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Panasonic DMC-FS35EB-K

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    2 Reviews
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      02.11.2013 07:31
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Camera ready!

      Please note this is a review of the Panasonic DMC-FS35 Digital Camera. This was originally purchased for me as a gift, however I sadly lost it on a night out (darn it) so re-purchased it around a year ago. I bought it for approximately £90 from Amazon. The availability of this camera now seems somewhat limited as I have seen it online for £199 which I think is an extortionate price for what it is, especially considering the original purchase price.

      *What do you get for your money?*

      The selling points for this camera, which I swill refer to throughout this reviews are -
      8x optical zoom with 28mm wide angle lens
      Advance inelligent auto mode
      2.7 inch, 230,000 dot (pixels) intelligent LCD
      Quick start-up time and sonice speed af
      HD 720 p movie recording (jpeg format)

      Phew! So here we go....

      *Looking good*

      The camera is modern in style and very 'shiny looking' It is compact and slim in design - it fits in my (fairly small) hand with ease and is very light to hold (it weighs 152g). I have the purple version with silver trim but it is also available is black and silver. There is a round silver lens on the front (the 28mm wide angle mentioned in he particulars). This has shutters that zooms out when you switch the camera on.

      There is a device on the side of the camera so you can attach a wrist strap. However the wrist strap is a dull grey cotton and just brings the look of the camera down in my opinion. Also it is fiddly to attach so I don't bother.

      There is a small hole on the bottom of the camera where you can also attach a tripod (not provided with the camera), although I imagine this would have to be a pretty small tripod as the camera is so light and small it would fall off anything too big. I have never used this camera with a tripod - you have a timing feature if you want to take shots without actually pressing the button. Or there is the good old tried and tested approaching the stranger trick!


      Apart from those already mentioned you get an ac mains lead with battery charger unit (necessity)! You also get a usb connection cable so you can hook your camera up to your computer in order to transfer photographs and videos over. You also get av cables, although I have to admit I have never used them as my tv is pretty old! You get a cd-rom with software that you need to install on your computer before transferring files over - this was an incredibly quick and simple process to follow.

      What you don't get....

      As with most camera's now there was no camera case, which is actually a shame as for such a small and dainty little camera a case is needed really to protect it. Also, are camera cases really that expensive now? It is also strongly recommended that you purchase a memory card for this as the built in memory stops at 70mb.

      *What do all the buttons do?*

      To be fair there aren't that many (well it is a compact)! There is an on/off button on the top of the camera...which does what it say it does (and makes a cute little noise when doing it)! When you turn the camera on the lens pops out an inch or so. It only takes a second for it to switch on and take photos (that's the quick start-up time and sonic speed functions at work). If you leave the camera for a few minutes the lens retracts itself to avoid damage and 'goes to sleep' until you wake it up. Next to the on/off button are two buttons that basically do the same thing as they zoom but they do it at different levels (one button may have been more practicable here).

      Then on the back of the camera there is a sliding button which takes you from using the camera to camera playback (so you can view all the photos and videos you have taken on the 2.7 inch LED screen). There is then also a mode button which you press to pick picture or video mode and also use if you want to pick the intelligent auto mode. This is a feature that lets the camera do the thinking and choose the best picture mode for the situation. You can also choose yourself. There is a wheel menu button which allows you to do this, which is frankly a little bit fiddly but ok when you get used to it and you know what you're doing. There are several different picture modes on this camera, which is initially a lot of fun but then does get a bit annoying, especially when you cannot decide which one to use. There are some very odd ones frankly like - candle light function, baby function, food function.....! But then there are also some lovely ones like the pinhole and also the black and white function (so you can take some arty and abstract pics) and also there is a high-speed function which means the camera takes 4.4 photos per second. This is good for action shots like high speed sports, or generally mucking around and pulling of funny faces!

      You also use the wheel button to ensure the flash is on if it is not on auto. Also you can look through the photos and videos you have already taken using the wheel button on your LED dotty pixel screen and delete/keep as appropriate (since the days of facebook 'deleting at request' has become a bit of a mandatory function). The screen is a really useful feature and whilst it is small, I think shows your pictures in a clear enough light. I only wish there was some kind of protective layer on this though as I have had my grubby hands over the screen a few timers and fingerprint marks do show.

      There is also a delete/cancel button and a display button you can use to check for over-exposing.

      *I can see clearly now...*

      The picture quality of the photos are excellent and I would expect nothing less for a 16mp camera. The images are sharp and colours in the photos and videos taken look great (that will be the HD 720p movie recording there). There is also face recognition on the camera which does help you focus your pictures if you suffer from poor focus or eyesight.

      The audio on the videos is generally very good - although obviously not to a professional standard it has been good enough to take videos of myself and friends when out (although it does tend to pick up on background noise a lot).

      *Other stuff to mention*

      The battery lasts for approximately 250 pictures or 125 minutes of recording time. It takes around 115 minutes to recharge fully and this is done by sliding the battery out of the bottom and placing in the recharging unit. The charger will light up green until it is fully charged. If I was being really picky I would say that it would be nice to have a noise that beeps to tell you when it is charged. I think I am going to be picky. I have used this camera a lot and the battery doesn't seem to have declined that much which is great. Replacement batteries seem to cost anywhere between £3.00-£2.500 but beware of counterfeit and always buy from a reputable source.

      It also comes with a one year warranty however Amazon annoyingly ask you to send it off to the manufacturer. I have not used this service so cannot comment.


      Absolutely (not for £199 but for £90 definitely)! It loses a star for the sometimes fiddly nature of the buttons and some of the unnecessary functions and modes it has in my opinion.


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        22.07.2012 19:56
        Very helpful


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        An Amazing Camera, Brilliant Value For Money

        I bought this Panasonic camera from Comet for just under £90 a couple of weeks ago. My old camera was getting a bit slow and it was about time for me to upgrade. I noticed this because it was a 16MP camera, and for £90, what could go wrong?


        As with a lot of cameras these days, this camera does look quite plain and boring; it is black with bits of silver. On the other hand, it does look quite modern and looks like a really good quality, well built camera. On the top and back, you get various buttons which I will explain later, as well as a 2.7 inch screen. When you switch the camera on, the lens comes out, which is silver, and the small shutter opens. The screen turns on and within seconds, you are ready to take a picture.

        ~Picture/Video Quality~

        Like I said, this camera has 16MP, so you wouldn't be surprised when I say that the picture quality is fantastic. Any colours in the photo are very strong when you look back at it either on the screen, or if you download it onto your computer. You can really get a feel for the scenery and atmosphere at the time when the picture was taken.

        The video quality is very good, as well as the audio. However, the camera has not been designed for recording professional videos, so it isn't for you if that is what you plan to do. However, in a situation where I think a video is necessary, whether it be to make short movies with my friends (we're a strange bunch) or just to capture memories, I wouldn't hesitate to pull out this little camera and record it.


        On the top of the camera, there is a small slider to turn it on. Next to that, you get the button to take a picture or to start/stop a recording. Around this button, there is a thin, circular slider to zoom in and out. There is also another small button where it zooms into 10x automatically, instead of you having to hold down the slider to zoom all that way. If you press it again, it zooms to its maximum 22.5x zoom.

        On the back, next to the screen, there are an assortment of other buttons. There is a very small lever to change from the camera function to the playback menu where you can view photos and videos you have taken. Next to this lever, there is a button to change modes. You can either set it to intelligent auto, where it chooses what mode it thinks is best for the scene, normal picture mode, video mode, or you can choose from a lot of different modes manually, such as portrait, soft skin, transform, self portrait, etc. In the middle of the side of the back (Try and stay with me!) There is a button with four buttons around it in a circle. The button in the centre is to go to the menu, or to select an option, and the other four buttons are to go up, down, and side to side. As well as this, these four buttons give you shortcuts to change the exposure, flash, timer and scene.

        Last two buttons now... At the bottom, there is a button to edit the display on the screen, so you can either show all of the info on the screen such as battery life, scene mode, etc, or you can get rid of that and just focus on the picture you are taking, or you can put up a grid on the screen so you can perfect your photo. Lastly, there is the delete button to delete any of your photos or videos, which also doubles as a back button.


        The battery life on this camera is very good, I haven't charged it since the first time I did after I bought it. Then again, I haven't used it too much yet, but there is still 2 out of 3 bars left. The camera is very light for what it looks like. I don't know it's exact weight, but it is lighter than my previous camera and it is very comfortable to hold. It is the same size as any other digital camera, in fact, it may be a little smaller. I find it very nice to use, and for £90, I would definitely recommend this to anyone keen to upgrade their camera as the quality is excellent and there are lots of different scenes and modes to choose from.


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    • Product Details

      * HALF PRICE 4GB memory card (PS845) with this camera. Discount will be taken off your bill at checkout. *The Panasonic FS35 digital camera packs a lot of easytouse features into a stylish compact body.The FS35 slips easily into your bag or pocket but still features highquality 16 megapixel clarity a wide angle LEICA DC VARIOELMAR lens and 8x optical zoom so youre getting plenty of highend quality at a great price.A Quick Startup Time feature means youre ready to start shooting in seconds so you dont miss any of the action. The 2.7in LCD screen always gives you comfortable viewing when taking pictures or shooting video.The mega O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabiliser) suppresses handshake and optimises the shutter speed to prevent moving subjects becoming blurred giving you sharp clear images every time.In Intelligent Auto mode 4 detection functions work together to optimise your settings so you can quickly take beautiful photos in any shooting situation. Up to 15 faces are captured in focus using Face Det

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