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Olympus µ[MJU:] 5000

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    2 Reviews
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      06.07.2010 00:01
      Very helpful


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      • Reliability


      good value for money

      Olympus U5000 Camera

      At the start of our honeymoon while we were in London our camera decided to stop working so we bought a new one. The previous camera that we owned was Olympus as well and knew that it was a good make in a camera so we bought the U5000 style in the Olympus range.

      This camera is very stylish looking as it is sleek and modern looking. Ours is shiny black in colour on the front and back panels. The camera has rounded edges and is nice to hold.

      On the front of the camera there is a removable sticker (which I just kept on) letting you know that the camera has 5 times zoom, face recognition, dual IS and iAuto (Intelligent Auto). Another sticker is at the bottom letting you know that the camera takes XD and Micro SD cards.

      The lens is shiny silver in colour with a black cover that opens and closes to protect the lens from harm or damage. The lens itself retracts in and out when you turn the camera on it you are going to take a photograph.

      If you are just viewing videos or pictures the lens will stay in or retract back into the camera. This is good as it protects the lens if you drop the camera or if it gets knocked by accident. The lens does protrude slightly when it is closed inside the camera.

      The flash is white surrounded by silver edging. It is thin and powerful when used. On the top of the camera the on/off button is located. Also the button your press to take a photograph is here too.

      A hyper crystal screen is on the back. It is a good size and you are able to see clearly what you are taking a photograph of on the screen. The Olympus logo is on the left hand bottom corner in white. The left hand side of the back of the camera has all the (what I would call keyboard) gadget buttons.

      One of the gadget buttons is zoom which you can zoom in or out when looking at the photographs on the screen. A button for display menu, flash, delete and the function buttons is also here. This is how you navigate through the options when the camera is turned on.

      If you press the menu button you can choose the settings of your camera. The images that you take can be lots of different qualities up to 12 mega pixels.

      While you are in the photograph mode you can see how many photographs you have left to take until you fill your memory card. You can see if you have the flash on and if you have the shaky hand option on (this will help you take better quality photographs).

      There is a turning button where you can choose what function you want. It has a play button where you can view your videos and pictures. A video button is available and you can record video clips the length will all depend on the size of your memory card.

      There is a beauty facility and this will make your picture sharper and your skin look smoother. It smoothes out an discrepancies in the picture to make you look more beautiful.

      A scene button is available where you can choose the type of photograph that you want to take. An example is landscape, night mode or scenery. It will help you choose the best settings depending on the type of photograph you are taking.

      There is a photograph button when you want to take a photograph and the screen will display what you are going to take a photograph.

      The iAuto button will automatically choose what type of settings it thinks you need depending on your surroundings.

      **MY OPINION**

      This camera gives me high quality photographs which I can blow up on the computer to make them bigger than the average 6 x 4 photograph.
      When I make the photograph bigger it is still good enough quality to print out as its not grainy or blurry. The photographs are fantastic quality and some that I have taken have put on mugs and they have been very clear.

      It is very easy to work this camera as the functions are very easily found and used. To view the pictures or videos its quick and simple to d so you can take a photograph quickly and view it without much hassle. This is good if you are in a hurry and want to get that perfect photo snap. This sometimes takes a few goes so a simple camera to use is handy.

      I have to admit that the video facility isn't fantastic. The sound is not very clear and can sometimes sound muffled. When you are on the move with the camera taking a video it will look very jumpy and not be great quality.

      If you wanted to put the video up to the same size as a television the picture wont be good quality, be grainy and slightly blurry. I wouldn't buy this camera to take video's alone. It really is only good for short video's that you don't mind watching in a small frame (so it will be clear).

      This camera cost me £150.00 and I think it was good value for money as it takes great photographs. The camera will last for a long time and is a great make. The video's are not great quality but are good enough for short video's that you want to view on a small screen.


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        11.08.2009 00:25



        Great first camera for a newbie

        The best camera I have had in a long time. It is so easy to use, has all the main functions that you would expect so its makes it great to get on with. Slim and sleek so fits into any small handbag perfect for taking on a night out. Quality of the pictures is also fantastic.The face detection is so great its my best camera to date.Has a great big screen which is a plus .It has a great image editing section on the camera where you can crop change colour but the best bit is the airbrushing so if you have bad skin it makes it disappear which is a plus.The LCD screen is good, even in bright sunlight, and both the zoom and autofocus are fast.To conclude this camera is a must for someone first taste of digital photography or oldies like me its simple to use stylish and has some of the best features .


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