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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS41

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    5 Reviews
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      08.05.2015 21:19
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to use "


      • None

      Easy to use - produces great photographs

      I like a camera which is easy to use with not too many functions so when I saw my friend using her Panasonic Lumix on holiday and saw how simple it was to use I decided to treat myself to one. I actually bought it second hand from Ebay and paid just £22 but you can get them new for around £60 now as there are other newer similar models.

      It has a 2.7 inch screen which I find is plenty big enough for my needs and it has a 5.0 optical zoom so you can get quite close up to your subject. It has an automatic flash so you don't have to keep switching the flash on and off, and missing your photo as you are doing it. As you are about to take a photo you just press the button very softly and the camera automatically focuses on your subject, then when you are happy with the image you press the button down properly and it takes the photo.

      This camera does have an editing function whereby you can add accessories and such like onto your pics and you could also delete any parts you didn't like, however this is something I haven't done and probably won't, but it is a good feature if you like doing this. The zoom button is on the top of the camera and you just press this until you are close enough to your subject which is a feature I use.

      The battery is replaceable but I haven't yet had to do this and I have had the camera now for about eighteen months, and it is easy to charge up just by plugging it in. I find that I only have to charge it up about every ten uses, but if I was going to take a lot of photos I would give it an extra charge beforehand.

      I have been very pleased with the photographs I have taken with this camera as they have in the main come out very clear (the ones which haven't I have put down to user error!). I have printed some of them myself at home and had some printed in Boots and they seem to be very sharp and clear. I do recommend this camera as a good quality easy to use camera which produces good results.


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      10.10.2014 08:49
      Very helpful


      • "great for taking all round pictures"
      • "has edit feature"
      • "good HD display"


      • N/A

      Great Camera for all round use >(Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS41)

      this is a sturdy reliable camra that is good for all round jobs i have had this camra for quite a long time and find that iut is a perfect camera for me, because im not the type of person that takes photos all the time.

      we went to america orlando and i took some pics there a found that it was really good retina display so i would recommmend you buy this as it is a all time round camera...


      Resolution (Megapixels) 14.5

      Resolution (Megapixels) 14.1

      Optical zoom ratio 5

      Screen size (Inches) 2.7

      Digital zoom ratio 4

      Type of image stabiliser Optical Image Stabiliser

      Touchscreen No

      3D No

      Media format SDHC Card

      Media format SD Card

      Media format SD

      Media format SDXC

      Media format SDHC

      WiFi No

      GPS Receiver No

      Release date 2012-04-12

      Autofocus Yes

      Changeable Lens No

      Highest focal length (Millimetres) 120

      Lowest focal length (Millimetres) 24

      Also known as: Lumix DMC-FS41

      as you can see it is not WiFi but that's no problem for me unless you need it, so i suppose that's not to bad i have never used WiFi (Bluetooth)on anything as its not that trustworthy you go out you take a pic and then you want to Bluetooth it to your PC [its just a waste of time!!!] so im just sticking to the old method, anyway

      i would also suggest that you be careful with it as it is not that hard and may get broken if you drop it, so therefore i recommend buying a case for it...

      there is also what i cxall the edit feature where you can edit the photos e.g borders and filters

      note: if you buy from PC world or Currys they give you a free install disk with the camera (the install disk gives you a free version of photoshop) however as its free its not as good as the photoshop elements 13...

      anyway, thank you for reading please comment and rate...


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      11.06.2013 17:26
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Takes great pictures in all lighting, easy to put in your bag, easy to use

      I got this Camera on offer to take on Holiday with me since my old Camera took blurry images with poor visibility. This Camera seemed perfect, it's more advanced, has more megapixels, and it's much smaller, making it a good choice for me.


      14 Megapixels
      5.0x Optical Zoom
      2.7-inch LCD Screen
      Lithium Ion battery (included)
      24mm Wide angle Leica Lens
      10X Intelligent Zoom
      4x digital zoom
      Continuous shooting mode
      Red eye correction
      70mb built in memory
      Panoramic shooting mod
      Bright F2.5 LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMARIT Lens from 24mm Ultra Wide-angle
      HD Video Recording
      MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) for Suppressing Hand-shake Blur
      iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode for One-press Beauty

      MY TEST

      My first test with this Camera was to just take a normal picture of my bedroom. Seems strange, but with my old Camera, there would often me a redness to the images, so I decided to just take a basic picture to begin with. The Image was perfectly clear, no blurriness and no redness.
      My next test was on holiday. First of all, I went to an Aquarium, which was always a challenge for my Old Camera, due to the darkness, and the prohibition of Flash Photography. Understandably, some of the pictures weren't too clear, since fish don't stay still for very long, but, the Camera dealt with the poor lighting much more effectively.

      Straight after the Aquarium, I took some pictures outdoors. My old Camera had to have it's settings adjusted in order to take clear pictures in different lighting, incredibly annoying when capturing a moment that might be lost in a few seconds. This Camera automatically adjusts itself to deal with different types of lighting, delivering high quality images instantly.


      This Camera is incredibly easy to use. By pushing the shutter button slightly, the Camera will start to focus on your subject matter. This only takes a second or two, then you can fully push the shutter, and the Camera will instantly take a high quality image. The settings are easy to navigate, unlike some other Cameras with complicated menus.

      The Zoom function is easy to use, it's in the form of a small dial-like button which is directly in front of the shutter button. This means that you don't have to take your finger from the shutter in order to Zoom, which is definitely practical and convenient.


      The Camera has an editing function, which provided me with amusement for a while, putting make up on people and having a good laugh. You can also correct imperfections such as spots/blemishes etc. which is a nice function, but it does make you look incredibly airbrushed.


      A downside for me, is the Lithium Battery. Although is does last for a while, I feel more comfortable with being able to change Batteries on the go. The Camera comes with a charger for the Battery, and it's very easy to use. For extra peace of mind, if you're going on a long trip and won't be able to charge the Battery for a while, I'd recommend buying a spare and charge them both before you go out.
      Overall though, this is a fantastic Camera, it's not too expensive; it's currently being sold by Maplin Electronics for £75.99. They're out of stock at the moment, but I'm sure that other shops, such as Argos, and most Supermarkets, have this in stock for a reasonable price.


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        06.05.2013 21:55
        1 Comment



        This is a good all-round quality camera for anybody not wanting complicated specifications

        It is no wonder that the Lumix DMC-FS41 is one of Panasonic's top cameras with it's quick and easy to use formats as well as 14 megapixel resolution giving you extra sharp pictures and a 5x optical zoom!

        The camera is small,slim and light to handle with a range of easy to use settings.
        On first using the camera, the battery is fully charged in 2 hours.
        The shutter button is light to touch with no great pressure needed which I feel reduces camera shake, also the zoom button is very well placed by the shutter button you simply turn the dial to zoom in for the better close-ups or out for normal.

        All of your pictures can be viewed by means of the playback button, to view all your saved photos, simply use the cursor to go forward or back.
        To delete a particular photo just select it and press the bin button this option can also be used to delete all your photos if required.
        You can easily program the flash for various photo situations.
        It also allows you to select manual, automatic or switch it off altogether.
        The camera also has a timer function that enables you to set the timer to take a photo of yourself with partner or friend.

        Upon purchasing your camera a battery pack should be included together with a battery charger, AC mains lead, Hand strap, USB connection cable, CD-ROM and a book of basic operating instructions.


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          28.12.2012 12:52
          Very helpful


          • Reliability
          • Reliability


          Panasonic Lumix DS-FS41 Camera

          The Camera
          = = = = = = =
          I wanted to treat myself to a new camera as my one was well over 6 years old and is only about 8 megapixels, so I wanted something that would take better quality photos. There are so many different cameras to choose from and I wasn't really sure what to go for. I didn't want anything too expensive but I wanted a good quality camera that was going to last. I spoke to a member of staff in my local Jessops store and he recommended a Panasonic Lumix camera which is the one I actually ended up buying, hence this review. This camera is exclusive to Jessops and is available in Black or Pink. This camera combines the quality and brightness of an f/2, 8 Leica lens with a 14 megapixel resolution and in the inclusion of optical image stabilisation further improves the low light credentials of this quality camera. The camera has a 5x Wide Angle Leica Zoom, HD Movies, Mega O.I.S, Intelligent Auto and Additional Features. The LCD monitor on the back of the camera is 2.7 inches making you able to see the pictures you have taken clearly. The camera is light-weight weighing just 119g and is sleek and small measuring (WxHxD) 96.4mm x 55.5mm x 19.9mm.

          The camera itself is black with the words 'Lumix' on the front of the camera in silver. The memory card and the battery fit into the bottom of the camera behind a door which prevents the battery and memory card from any damage or from falling out. The top of the camera is shiny silver with an on/off button and the shutter button. There is also a zoom lever as well. On the back of the camera is the main LCD screen which is a nice size and there are also other buttons which includes the Mode button, Delete/Return button, Menu/Set button, Playback button and Cursor button. This all may sound a bit confusing to some people; how-ever once you have got used to the camera it's easy to use and also very simple. In the box with your camera should also be a battery pack, battery charger, AC mains lead, Hand strap, USB connection cable, CD-ROM and a book of basic operating instructions.

          Additional Features
          = = = = = = = = = = =
          The camera also has the following additional features.

          * Beauty Retouch
          * Auto Panorama (horizontal or vertical)
          * Auto Retouch
          * Sonic Speed AF for extra fast focusing

          = = = = = = = = =
          This camera is exclusive to Jessops you can't currently purchase it from anywhere else. The camera cost me £69.95 which is £20 off the original price. My price limit on a camera was about £80, so this was suitable and it sounded and looked like a very good price for the camera. The staff member in the shop actually bundled this with a SD card, camera case and screen protector which is the deal you can get if you purchase the camera from the Jessops website.

          Using the Camera
          = = = = = = = = = =
          Before using your camera you will need to charge the battery up fully and then set the date/time. The battery pack slots into the battery charger and this can then be plugged into the mains to charge. When the battery is charging you will see a green light. The green light will go off once the battery has fully charged. It takes approximately 120mins for the battery to charge fully. I ensured that I charged the battery fully before using the camera. You will need to insert a memory card (SD) and the battery into the bottom of the camera which can be done within a few seconds with ease. You need to simply turn the camera on by pressing the button on the top and then it will prompt you to set the date and time. This was done easily buy using the cursor buttons on the back of the camera. You can change the different styles of pictures simply by pressing the Mode button on the back of the camera, you can then choose from the following options by using the cursor button.

          * Intelligent Auto - Take pictures with automatic settings. Optimum settings are made automatically from information such a 'face' movement 'brightness' and 'distance' just by pointing the camera at the subject, meaning that clear pictures can be taken without the need to make settings manually.
          * Normal Picture - Take pictures with your own settings. Here you can adjust the photos and the zoom to how you want.
          * Motion Picture - Take motion pictures.
          * Scene Mode - Take pictures according to scene. The scenes included are Sports, Night Portrait, Night Scenery, Food, Baby, Pet, Sunset, High Sensitivity, Glass Through, and Photo Frame.

          You can change the LCD screen to show what you want. Mine currently shows the date/time and what Scene Mode I am using. I like to keep this information on the screen so I can see it but if you prefer you can remove this. Although I haven't used every scene mode on the camera I have used a few different one's when trying to get used to the camera and playing with it. The camera is extremely light to hold but as it is also very small so people with large hands may find it slightly too small and fiddly to use. When taking a picture you don't need to press hard on the shutter button for it to take a picture. A gentle push will take a picture. The zoom function is really easy to use and is a lot easier to use on this than it was on my other camera. You simply turn the dial on the top to zoom in or out. If you press the Menu/Set button this will take you into the setup menu where you can change the date/time or take the bleep noise off of the camera as well as do other things to change the settings. Some of the scene mode's may require a flash and this means that you can't change the flash settings, how-ever when taking a normal photo you can take the flash off or set it to automatic or set it so that it goes off no matter what type of picture you are taking.

          To view the photo's you simply need to press the playback button and then use the cursor buttons to go left to view all the photos. If you want to delete a photo when you get to it simply press the bin button which is located next to the playback button and you will then get given the choice whether you want to delete all the photos, multiple photo's or just the single photo. Depending on how many photos' you want to delete depends on the time it takes to delete them. If you want to delete one picture this deletes straight away, how-ever if you have lots of photo's you want to delete this may take a few more seconds. There is a time on the camera which I often find very useful for taking pictures of me and my boyfriend when no-one else is around. The timer can be set for 2 or 10 seconds. When you choose this setting and press the shutter button this is when the time will start to count down. The seconds are counted down by a bright orange light so you can be sure everyone is ready for the photo. This is a great feature on the camera and one I use quite often.

          Although it takes some getting used to using a new camera just like a new phone it didn't take me long to pick up how the camera worked and how to change different settings and scenes when taking specific shots. The LCD screen is very clear and images appear very sharp on the screen. I haven't had chance to use the camera in bright light so I'm not sure how well you would be able to see the LCD screen in sunny conditions. As the winter months are here I am hoping to get some brilliant shots of the heavy frosts and maybe even snow if we get any. Although I haven't used the video very much I have used it to film short clips of my nephew. Depending on how big your memory card is depends on how long you can record a video for. I have a 4GB card in my camera and can record about 8 minutes, if there are no other pictures on the card. The camera does have an internal memory of 70MB so you don't have to buy a memory card, how-ever this is always a good idea so you can print pictures and so that the pictures you take are safe and saved on the card rather than the internal memory on the camera.

          Depending on how often I use the camera the battery will last for at least 3 days, if not longer before I have to re-charge it again.

          Transferring Pictures
          = = = = = = = = = = =
          I don't have a memory card slot on my laptop so I have to transfer pictures via USB cable. Simply plug the USB cable into the port on your computer and then into the right hand side of the camera. (Behind the small grey door). Simply turn the camera on and select PC, it will then install drivers for the camera onto your computer which took about 1 minute. After this you can transfer your pictures. It didn't take long to transfer the pictures form the camera onto the computer, how-ever this will obviously take longer the more photo's you have to transfer.

          The Software/CD-ROM
          = = = = = = = = = = = = =
          As soon as you insert the disc into your computer you can choose the recommended installation or you can choose whether to install the user guide or the editing programme which comes with the camera. I chose the recommended setting so both were installed on my computer. It took approximately 5 minutes for the installation to complete; how-ever this can take up to 30mins depending on your computer. You have the choice whether you want a free 30 day trial of a video editing software called LoiLo. I wasn't really interested in this as I wasn't planning on using the camera for video so I declined this offer. When you install the disc onto your computer a programme where you can edit photos will also be installed on your computer. I did install this; how-ever I had to uninstall it a few days later as it kept crashing my computer. This may be because the disc wasn't properly installed; how-ever I haven't tried installing it again so I can't really comment on the actual programme.

          Available Accessories
          = = = = = = = = = = = =
          You can purchase a range of different cases for your camera and other accessories such as LCD screen protectors and spare batteries. I purchased a case at the same time as purchasing the camera and the member of staff gave me some LCD screen protectors at no extra cost. A spare battery for this camera costs about £19. This is handy to have if you don't get time to charge your camera. Accessories can be purchased at Jessops stores or from their website. You may also be able to find other accessories on websites such as Amazon.

          Overall Opinion
          = = = = = = = = =
          When I first purchased this camera I was a little worried about how easy it was to use, as it was quite different to my previous camera. I love the slim design of the camera and I love how compact the camera actually is. I can see that this wouldn't be suitable for people with large hands as it's probably too small for them. I got used to the camera really quickly and soon learnt how to take really good images using the different scenes that you can select in the menu. The picture quality on the screen and in prints is really sharp with no blurs occurring anywhere unless you want to specifically blur the background so you can concentrate on a closer object/person. Transferring pictures is really easy simply by plugging the USB cable into the camera and then your computer or by removing the memory card and inserting it straight into a printer or computer. In terms of value I think the camera is fantastic quality and I don't think I could have purchased a better camera unless I wanted to spend more money on one which I didn't. For me, this camera does everything I need it to do without complicated menus or shooting modes. The LCD screen protectors are a brilliant idea as the LCD screen on the back of the camera tends to pick up fingerprints and marks very quickly. I would also suggest a good quality case to protect the camera from scratches and any other damage. I have had the camera for at least 1 month and haven't yet found any faults or problems with it. If you are looking for a new camera that is good quality as well as good value then I would highly recommend this one.

          (review also on ciao)


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