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Panasonic Lumix FS-11

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    2 Reviews
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      21.06.2015 12:36
      Very helpful


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      Simple to use budget camera

      As I am not very technically minded I like a camera which is easy to use with not too many different functions so when I saw my friend using her Panasonic Lumix on holiday and saw how simple it was to use I decided to treat myself to one. I bought this Panasonic FS11 from Ebay and paid just £20 but you can get them new for around £60 now both online and in some stores.

      It has a small 2.7 inch screen which I find is plenty big enough for my needs and it has a 5.0 optical zoom so you can get quite close up to your subject. It has an automatic flash so you don't have to keep switching the flash on and off, and missing out on your perfect photo as you are doing it. As you are about to take a photo you just press the button very softly and the camera automatically focuses on your subject, then when you are happy with the image you press the button down properly and it takes the photo.

      This camera does have an editing function whereby you can add accessories and such like onto your pics and you could also delete any parts you didn't like, however this is something I haven't done and probably won't, but it is a good feature if you like doing this. The zoom button is on the top of the camera and you just press this until you are close enough to your subject which is a feature I use.

      The battery is replaceable but I haven't yet had to do this and I have had the camera now for about eighteen months, and it is easy to charge up just by plugging it in. I find that I only have to charge it up about every ten uses, but if I was going to take a lot of photos I would give it an extra charge beforehand.

      I have been very pleased with the photographs I have taken with this camera as they always seem to be very good quality. I have printed some of them myself at home and had some printed in Boots and they seem to be very sharp and clear. I do recommend this camera as a good quality easy to use camera which produces good results and would be suitable for any ages and also someone who is looking for their first digital camera.


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      01.09.2011 22:18
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      A great little camera!

      I was gutted when I broke my camera on a night out; I loved that thing and took it everywhere, taking pictures of everything. So as you can imagine, when that thing broke I was not a happy bunny. Being a student and all, it's hard to find money for these kind of luxuries; so it took me a good few months until I had some spare pennies to buy a new camera.

      Having a browse on Amazon, I came across this pink little beauty. I wanted a good quality camera, which was attractive to look out, yet the main thing was the price tag; I didn't have that much cash to spare. After a couple of days of 'thinking about it', I decided to purchase the Panasonic Lumix FS11 Digital Camera - Pink (14.1MP, 5x Optical Zoom) 2.7 inch LCD which I managed to get for around £70 in the sale. It is now on sale for £99.00 and there is still £40 off it, so you are getting quite a good deal.

      ~ * So...What Features Does This Camera Have ? * ~

      Product Features
      Megapixel: 14.5 MP
      Camera type: Compact
      Optical sensor size: 1/0.917 cm (1/2.33 ")
      Sensor type: CCD
      Maximum image resolution: 4320 x 3240 pixels
      Newly developed 28mm wide-angle high quality LUMIX lens
      Powerful 5x optical zoom high resolution CCD and high performance Venus Engine IV
      Large intelligent LCD for easy shooting and playback
      Expand the fun of photography in the high-definition era with HD movie recording
      The iA(Intelligent Auto) mode for every photographer to be a good photographer

      ~ * My Opinion * ~

      Please note: I'm not very good with the technical sides of things and so I will just tell you what I like and dislike about this camera, rather than go-on about the technical things which I don't really 'get' anyway.
      I love the look of this camera; it's so cute and girlie.

      The camera is also available black, red and silver as well as pink, although the prices for each colour do very- Black (£93.99), Red (£153.99) and Silver (£94.98). I have no idea why the prices are different.
      Taking a picture is very simple; simply switch on the camera, wait for the 'image' to show and then click the big round button on the top and hold - and TA-DA you have your picture.

      The picture quality is excellent; very clear too. The pictures look 'very' real that you feel that you are actually there looking at the subject rather than looking at the image on a camera. Great colour too, plus you can adjust the 'brightness' etc which means that you can always take a great photo.

      The camera is very light which I like. It is also quite slim which mean that it will easily fit in the pocket of your jeans - and stay there. However, I do think that it is 'easy to drop' as it is quite slippery. I have dropped it a couple of times and amazingly it survived!

      It is a great size; easily fit in your clutch handbag on a night out!

      The buttons (especially the arrows) do feel quite cheap and toy-like which is a bit annoying. I am half expecting them to 'break' at anytime. They also 'beep' when you press them which was really annoying - until my friend turned the 'beeps' off for me one day- much better now and not so irritating. It still has a 'cheap' click-ety sound when you press the buttons though.

      I like how the camera switches on very quickly. I tend to switch the camera on and off in between uses (For example, if I am sightseeing on a tour bus for example, I'll take a picture then turn it off until I find something else to take a picture of, rather than keep it on and waste the battery). This camera is great for that because it switches on really quickly and so it is ready to take a picture within a couple of seconds - there's nothing worse than missing a good photo opportunity.

      There are a lot of useful features on this camera for example the different flash options, the different settings for whatever subject you are taking a picture of (e.g people, sunset, night time etc). The settings did take me a while to get used to (probably because I was so impatient that I didn't bother reading the instructions in too great of a detail).

      I like how there is a special feature on this camera which allows you to 'view a slideshow' of all of the photographs on the camera; especially as it 'moves' them and displays them in an interesting and creative way. It also plays music while it does this which I think is a nice added effect.

      One thing which I do not like about this camera is the charger; you have to pull the battery out of the camera and insert it in a 'box' thing with a plug on the end of it. I do not like this because you need to take the battery out of the camera to charge it and so I think that it is very easy to pick up the camera and go and then when you go to take a picture you realise that you have forgotten to put the battery back in the camera. And so like my old camera, it would be better if the plug was attached to the camera rather than having to take the battery out of the camera.

      The camera has a good 'zoom' on it which is great if you want to take a picture of something far away.
      You need to purchase a memory-card (I got mine for around £8) seperately as the built-in memory on camera only holds around 8 pictures.

      The camera comes with a USB lead for the computer - simply connect the lead from the camera to the computer and switch the camera on. A couple of options will come up on the camera - make sure you click on the 'P.C / Computer' option otherwise nothing will happen. Once you have clicked the 'PC' button the programme will automatically open on the computer - with a step-by-step guide which is very easy to follow.
      Printing the photos is simple; I simply pull out the memory card and take it to my local Boots store (best to take the camera with you rather than just the memory card as otherwise because it is so small, you may lose it) and then I use the 'self-service' computer/machine things to print them off. Simples.

      I would definetely recommend this camera; it would make a great little camera for children, teenagers and especially for those who are quite new to this kind of technology as it is very easy to use. Grab it now whilst it's on offer!

      Thanks for reading!
      August 2011
      xd-o-n-z-x (also posted under xdonzx on ciao)


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