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Nikon Coolpix L25

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    2 Reviews
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      06.03.2014 09:29
      Very helpful



      Not a bad compact digital camera.

      Last year my friend and I were taking our children to Disneyland Paris and for all of us it was a bit of a dream that I don't think either of us were sure would happen being that we were both single parents working part time. When the dream became a reality we wanted everything to be right and so we both purchased a new compact digital camera to take away with us. We saw the Nikon coolpix L25 camera on offer at Argos for around £49.99 at the time which we felt was a good price to pay, as I believe it was a half price offer at the time. This is my review of the camera.

      The Nikon coolpix L25 camera is what I class as a standard looking compact digital camera. It is available in various colours but I chose black because I felt it was the most classic looking one. I think my friend chose a pink one! The camera came packed in a small cardboard box in which everything you need was there such as the actual camera, the camera strap and batteries as well as the instruction manual and disc for putting the software on your computer and the USB wire. I bought a SD card seperately for this camera and I just got a sandisk 8gb one which was more than enough despite my taking lots of pictures at Disneyland.

      The camera looks smart in my opinion with its black main body and silver lens and buttons. It is quite sleek too and incredibly lightweight. In fact when I did get it out of the box for the first time I remember thinking "is this is?" as it was significantly lighter than my previous compact digital camera and I wondered would it be a bit flimsy. I had purchased a case for it to protect it when not in use though.

      The camera features a 10.1 megapixel sensor which should allow you to take decent photos but of course there are many cameras out there now which offer more. It also features a five times optical zoom for getting those long distance or more detailed shots as well. What I particularly liked about this camera was the three inch LCD display on the back which was great for really seeing what you were taking a picture of and then viewing your pictures back as well.

      I found that this camera was pretty easy to get a grasp of in terms of switching it on and pointing and shooting so to speak. There are lots of features on the camera such as the eighteen different scenes for taking pictures but I will be honest and say for the bulk of the time I chose to have this one on the auto setting purely because the camera knew better than me what lighting was there and if the flash would enhance or spoil a shot and what not. The majority of the time using the auto function worked well for me and was able to get some good quality, very clear shots. The fact that it has face detection and would focus on the main things in the picture with just you pushing down slightly on the button to take the picture was a good feature. You can also switch from taking pictures to videos very easily with the click of a button on the main body of the camera which is a really handy tool.

      One massive issue both my friend and I had with this camera though was the fact that sometimes you went to take a picture of a moment and you would be pushing the button down to take the picture whilst the camera just did nothing but almost get ready to take a picture. Now at Disneyland when we wanted to take pictures on rides and things this spoiled too many moments for us and it did get a bit frustrating. It wasn't as though a message came on to say the flash was charging or anything like it did in my old camera but it just seemed to lag and whether this was down to it trying to focus or what I don't know but we had moments which were either totally missed or came out blurry sometimes.

      I used this camera a good few times after Disneyland but when I took it to London to see Matt Cardle in a gig his drunken manager dropped it on the floor when passing it back to me and the lens jammed and I still haven't got it fixed because I suspect the fixing it would cost almost as much as it cost me to buy the actual camera which is a shame.

      Loading pictures on to a computer via the USB lead is really easy. I actually couldn't use the disc to download the software as my disc drive is broken but upon plugging the USB in it searched for the driver and then opened up the file to allow me to copy over my pictures to the computer. It is a very simple process to do.

      All in all I think this camera isn't a bad simple digital compact camera. It has some nice features and I do really like the large LCD screen on the back for displaying your pictures or the scene you are about to shoot. It looks nice and is certainly easy to hold and use which makes it a good entry level compact camera perhaps for a child or teen as well as someone like myself. I do wish there weren't the issues with some pictures delaying which sometimes came out blurry as the camera is meant to have an anti blur feature but this said I did get some wonderfully clear and vibrant pictures on this camera and so for the most part it was fine. I think this is the kind of camera where you are going to just pick it up and have a go and soon get to grips with it....things like viewing pictures, deleting them, taking them, zooming in or out etc are all very simple and I think most people would be fine with it.

      This camera is costing £61.99 on amazon at the moment in the black which I have. Other colours are coming in at around five or six pounds less should you be interested in checking this one out. I have to say I would give this camera four stars. It loses one for the fact that it can be tempremental at times and cause you to miss a shot but for the most part it is a good quality, simple camera to use which gives good quality pictures.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        16.09.2013 18:51



        For the price it's okay, but don't expect miracles.

        Prior to this camera I had a Nikon Coolpix L21 that I was quite happy with, so when my then toddler broke the screen I naturally replaced it with an updated model from the same brand, assuming it would be even better than my last one. Unfortunately this camera has been a bit of a disappointment. It is available in the usual range of jazzy colours you would expect from the Coolpix range, so I bought it in a nice metallic red while it was much cheaper than the alternative colours on Amazon. As usual, full marks on aesthetics, a bright, curvaceous and appealing looking design, with a decent 3 inch screen. It looks much the same as the older version but a bit curvier and more plastic. At 10MP zoom with 5x optical zoom it should have been a noticeable improvement on it's predecessor, but for some reason I can't fathom, it just isn't. It has a nice easy to navigate menu and fairly idiot proof options for your location (sports, party, indoor etc) but I still find the images are less clean cut than with my old camera, and the anti-shake is an absolute nuisance, it's just as well you can turn it off because a statue couldn't take a photo with it on. The automatic flash has a bit of an erratic idea of when it's needed so more often that not you have to set it manually if you want to take a photo you can actually see. Don't get me wrong, it's not a BAD camera, it's simple to navigate and appealing to look at, but I can't help feeling that if my i-Phone takes clearer photos, what am I bothering with this for?!


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