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Nikon Coolpix 995

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    2 Reviews
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      27.12.2006 15:39
      1 Comment


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Fantastic camera for almost every occasion

      Having owned the Nikon Coolpix 995 camera for around about 3 years now, i have learnt that it gives clear, crisp, amazing colour pictures everytime. You may be thinking 'oh it's only 3.34 megapixels', but thats all it needs! This is a perfect family camera and i would recommend it to anyone who wants a very decent camera to take on holiday, to festivals, kids concerts etc.. the main feature about this camera is of course the twisting lens. The twisting lens mean that you can take a picture over that 10ft giant of a man standing in front of you while your favourite bands playing on stage!Simply hold it as far as you can in the air, twist the lens and look at the LCD screen to view your shot, then take the picture...no stupid head in the way!...
      The camera has no internal memory but does come with a 16mb compact flash card. Obviously you can buy bigger flash cards. It is powered by battery, recharable or disposable.
      The zoom really is great on this camera, losing hardly any quality the further you zoom, and once again you can obviously attach a bigger zoom lens onto it. It connects to the computer via USB and has a video output to view pictures on your TV. The cameras resolution is 2048 x 1536 and the LCD screen is 1.8 inch.
      Compact Flash Card Prices Look Abit Like This @ The Mo:
      512 MB £8.50
      1GB £15.00
      2GB £33.00
      4GB £73.00
      8GB £156.25
      Prices found on amazon.co.uk

      But in a nutshell this camera is perfect for just about everything!


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        11.09.2005 17:47
        Very helpful



        Extreme close focus, nice hand grip and built in flash.

        I have owned a Nikon Coolpix 995 now for over 4 years, and use it a lot for my main passion in life, wildlife.

        As a birdwatcher I use the camera to take photos of birds using my Leica Telescope, as the main lens, it is attached to the telescope via a special scew on adaptor ring (not supplied by Nikon) which costs an incredible £85 ($170 give or take).

        Excellent shots can be taken with this as a zoom lens using the Telescope to focus and the cameras Auto focus.

        The only snag I have found is the weight of the Coolpix, sometimes makes the telescope tilt backwards unless it is tightened up properly on the tripod.

        The Coolpix itself can be very complicated with so many settings to choose from even with the aid of the manual, for someone like myself, who is a complete novice when it comes to cameras.

        In all the time I have had it, I can honestly say I have only just started to get some results on a setting used by trial and error, which seems to work.

        The problem with bird photography is most birds will not keep still long enough for you to take some in focus shots.

        The main problem is not so much the cameras fault but when attached to the telescope, you have to use the rear LCD screen at the back to locate your subject, something which can take an age to perfect.

        For normal everday family photos or taking nice scenic shots while on holiday, then this is an ideal camera for that, the advantage being, if you take an out of focus shot, you can review it, and if no good it can be instantly deleted, no expensive processing costs.

        It also has a pop up flash which is auto opened when the light is too bad, and anti red-eye, it flashes twice to reduce the evil look you get from most pictures taken with a flash.

        Attachable screw on lens's can be bought from various makes, for either wide angle shots or a teleconverter to increase the image you are taking.

        One of the best features for this camera is its macro lens built in, allowing you to focus on the smallest of subjects such as a spider, with unbelievable results, for example you can count the hairs on the spiders leg its that good.

        This camera has now been up-dated a few times now, they are now lighter and slimmer, but with smaller LCD screens at the back.

        You can buy good second hand Coolpix 995's now for about £200-£250 ($400-$450) or less from the likes of Ebay and other auction sites as people buy the newer models.

        I would still recommend this camera and I will not be tempted to buy a newer model, it would take too long trying to get the right settings on that one as well.

        The camera usually comes complete with a leather carry case, a battery (I would try and buy another as they don't last long enough when taking a lot of shots and deleting them), cables for plugging into your computer to download your images, and a disc from Nikon to enable you to manipulate your images.


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