchase some form of memory card if you want to save more than 8 photos which is about all the internal memory will hold as well as some kind of case to protect your camera from extreme weather conditions and scratching.


              With dimensions of H=5.6cm, W=9cm and D=2cm the Kodak EasyShare M530 is a very compact and slim lined camera so easy just to slip in your bag. Despite its small size, the viewfinder on the back takes up most of the space at H=4cm and W =5.4cm allowing just a tiny bit of room for various buttons which means you can get a good look at your photo once it has been taken to ruthlessly decide if it makes the cut or not.

              On the front is the Kodak AF 3x Optical Aspheric Lens which automatically extends once the camera is turned on to just under 2cm. As with anything that protrudes there is danger of damage by those of us of a klutzy disposition, but this lens feels pretty sturdy and I feel would require a great force such as a meeting with concrete from a great height to really do it some harm. Not recommended as an experiment though.

              On the base of the camera is the slot for the battery and your newly purchased memory card which both slot neatly away. The battery pops out easily with a gentle nudge of a funky orange slider to release it and the memory card will also just pop out when you apply a bit of downward pressure to it so even someone suffering with gigantism should have no difficulty getting these out. The various function buttons are located at the top of the camera and next to the viewfinder for easy access.

              Charging and Battery Life

              Charging couldn't be simpler - simply attach the AC adapter to the USB cable and attach to both the camera and a safe and quality checked power socket. I don't want any electrocutions on my hands. A light will blink at the top of the camera and remain steady once it has finished charging. I'm not entirely sure how long it takes to fully charge as I found I had better things to do than sit and time it (having discovered the joys of finger knitting) but it was approximately 1hr - 1hr 30mins.

              The camera will turn itself off after about 8mins of non-use to conserve battery power which is a nice feature and as for how long the battery itself lasts I would estimate between 2-3hrs of usage before total shutdown. I used it on and off for two days before it needed to be charged up again which wasn't too bad.

              The Features


              The main selling point of this camera is the Smart Capture facility which automatically judges the conditions around and adjusts the automatic settings accordingly for basic things such as close-ups and face recognition. When you turn the camera on this Smart Capture mode is set, but if you want to manually adjust the conditions settings yourself you can choose from a range of scenes including such things as Snow, Beach, Text, Fireworks, Flower, Museum or Sunset among many others tricky photographic situations you may find yourself in. There are also cool other features for blur reduction, fast action effects reduction and a panorama function that allows you to take three pictures from left to right or right to left and stitch them together to create a much larger landscape than would be normally possible.

              For each photograph you take you can choose your zoom magnification (up to 3x), a self-timer of 2 secs, 10 secs, 2 pictures or a burst and what kind of flash you wish to use, whether it be automatic so the camera judges whether or not it is required, permanently on for such conditions as backlit or shadow scenes or permanently off. If you want a little more control than that and don't wish to rely on the set scenes you can select Program which allows you to custom select your exposure compensation and what type of focus you're looking for whether it be close-up, in the distance or automatic. Personally I just use the smart capture setting as I'm too lazy to care, but all these neat functions are there for the more adventurous types.

              Once your photograph has been taken you can review it (either as a full picture or as a thumbnail so you can go through your collection of photos to find the one you want) and then you have the option of simply deleting it, but taking care to select just that picture and not the entire contents of the camera which could be easy to do. If you do decide to keep it then you have options for your next step. If you are taking pictures of people you can apply tags to the faces which the camera identifies which can then be used for subsequent photos in the future saving you time. You can also tag a scene as something like a Birthday or Wedding to help with the organising of the photo later on.

              There is also the option to perform a little tweaking of your photos under an edit function which allows you to enhance the brightness and contrasts of your picture accordingly, crop the picture to select just the part you want or add a permanent date stamp to it. One final option is to highlight all the photos you want to upload to a site, for example Facebook by pressing the little red Share button when you are reviewing each photo and ticking the appropriate social site you will be uploading to. Then, if you have the Kodak Share Button App on your computer it will automatically upload these photos when you plug your camera in but more on that later.


              Videos only have one setting which is simply general videoing and is set to automatic focusing by default. If you move to fast the automatic focusing can be a bit slow to catch up so you won't get the best quality video if you're trying to capture action. You can use the zoom function for videos as well, also at 3x magnification, but again the video needs time to auto focus and the more zoom, the worse the quality of the video. It does pick up sound and on the positive side it doesn't pick up much background noise at all, but the source of sounds do need to be fairly close or very loud to be properly picked up by the camera.


              With a resolution of 12 Megapixels this camera is at the high end of the scale for basic cameras so does produce very clear and high quality photos - at least from a point of view of general photo taking and not with anything professional in mind. Photos look fine even under full zoom with very little disparity between the quality of photo either way, but I do think the video quality does suffer a little under zoom. Also, it would be nice to be able to magnify more than 3x as it doesn't really bring very long distance objects that much closer, but for closer objects it is useful.

              The quality of the video for me overall isn't that great, it always seems just a little crackly and never convincingly in focus, especially under fake lights and as I mentioned before it does struggle to pick up sound clearly. I wouldn't really rely on this camera for videoing purposes - it seems to be more adept at picture taking.

              Kodak's Share Button App

              This camera does come with a nice little add-on which you can download free from the Kodak website. Once you have downloaded the Share Button App it makes the distribution of your photos a lot easier. First you need to integrate any accounts you already have on KODAK gallery, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and email and wish to use. Once this is done you're pretty much good to go! All you need to do is plug your camera in and it will automatically ask you if you want to save any photos on your camera, which by default goes to your My Pictures folder (for Windows users) which will save you the bother of having to move them yourself.

              Then, any photos that you tagged directly on the camera by pressing the share button and specifying the accounts you wanted to transfer them to will automatically get moved. I've only ever tried this with Facebook whereby the app will ask you for an album name and any notes and then simply adds it to your Facebook account. It worked really easily and is so much easier then manually doing it on Facebook. I cannot vouch for any of the other media sites, but I'm sure the process would be equally as simple. I think this is definitely a time-saving and easy to use app so I recommend giving it a whirl.


              As a camera just for simple picture taking this is an excellent model. It does take the challenge out of picture taking by automatically adjusting things for you which some people may find insulting (not me), so if you take photography a bit more seriously this probably isn't he camera for you. It is extremely easy to use once you get your head around what all the buttons do and with the extra Share Button App sharing your photos couldn't be easier. A few negatives with a slightly poor video function and lack of any real zoom, but for me the positives far outweigh the negatives so if you can get this well below full price I would thoroughly recommend it.


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                08.07.2010 15:43
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                recommended now as on offer

                I'm not particularly into photography and I'm not one of those people who gets their camera out whenever they get the slightest chance and try to take photos of everything, but I do like to take photos occasionally, in special occasions and on holiday etc, and when I do it will usually be done on this camera. It is the Kodak EasyShare M530 and I think it is quite a good one. Today I thought I would write a review of my experience with the camera so far, don't expect any technology blah though as I'm not that clued up about gadgets but as I have some experience with it I will just go down the list of specific criteria and tell you what I think about each bit.

                Price & Availability

                Right now you can purchase this camera from Argos or Amazon for £78.10 which is quite good value for money considering when it first came out it was £259.99 from Argos. If you bought it from Argos or Amazon now you would be saving £181.89 off the original price. The camera should be available to buy from most electrical stores where it is currently on offer, and it is also widely available to buy online.

                Picture Quality

                For those who have not used a digital camera before, I should let you know incase you are unaware that on the back of digital cameras there is a screen that allows you to view the pictures you have taken. This is much better and handier than taking pictures with the old kind of cameras, as this new design enables you to see whether or not it was a good photo and you have the option to delete it if you don't like it. The screen on the back of this camera is 2.7inch and the image is really clear so that you can see what the pictures look like. I would rate the picture quality as 4/5 as like I say it is really clear and good quality.

                Range & Quality of Features

                When I bought this I had heard that it had a 3x optical zoom which is supposed to be a really good feature. I really like that you can zoom in on photos that you have taken and somehow it seems to make the photos seem much more exciting. For example if you have taken a picture of a view from the top of a mountain as you thought it was very scenic, you could zoom in close to things when you get home and have another good look. So it really is like capturing the moment. But the thing with the zoom is that it isn't as good as it sounds, I think people who aren't familiar with new technology will love it but people who are won't think as much of it. So really it depends which one of these type of people you are. And if you are the former of these two types of people then I'm not so sure you should get the camera in the first place as I am from the latter and even I find this camera quite complicated and sometimes even difficult to use, and I will get to telling you why now.
                The camera can connect online to enable you to share the photos you have taken with friends and family, through facebook, flickr etc and even by email. I must admit I found it quite complicated trying to work out how to use this feature at first and had to ask a friend to do it for me, although they told me it was very simple to do - I don't believe them though! If you follow the manuals and instructions given to you when you buy the camera then it shouldn't be too hard, I find it easy now I know how to do it. To share these photos once you have got everything sorted is very easy as then all you need to do is press a button 'share'. I think this feature is probably more suited towards the younger generations than elderly people as I don't want to seem stereotypical but most of the older people I know find this a nightmare to work out even which button you press just to take the photo.

                Ease Of Use

                I think I have basically covered how easy this is to use in the last section of my review but to make it a bit clearer I will say again now that older people will generally find this hard to use and younger people, or just anyone who has more technology experience, will probably find it a bit easier. For me I think this is easier once you have messed about on it a bit and made yourself familiar with it but you might not get the hang of it straight away, as I found it complicated when I first went on it.


                I always get scared about dropping this because I have a horrible feeling that if I did I would break it. That isn't because it seems fragile because it actually feels very sturdy, but I think its more to do with all the features that it has on it and thinking that a knock to it might shut it down completely. I haven't dropped it in all the time I've had it which is a record for me, I have had this about five months by the way, actually thinking about it maybe a couple more than that. I have no scratches on this either which either means I am very good at looking after it or it is a very durable product, and with my history of breaking things I would say it is down to the latter.

                Overall Look & Design

                I love the way the camera is designed and looks as to me it looks really expensive and quite professional. I have this in black by the way but there are loads more colours you can choose from including red, yellow, blue, I think there is a green and a white available as well. I would have liked a purple one but there wasn't one in the shop when I went to buy it and I have no idea whether or not you can get it now. I would give the look and design full marks because of the variety of colours, the proffessional, expensive look and because I just really like it!


                I really like this product and would recommend it to a friend.


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