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Kodak Easyshare ZD710

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    4 Reviews
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      15.03.2012 13:27


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Can't fault it, perfect and good value for money intermediate camera

      The ZD710 is ddeal for someone wanting more quality than a compact, without the cost of a DSLR.

      I bought my zd710 from argos a few years ago, it cost roughly £100 at the time.

      It offers very good quality images, and video for an inexpensive camera.

      Its easy to use, portable without compromising on any of the features, its lightweight and easy to hold, though the small size is a bit awkward when using it for any length of time.

      The inbuilt battery has a very good life, and lithium rechargeables are readily available for this model, though stay away from AAs as it eats these up at an alarming rate!

      It holds the standard SD card so the memory is expandable as much as you desire to.

      Its a fantastic camera that offers so much more quality than a standard compact point and shoot, great for photography enthusiasts that can't afford a DSLR.

      It was my steadfast companion for well over a year, taking photos that got me printed in magazines, on online articles and won a few competitions too, if it hadn't been for my eagerness to enter the world of professional photography and a DSLR, I would still have this camera today and would reccomend it to anyone!


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      21.05.2009 19:45



      Good for the price but beware some of the poorer quality elements of the camera

      I purchased this camera direct from Kodak from their 're-furbished' section as it was only about £60, this I certainly recommend to anyone as the camera has been returned and had a full check and new warranty applied by Kodak, in most instances the camera was returned for nothing more than it had been opened and then returned to the shop (for example Currys), as they can't resell it they return it to Kodak!!!! As for the camera itself it is good for a starter camera but nothing more. It is packed with various functions, a pretty good quality lense (remember the price!!!!) and is also very compact/lightweight for a superzoom along with the ease of transferring the photos to your computer.

      On the down side though, I feel the screen is way to small and in bright light it is impossible to view your photos or to use it to frame up what you want to take! The viewfinder does work but this is very small and dingy making it fairly hard to make out what you are looking at! The other problem I find with mine is that it processes the photos slowly, say 3-4 seconds before you can take another photo!

      All in all I would say that for the price the camera is a good buy, it is useful for longish range shots due to the optical zoom of the lense and the photo quality is pretty good, the negatives are out weighed by the price so if you want to get some good holiday photos or start out as an amateur then at this price you can't go far wrong!


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      14.05.2009 15:15


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Great little camera which is easy to use, looks good and is amazing value for money

      My wife has never really owned a great camera but I had recently purchased her a Casio that she loved and this got her more into her photography so when we were going on our honeymoon I simply had to get her something to make the most impressive photos possible.
      The Kodak Easyshare ZD710 is a small camera (in comparison to many with this standard of optical zoom) which packs a lot of punch. The camera is very well designed and allows for the user to have a very comfortable experience when taking photos and is well put together so that you don't always worry about fingerprints on your screen, lens, etc.
      I am a fan of this camera with little things like the flash being able to be put away easily when not needing to be used but then easily able to be called open with the flick of a switch.
      The zoom buttons are perfectly placed allowing for zooming in and out to be done easily while viewing the screen and does not cause you to have to change your angles all of the time just because you want to zoom your picture.
      The battery compartment is nice and secure yet easily accessible to change batteries (which are cheap to replace) and the sd card slot is very well placed so as to make it easy to get quick access (this is especially useful if you need to change memory card during an event where lots of photo opportunities will come up).
      The camera is packed full of quality and feels like it with the excellent design features. The camera is a 7 megapixel with 10x optical zoom and yet remains simple to use and at around about £120 it is an exceptionally good camera for the money you are paying.


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      19.01.2009 22:32
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      An amazing camera at an amazing price!

      My partner bought me this camera for christmas as I enjoy taking pictures and she knew my old one had seen better days. It cost £99.99 from Argos which seamed like a good price considering the features.

      I'll go through the features first and then tell you what I thought.

      *The camera boasts 7.1 megapixels which produces a good quality picture. I have taken some fantastic looking pictures and even had one blown up to poster size and the quality still looked fantastic. It's certainly the best quality image that I've seen on a camera of this price.

      *10 x optical zoom- This is very good. It's accessed using a + - button and the lens extends to get closer. You can get very close on the picture without losing quality.

      *5 x digital zoom- This can get you even closer into the image then the optical zoom alone but you do start to lose some picture quality. I have taken a picture fully zoomed in on both optical and digital zoom and got a really nice quality picture. It was only when I blew the picture up that I noticed the picture quality difference as you could not tell when the picture was printed at 7 x 5.

      *2in LCD screen- The screen is a great size and produces a great quality display where the colours look very vibrant. The image displayed on the screen is very true to live and looks the same as the printed picture. As the lcd is so large it's easy to take pictures using the lcd screen rather then the view finder and very easy to flick through pictures saved on your memory card.

      *SD/MMC compatible (not included).- Although an SD card did not come with the camera I managed to pick one up for less than £10. You do definately need to buy one as the inbuilt memory is not very big and does not allow you to store many pictures. The size of the SD card you buy depends on the amount of pictures you plan to take but I found a 1gig card perfect for my use.

      *32Mb internal memory- As I mentioned above this dosn't allow for much storage but I suppose it's handy to use for when you first get your camera.

      *Video output- I love this feature!! The camera comes with a t.v out lead which means you can plug your camera into your t.v and view your pictures on the screen. This is very handy for showing family and friends your treasured pictures without having to pass the camera round.

      *Movie capture and sound recording- The video camera aspect of the camera is not as high quality as the pictures but it still produces a nice, clear image and motion is recorded well with no blur. The sound quality is fantastic and it picks pretty much anything up.

      *Continuous shooting 1.7 fps- This is a great setting to use when taking pictures of children as often it's not the first picture that turns out to be the best. This means that you can take picture after picture straight after each other until you have the perfect shot.

      *In-camera red eye fix- Again another great feature especially for children and animals that tend to look straight into the camera. Basically it works by starting the flash a split second before taking the picture giving the eyes time to adjust.

      *16 scene modes- This is an option where you select what sort of picture you want to take, e.g portrait, landscape, action and the camera automaticly selects the best settings for your picture.

      *USB connection- The camera is easilly connected to the computer to transfer and print pictures and the camera comes with photo editing software so you can tweak your pictures as much as you need.

      *Weight 280g (excluding batteries)- The camera is a nice comfortable weight. Not too heavy but yet feels nice and sturdy to hold.

      *Size: (H)7.7, (W)9.7, (D)7.2cm

      Included in the box is:
      USB Cable
      Lens Cap
      Carrying Strap
      Easyshare Software
      Insery for easyshare printer

      Now I am no camera whizz but I found this camera so so so easy to use. There are many modes to choose from by simply turning a dial. You can have the camera select the best settings for your picture or you can customise the settings yourself but as I am a camera novice I havn't used the manual settings yet.

      The picture quality is fantastic and it's so simple to get great results. The software is also fun and easy to use and gives your pictures that personalised finish.

      All in all this camera is fantastic for the price and produces wondefull results.


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  • Product Details

    Whether you're zooming in on fast action shots or taking a picture of your grand surroundings, the ZD710 is the camera that does it all. And it's surprisingly simple to use.

    Technical Data

    Product Description: Kodak EASYSHARE ZD710 - digital camera
    Product Type: Digital camera - compact
    Memory Card Slot: SD card
    Sensor Resolution: 7.1 Megapixel
    Lens System: Schneider 10 x zoom lens - f/2.8-3.7
    Focus Adjustment: Automatic, manual
    Min Focus Distance: 60 cm
    Digital Zoom: 5 x
    Image Stabiliser: Electronic
    Camera Flash: Pop-up flash
    Viewfinder: Electronic - colour
    Display: LCD display - 2"
    Supported Battery: 1 x CR-V3 lithium battery ( included )
    2 x AA alkaline battery ( optional )
    2 x AA NiMH rechargeable battery ( optional )
    AV Interfaces: Composite video/audio
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 9.8 cm x 7.3 cm x 7.8 cm
    Weight: 280 g