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Olympus Camedia C-765 Ultra Zoom

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    2 Reviews
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      10.10.2011 19:30
      Very helpful



      Great little camera

      I have had the Olympus C-765 camera for just over a year. I find it very easy to use with a good amount of features. This model has the ultra zoom and also a digital zoom. I travel alot and this camera takes some amazing quality pictures. I find it useful for taking pictures of wildlife, as you can zoom in from quite a distance and get superb quality in the picture.

      This camera has 10 x zoom and 40 x Seamless zoom. It is a 4 megapixel camera. The whole camera package, which included the camera, camera case, 2 batteries, batery charger, instruction manual, mini tripod coz me £170 but this was 1 year ago so I should think the price may have come down a bit since then.

      You can view all your pictures on a small screen on the back of the camera which is useful while you are away on holiday as you can scan through your photos and decide which ones you would like to keep, allowing you to delete any unwanted ones and giving you more space on your memory card.

      You can get a variety of memory cards for this camera, I am currently using a 256 mb card which retails at around £30 which I found very reasonable.

      When I bought my camera, included in the deal was the camera case which it a fantastic extra. I can keep my camera in there, all the memory cards in a card holder and also the spare battery so this case allows me to take everything I need. I found this very useful when on holiday on long trips as you have a spare bettery incase you run out of power.

      You can lock the keypad on the camera which is useful whe you have it in standby mode as it ensures you will not take any unwanted photos.
      You can also crop you pictures on the camera and change the layout from portrait to landscape.

      There are lots of extras with this camera, you can use the red eye reduction funtion which is useful for night time photos. It also has the benefit of an automatic flash which is useful when you are unsure whether a flash is needed.

      The zoom is extremely easy to use, just a simple button which you pull one way to zoom in and the other to zoom out.

      You can set the time and date to appear on each photo taken.
      You can also use this camera as a video recorder, this obviosuly uses more storage space than a photo though so I would recomend using a larger memory card is you are to be a frequent user of the video camera mode.

      Another advantage to this camera is that you can buy a variety of acceosories for it, one example is an underwater camera case. I am a keen scuba diver and this product is perfect for my needs - although I did find it quite expensive at £120.

      There are only to disadvantages to this camera. It is quite bulky compared to some of the other digital camera on the market but I feel it needs to be this size for the high quality zoom. Also, while you are zooming in, it can take a while for the picture to focus, which means sometimes it can not be very good for getting quick photos (an example, is when I went dolphin watching, often the photos were blurry as I was just snapping away quickly without giving the camera time to focus)

      The battery life is of good length for this camera, I found that I could use the camera for a full day of taking photos and would still have some extra battery power at the end of the day.


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      14.01.2005 19:01
      Very helpful



      This year I was given an early Christmas present. For some time I had had my eye on a digital camera. I already have a camcorder but have found that the still images from it are grainy especially when enlarging my prints. I wanted a camera that would be able to take close up shots but most importantly I wanted a good zoom lens that would enable me to photograph wildlife from a safe distance. In addition I wanted a camera that was small enough to fit into a pocket and would not be to heavy to carry on long hikes. Although this was to be a present from my husband it was me that had the pleasurable task of finding the right model from the many on the market. In the end I decided on an Olympus c765 ultra zoom. For me this model seemed to have the best features at a reasonable price and with 4.0 mega pixels is able to take really sharp pictures that don’t become grainy when enlarged. My husband bought the camera for £279.00 from comet although I have since seen it on Amazon for only £205!

      What do you get for your money?

      On opening the blue box I was not overly impressed with the look of the camera. I was expecting something really stylish and thought the brushed metal finish looked a bit cheap. However not to be put off I lifted the camera out of its box to have a closer look. The first thing that I noticed was how light it was, just 280 grams. The camera is small too and will fit into my large coat pocket, which was another plus for me.
      The camera is easy to hold and has a well positioned handgrip. The box also contains a lithium-ion battery that requires charging before use, this takes about 2 hours. The charger is also included. Also included is a lens cap, a neck strap and Usb and Av cables. There is a basic manual and a much more comprehensive manual on a cd-rom. The price includes a 16mb XD picture card. The card will only hold about 10 photos and I have purchased a 128mb card that allows me to store 64 photos. The additional card cost £39.99 from comet and is well worth getting.

      The camera features

      1. The most important feature for me is the x10 zoom lens. This is activated very simply by switching on the camera via the red button at the back. The zoom lens is fairly small and unlike older cameras does not make the camera front heavy due to the weight of the lens.

      2. There is a large dial at the top of the camera with all the different modes available. I find this really easy to operate, as the modes are clearly defined. I usually use the camera in automatic mode that means you just point and shoot by pressing the large silver button at the top of the camera. In addition there are several other scene modes to choose from-

      a) Sports mode- this is great for moving images
      b) Night shot
      c) Landscape
      d) My mode-which allows you to store your own choice of settings.
      e) Portrait.
      f) Movie mode-which allows you to use the camera as a camcorder and email the results if you want to.
      g) You can also use the camera in manual mode if you want to make all the decisions! When in manual mode the window at the back of the camera allow you to select the shutter speed and aperture setting.

      3.The camera has a large colour L.C.D. screen so you can view your photo prior to shooting.

      4.The camera can be set to macro mode for taking close up shots at a distance of 7 cm.

      5.There is a self-timer so you can be in the photo too!

      6.The U S B cable provided allows you to connect the camera to your computer to transfer your images. With the software provided you can also edit your pictures on line. An AV cable allows you to show your photos through your TV. The software provided is compatible with both windows and Mac.

      7. The camera has an excellent flash that you flip up via a button at the back of the camera.

      Additional information
      In addition to all the features I’ve outlined above the camera uses an image processor called Truepic Turbo to give fantastic image quality. It is possible to print off pictures without the use of a computer using the interestingly named Pictbridge technology.At present I have only had my photos printed at boots and they are fairly expensive at 49p each. I am going to look into buying a printer but at over £100 it will mean some saving up! However a printer will enable me to print directly without the use of my computer. It is also possible to print off photos via a computer .

      The pros.
      1. The zoom lens. For me this is the best feature of this camera.

      2.The camera is really easy to use even for an amateur like me. The controls are well placed and large enough to ensure they are not fiddly, even for my husband’s big hands! The shutter is easy to operate and responsive. The camera sits comfortably in your hand and has a well-placed handgrip.

      3.The LCD screen is large and bright so you get a really clear image of your subject. The viewfinder is also very clear and bright.

      4.The flash does not pop up automatically. This is really useful when filming wildlife, as there is no sudden noise to scare the subject off. Also god for filming children when you don’t want a noise to break the spell!

      5.The size of the camera makes it easy to carry anywhere.

      The cons

      1. The XD card supplied with the camera is far too small. It will only hold a few photos For the cost of the camera I think a bigger one should have been supplied.

      2. There is no case supplied. Again I think one should be included.

      3. Pictures taken using night shot are far to dark to be of any use. This isn’t really a problem for me but worth thinking about if you want to use the camera in really low light situations.

      The verdict

      I have been using my camera for a few months now am overall I am really happy with it. The pictures it takes are really sharp and the colours true. I have enlarged a few of my photos (10 x 8) and they have lost none of their sharpness. I am yet to put it to the test by filming wildlife but will be going to Cromerty in Scotland soon to watch for Dolphin. Hopefully I should get some good pictures! One final point, this camera has been on the market for less than a year so I suspect the price will fall, so if you want one it may be worth waiting!


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