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Nikon Coolpix L27

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2 Reviews

Brand: Nikon - Header / Product Line: Coolpix - Optical Sensor / Sensor Resolution: 16.1 Megapixels

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2014 21:05
      Very helpful
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      Good overall quality at an entry level price


      This was purchased as a present for a 14 year old as a first digital camera. It was purchased from Tesco Direct and cost around £50.

      Whats included?

      Camera is supplied in a small black box cleverly packaged to include a comprehensive manual, a USB cable, 2 AA batteries and a ViewNX2 software DVD.

      What isn't included?

      An SD memory card - you will need to buy one as the internal memory is very small. We have bought an 8GB card which promises to hold around 2000 photos. You will also need to get hold of a case to protect against bumps and scratches.

      A note on the software

      I have not installed the software, as I already have free imaging software installed, so I cannot comment on it. However a quick check for reviews indicates that it is reasonable, however most people these days already have there favourites installed in this digital age.

      Camera look and feel

      The camera is a decent weight, and although the body is plastic, it doesn't look or feel 'plasticky' (is that a word?). It is moulded so that there is a solid grip on the right hand side, making it easy to hold and press the shutter button which is on the top right of the camera. The zoom function is operated from a rotating dial around the button that is easy to use. The on / off button is next to it.

      On the rear of the camera there is a good size 2.7 inch screen and the various menu, set up and editing buttons. The most important ones (for a new or novice user) are the button too switch between photo and video which is top right, and the button to switch between taking photos and viewing them which is immediately under this button.

      Setting up

      The batteries need to be inserted into the casing - the hatch is on the bottom of the camera with a slide cover. The memory card goes here too. The catch on the slide is quite firm, so there is little risk of opening it accidentally.

      The strap needs to be attached to a little hook on the right hand side, simple enough you might think, but not if you have large fingers - got there in the end though.

      On switching on the camera for the first time you are prompted to set date and time, and then you are ready to go!

      In use

      For novices, or the first time you use it, I recommend setting it to intelligent auto from the menu. Using this, the camera will decide on appropriate settings and take good standard photos.

      Having said that, unless all you want is a point and shoot camera, you will want to explore the various functions that are available to enhance your photo experience.v There are not masses (it is an entry level camera after all) but you can access macro mode, timer delay, adjust the exposure manually and control the flash manually. You can also preset scenes for your shots to optimise performance in specific conditions such as bright sun or snow, or to take portrait or landscape shots.

      TIP - The shutter button features an autofocus function - there is an audible click when depressing it - allow the camera to focus and then depress the button fully - it is a lot quicker than pushing the button straight down - there is a noticeable lag from full depress to taking the photo if the focus isn't held down first.


      This is best set to auto unless you specifically do not want it to flash. It is a very bright multi flash and in my opinion is far better than on many more expensive models (see also photo quality below)

      Viewing screen

      The display screen is also good - at 2.7 inches it is big enough to see clearly, the images are sharp, the colours rich and it is backlit enough to see clearly in all but the brightest conditions.

      USB / storage

      The USB is easy to use - plug into the computer and the camera, switch the camera on and away you go - in less than a minute the drivers were found and installed. It is then a question of opening the files on the camera and dragging and dropping your photos to the desired storage area.

      Photo quality

      All in all, the photo quality is very good for an entry level camera. In general use the 16 megapixel sensor takes clear and colour rich photos with no image fade and they have printed out well - always a good test. Photos taken with the 5X optical zoom are equally good, the only issue being the potential for shake that you get with any camera without image stabilisation. Photos taken with the flash come out very well too - again the colours are rich and the image sharp with no visible fade unless the subject is too far away.

      Video quality

      The video capture is HD quality, and plays back well on screen and on the computer. The sound on the camera is really quite tinny, but the microphone is fine, and on a computer it plays back to a reasonable quality.

      Any drawbacks?

      Yes - the battery life is not brilliant. Without the flash they will last for a day of taking an average number of photos. If however the flash is used significantly the battery life reduces dramatically. This is OK when you use rechargeable batteries, but if you are paying for AA batteries, it can get a bit expensive - you also need to make sure that you have spares available.

      Final thoughts

      I am more than satisfied with this as an entry level camera for the price paid. If you overlook the limited functions and the fact that it can eat batteries, the overall performance punches far higher than it's asking price, and higher than many more expensive cameras.


      One star off for the disposable batteries, a good 4 stars from me.

      Also on Ciao


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        01.03.2014 15:23
        Very helpful



        A great, simple point and shoot camera

        Nikon L27

        I had been looking at buying a new camera for a while, when my husband decided to surprise me. When a parcel turned up I found this Nikon L27 camera inside, and I was very happy. I am no good with technical things so he decided to get me a simple point and shoot camera. That is why my husband chose this for me as it is a camera that will adjust to the correct setting depending on the picture you are taking.

        Everything that you need comes in the box including the camera itself, an instruction leaflet, a disc for the computer and an usb cable to connect and load your photos and videos. It is simple to connect to the computer. By inserting 2 AA batteries it is pretty much ready to go. I would suggest buying a SD card to make the memory bigger as it only holds a small amount of pictures without one, and recording a video is nearly impossible. It has grips placed in areas around the camera where it is held when taking a picture, and is easy to keep a hold of. There is also a strap that you can attach to your arm to keep it safe while not in use.

        There is a settings menu so you can go in and change it to meet your needs, but after the initial set up and getting the camera working how I liked it there was no need to mess around with it. It is a 16 mega pixel camera which provide a really good picture quality, and it is perfect for capturing family moments. The menu is simple to navigate with a simple circle of buttons to move up down and buttons around the outside to move across the options. There is a round ok button in the middle to select them, a button to view the gallery and another for video recordings. There is nothing that a techno phobe like me finds too difficult, but you are provided with a user manual just in case.

        My thoughts

        One of the promises of this camera is a range of automatic features to make for better pictures. It has a smile countdown so it takes the picture when the person smiles, another blink option so it takes two photos if someone blinks to try and catch their eyes open. Personally I don't think much of these features as there have been many times that they have delayed the actual time taken to capture the shot. The blink features especially always pops up asking if someone blinked, and rather than taking the picture you have to start over again. This happens rather a lot and half of the time there is nothing wrong with the picture that was taken.

        Other than that when it works first time it takes fairly good pictures. It swaps between portrait to landscape when needed and the 16mp camera proves it can deliver a satisfactory picture. It is simple to use and easy to take out with me because of how small it is. The pictures taken are not amazing quality, but for the 16mp it has they are decent enough. For every day photos it is absolutely perfect, but for more professional photos it would not be enough.

        It also has a 5 x optical zoom which is fairly good, but I do find if I zoom as far as the camera allows the pictures become grainy and it looks more like a 4 MP camera. It still zooms in a fair distance while providing a good picture, and it is certainly suitable to meet my needs.

        The video camera mode is very easy to switch too and you simply have to push a button on the back of the camera. It begins recording straight away, and the results are fantastic. I have used this to record a number of plays and activities my children have taken part in and the end videos are fantastic. The audio is very easy to hear and I was surprised with how good the quality is even with my shaky hands. We hadn't purchased this for the video camera but it really is one of my favourite parts of the camera. It is easy to quickly switch between the two modes, and the end video is brilliant.

        My only downside is how long it actually takes to get the camera to take the picture. When pressing the button it takes a good few seconds for it to actually work. Sometimes I have to press it three or four times for it to take the shot, and by that point the moment has gone. Other times the dreaded has someone blinked caption comes up so it really is hit and miss as to if it will actually take the picture when I need it too. This is fine for when objects are staying still, but with five children running around it can be frustrating at times. This does not happen with every time I use the camera, maybe three out of ten times, but when you are trying to catch something quickly it can be a pain.

        Durability has been great. One of the reasons we went of this is the affordability. My children often get hold of ours cameras to being little artists in the making, and this has been dropped a number of times. It still works perfectly and while I wouldn't recommend being rough with it, we have found it has handled daily wear and tear well.

        The retail price for this camera is £69.99, but my husband picked this up for just over £40. I think for that price it is a real bargain as it works how it is supposed to. It isn't perfect, but for a simple point and shoot camera it produces great pictures. It comes in a range of colours but we choose the black one to keep it simple. I would suggest Duracell batteries as with most electrical items anything less seems to run out quickly. They last well and we have only had to change them twice since we purchased this a few months ago.

        I would recommend this camera for a simple point and shoot choice as it works well for me. Some of the settings seem to stop it from taking a picture quickly, but when it does finally take a picture it is good quality. It is simple to use, and allows me to take pictures of my children while we are out and about. At £40 we are really pleased with our purchase as it has proved to be portable, and useful camera.


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